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Success Journey vs Success: What is Important?

What is the most important thing for you: success journey or success? Let’s reveal the secret.

You all want to become successful or achieve something in your life. You want to have the best things of comfort and luxury, and you want to achieve financial freedom.

After all, the meaning of success is not the same for all. It is a luxurious car and home for someone; on the other hand, it is a two-time meal for someone.   

No matter what success means to you, you have to travel a long or short distance for it. You have to go through a journey, path, or process to make your dream true. No matter who you are or what you do, you have to go through the journey.

For example, you have planned to go to America. So what will you have to do? You will obviously need a passport, visa, and flight ticket.

In addition, you will need a local bus or train ticket if you have to go to the airport from a distant location. All these things are the tools that will help you reach your destination: America.

No matter your departure location, you will have to travel by flight, bus, or train to reach your destination.

The same thing happens when you decide to achieve something, whether big or small.   

Now the question is what is important: success or success journey. In simple terms, what do you find important, either success or journey? What is important in success and journey?

Do you have an answer to this question? Or what do you think about it?

Well, this is a complete guide on success and journey, and it will clear you everything about what is the most important. So keep reading to learn more.

What is Success?

As we have already discussed, success or result is not the same for all; it means different for all. For example, a laborer works the entire day to earn a livelihood for their family.

And when they are able to earn that amount of money they can arrange meals for their family, it is a big success for them.

A fisherman throws their fish net in the river to catch fish so that they can sell them and earn some money for their family. A student prepares for the board exam for the entire year so that they can gain good marks in the final exam. Soldiers get training from their seniors to use a gun and face enemies.

When a fisherman gets fish, a student scores well in the exam, or a soldier shoots enemies in battle, this is a big success for all these people.

Many people think that success is only about name, fame, money, a luxurious car, and a costly house. But it is a completely wrong approach to understand the success or result of anything.

If someone thinks so, what about the people working hard in the sun? What about the people who clean your dustbin or gutter? What about the people who give you milk at your doorstep? Are they not successful?

Here you need to understand that, no doubt, luxurious things like cars, money, name, and fame are a success for some. But the people who want to arrange a meal two times for their family, it is a success if they somehow do it.

Moreover, no matter the result of a particular activity, an individual must follow a process. They have to spend a particular amount of time doing certain things to achieve the result.

All in all, it is now clear that success is when someone has a two-time meal. Success is when a father is able to get a toffee for their child. Success is when a student scores good marks, and he gets appreciation for the same. It is when someone has their dream car or home. 

What is the Success Journey?

The journey of achieving a goal is when you prepare for the final destination. A journey, process, or path is what takes you to your goal. This is when you go through a lot of things, face challenges, find solutions, implement rules, learn from people, and live every day.

But most people always talk about success, results, or achievement. They don’t experience the journey because they are obsessed with the final result; in a way, they don’t see anything.

He or She keeps thinking about the day when their dream comes true. They keep thinking about the luxury they will have after getting success.

After all, they think about success in a way, so they don’t experience the moment they didn’t get back.

Moreover, you see many things when you are on the way to your goal. You will meet different kinds of people, and you will get hurt by someone while someone will come to support you.

It is the right time to know who is with you. For example, you know whether or not your friends are helping you. Also, you will know how your family is helping you. Or whether or not they are supporting you. 

This is the time to acknowledge someone’s help or judge the people if they are with you.

Moreover, the life lessons you get from your journey are crucial. It may show you a new path in your life. Or it may land new opportunities at your table.

This is the meaning of a successful journey.

What is the Most Important? (Success Journey or Success)

Now the question is, what is the most important: success or journey? What do you think about it? Do you have any personal opinion on the same? Let’s see the truth.

We all want to set goals and achieve them. But how many of you enjoy the process of achieving those goals? Or you have not achieved the goal but are still in the process? Well, very few people did so.

After all, many of us have a destination mindset. We only want to achieve the goal but forget the most important part. We try to skip the process and get to the goal as soon as possible. But is it possible? Ask yourself.

Moreover, if you have a destination-focused mindset, you set yourself apart from the most important part of your life. And what is the most important part? The Journey.

Well, when you are on the way to your dream, most of the time, you are 99% away from your goal. This means you are involved in the process.

And if you feel unhappy and unsatisfied at this time, you kill your present moments. You take yourself away from the time that can give you a lot of learning.

So if you have the mindset that you will only be happy when you hit your target, you will take yourself away from the process. And the reality is that you can’t achieve anything without pursuing the process or the journey.

Now it is clear that the journey is more important than the destination.

After all, if you think about what is “my journey to success,” start living every single day of your life honestly.


Now you know that the success journey is more important than success. If you read this guide, you will learn the following things:

  • The end goal is like the final step of a staircase.
  • Success lies in the process.
  • If you enjoy your process, you feel a small percentage of your success daily.
  • The final destination is not a cup of tea. You need to build it through small steps every day.
  • This is only one day when you reach your end goal. Most of the time, you are on the way. This means that your journey decides the flavor of your success.   
  • Don’t compare your success with others. If it is getting a luxurious car for you, it may be getting a bike for someone.
  • The process of success teaches you the lessons that can help you achieve another milestone if you don’t achieve your current goal.

That’s all. Kindly go through the full guide to clearly understand success and journey.

Thanks a lot for your time.

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