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8 Benefits of Knowing Your Purpose in Life

Benefits of Knowing Your Purpose in Life

Have you ever thought about what your purpose is in this life? Some of us spend our entire lives trying to understand the purpose of our existence. Some people fail, & some people get it. And then some people know their purpose correctly, but they still need to be diverted from them, oblivious to the Benefits of Knowing Your Purpose.

When you discover your life’s purpose, you are likely to live a more meaningful life than those who don’t. You are likely to live every day to the fullest because you know who you are, your origin & your destination & destiny.

Benefits of Knowing Your Purpose

Benefits of Knowing Your Purpose in Life

1. It Helps You To Stay Focused

When you discover your life purpose, it becomes an effective mechanism helping you to focus more strongly on what matters most to you.

Many people admit that this has been one of the most precious Benefits of Knowing Your Purpose, particularly once they start to use their life purpose to make their rational decisions & choices in where & how they are going to invest their time, energy, resources & talents.

2. It Makes You More Passionate

For many people Benefits of Finding Your Purpose becomes the key to unlock their passion for life. Their passion becomes the fuel that thrusts them forward in stating their life purpose, frequently in extraordinary ways beyond anything they would have imagined before they found their purpose.

Identifying your true purpose helps you to find your true passion, & that passion becomes a significant driver for you to achieve something amazing. Whether a childhood dream or a newly found desire, passion will motivate you to reach your goals.

3. Finding Your Purpose Develops A Value System

Finding your purpose also helps you to identify & set a system of core values that will guide you in your lifetime. You don’t have to waste time & energy every day trying to find out if what you are doing is right or worth doing. As long as it is in line with your purpose, you know you are on the right path. That provides you with a lot of confidence in life & in what you are doing.

4. Knowing & Living Your Purpose Is Good For The World

There is a point located in your chest, what people call the Sacred Heart, that is inevitably connected to your personal heart & to your life’s calling—which you are here to respond to as only you can. It is unfortunate when we hear that call & refuse to pay attention to it, & we block the spiritual energy that would be released if we pay attention to it.

When you are connected to this spiritual energy, you can connect to yet another heart, an immense intelligence called the Global Heart—& start to feel the world’s pain. The call is to find your way of spreading unlimited love toward the world—toward all life forms. You become warm with all things—with life itself. You become supreme, & a mighty force of positivity in your own way.

5. Knowing Your Purpose Increases Your Feeling Of Self Worth

When you have identified your purpose, living with it & working towards a meaningful goal, you take a lot of pride in your life & work. With every passing day & every tiny step that helps you to walk towards that goal, your sense of self-worth will also enhance. Use that feeling to push you through the next day & face the following challenges ahead.

6. Knowing Your Purpose Leads To Fulfillment & Happiness

Knowing it & living a life with a significant purpose & provides you with a sense of self-worth & confidence, which leads to happiness. Challenge & create a meaningful purpose for yourself. After some time, you will notice that you are not only more confident but also more satisfied. The true secret to a happy life is being completely satisfied by the life you are having.

We are social creatures who must make a difference & have a purpose & the knowledge of it, and a place in society. We often think that material things can bring us happiness, but what matters is how meaningful, useful, & purposeful what we do is. Don’t be surprised to notice a considerable increase in your overall happiness if you discover your true purpose or journey with a purpose-driven life.

7. Knowing & Living Your Purpose Is Much More Than Making Money

Making a living with your purpose is possible, though not essential.  To bring the gift & the joy to what is required in the world, & make a living from what you obtain, is indeed a blessing. Though it can definitely be done within an established structure, many people become entrepreneurs & artists to recognize this.

At the centre is a heart-beat that contributes to a new & vivacious culture of prosperity. Though you can make money identifying & fulfilling your purpose, it is in living your purpose that a sacred channel is opened up for all kinds of prosperity to come in, including money if that is what is preferred.  To look for money alone will take you off the track of your purpose.

Dharma is a major concept with several meanings that has no one-word rendition in the western language.  It points to our necessary nature, & the word nearby in meaning in English is purpose. In Hinduism, dharma signifies the behaviours that are considered to be in line with the order of the Universe—a kind of true way of living. In Buddhism, dharma signifies cosmic law & order.

8. Knowing Your Purpose Brings Trust & Faith

As people identify their life purpose & start to live accordingly, many admit a surprising increase in trust & faith in their lives. It’s as if the Universe is rewarding them for the effort to find the purpose & courage to live with it.

With this comes a deep sense of trust & faith to most of these people, as they understand that certainly there is a greater force spread across the Universe than themselves & they are an essential part of that force.

The Meaning Gap

The benefits of Knowing Your Purpose may be simple, & it’s definitely free, but that doesn’t mean it always feels easy to get. One of the greatest gaps related to purpose is the vast difference between our wants & our actions.

We want a purposeful life, yet we spend our days thinking aimlessly & practicing behaviours that don’t benefit us. Part of this gap is because of the fact that we imagine purpose is something we fall into, like a hole in the road. We also believe the myth that purpose must be grand & costs dearly.

But the purpose isn’t something that comes to us. It is something we can intentionally cultivate. Very often, it is simpler than we think. In the end, it is the purpose that defines our legacy & inspires others.


Q: What is life’s true purpose?

A: Philosophers & scholars have been trying to find this answer for ages. Every life has a different & exclusive purpose.

Q: What are the most important Benefits of Knowing Your Purpose?

A: Heightened confidence & trust, along with a more satisfied life, are just some of the benefits.

Q: What to do if I can’t find my purpose?

A: Sit with yourself, be patient & dive deep within you. Try to re-discover & re-connect to your core values & true identity.

Q: Is there any book that can help me to find my purpose?

A: There are many books. Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl, William J. Winslade, Harold S. Kushner; The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything by Ken Robinson, Lou Aronica; 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B. Peterson are the names of such books among many.

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