10 Steps to Believe in Yourself to Succeed in Life

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Believe in Yourself

You must be familiar with the song of Journey that says, “Don’t stop believin’, Hold on to that feelin.” That must be the holy mantra in our lives. No matter what happens, we should always ‘hold on to that feelin’. Life is not a smooth journey; adversities and challenges will pop up now & then. Sometimes they will come after a warning; sometimes, they will arrive in some unexpected manner. No matter what, the most important this is to Believe in Yourself.

Why Believing in Yourself Is Important?

Believe in Yourself

When we start to believe in ourselves, it jump-starts the gear of all sorts of psychological processes that help us to achieve our goals, manifest our dreams, & increase our chances of well-being. But the opposite side is also true. A lack of self-confidence or belief in ourselves means we are not likely to act, change, or push ourselves to improve things.

When we expect to fail, we are more likely to fail. That means that believing in ourselves is the key that turns the ignition on & starts the car. We cannot really move anywhere without it. We may try to push ourselves forward, but we get blocked because our thoughts, attitudes, & actions are outside our goals. So we either don’t do what we need to do, or we interrupt ourselves, sometimes in obvious ways & sometimes in ways that are wholly unconscious to us. To get out of this self-destructive pattern, we need to believe in ourselves & our capabilities.

Ways to Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

1. Accept Your Present Situation

The first thing you have to do if you want to get up & start believing in yourself again is to accept your present life circumstances. You need to make peace with how your life looks at this moment & what has led to this state that you are in. Fighting your situation will not do any good. Being defiant is pointless, so we must start to accept first. Only then can we have enough energy to change our life.

2. Think About Your Past Success

If you are feeling down, use your past experiences to get motivated again. Remember the time when you handled some situation or task in a successful manner. When you were tremendous & you completed tasks effortlessly. Put your mind in that past & think about the remarkable things you used to do. Now remind yourself that you can do it again. It is easy to think about the times when you got hurt & failed, but it is also essential to think about those times when you were successful. Use your past to gather the motivation.

3. Trust Yourself

This is one of the most vital things that can help you get that belief & confidence back. All the energy, power, courage, strength & confidence is confined within you. Spend time with yourself to activate it again; it can be through meditation, journaling, or activities that make you trust yourself again. As per the wise words of Rumi,” Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.”

4. Talk To Yourself

We are the ones who can create who we want to become. We can do that daily through our daily beliefs & self-talk. It’s really significant that we talk to ourselves & motivate ourselves as well. We do not need others’ approval. You ought to have your approval & supportive self-talk.

5. Get Over Your Fear

Often we hold ourselves back because of some fears. These fears are often based on false evidence & assumptions. Make a list of things you are terrified of & be ready to face them. Hatch up plans, how you will encounter them & get into action. After facing that fear, you may discover that it was something entirely false & you have lost so much because of it. Suppose you are afraid to do something new as you are afraid of failure. After doing that task, you will discover that fear of failure stopped you from doing something extraordinary that you are really good at.

6. Be Your Own Advocate

If you don’t believe in yourself, others will not believe either. No other one can make things happen for you. Be that person to yourself that you need. Definitely, others can help you on your journey, but you need to lead yourself & find the willpower to get through. People will come & go, but you must be the one constant in your life, so make the most of that journey.

7. Know Your Capabilities

We all have that inner voice telling us that we can do this, we are capable, we are more than what we think & we deserve it. Spend some time paying attention to that voice & trust it, even when you don’t feel like believing it. This is your potential rising & it is vital to explore that potential even when it is full of challenges.

8. Eradicate Negativity

Everyone holds an opinion about how you should live your life & what you should do. Stop paying attention to them & follow your own heart instead, even when it seems crazy. Stop that negative voice in your head that says you can’t, shouldn’t, aren’t & replace it with positive self-talk. Also, keep away from people who doubt your capabilities & stop you from doing something you want to.

9. Surround Yourself with Positive People

The company you keep can significantly affect how you feel about yourself & the world around you. Choose people who see & believe in your potential, who concentrate on the right things & support you in achieving your dreams. Having an optimistic company will always inspire & motivate you to move forward to your goal.

10. Gather Lessons

Failure is an unavoidable part of life. Even the most successful people fail, make mistakes, and say or do the wrong thing at some point in time. The main difference is they bounce back quickly & they look for the lessons in every experience, no matter if it is bitter. No matter how bad a situation is, some lessons can be gained from it.


Life can be challenging & there are times for us all when we feel beaten down & wonder, “why am I dealing with this.” It is easy to fall into a cycle of self-doubt, woe is me, or feeling like you can’t succeed. This comes out in statements like; I have no luck; nothing good ever happens to me or why should I even bother?

The main difference between people who feel beaten & people who seem to be in a state of success & happiness is a positive mind doesn’t come primarily from external factors but an internal state of mind that is founded in self-belief. They believe firmly that they can be successful, happy & live a fulfilled life – even when the situation worsens. To get that positive mind & attitude, the critical factor is to Believe in Yourself, no matter how bad things seem.

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