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Why Reading Books Still Matters

Reading Books

Today, we will discuss possibly one of the favorite time-pass activities worldwide. Yes, we will talk about Reading Books. Books have long been part of our human civilization as we are well aware of the first book. The first book written that we know of is The Epic of Gilgamesh, a mythical story of an important political figure from history.

This book is from Mesopotamia & written around 2100–1200 BC by Sîn-lēqi-unninni in the Akkadian language. However, the first published book was by Johannes Gutenberg. He built a printing press to print the Gutenberg Bible, leading to a printer revolution across Europe.

Benefits of Reading Books

Reading Books

Let us discuss some benefits we can get if we habitually read daily.

1. Provide Mental Stimulus

When we read every day, we inspire our mental activity. Several studies have been conducted to prove the benefits of reading. As per a study, one of the significant benefits of reading books is slowing down mental issues such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

It happens since reading Kindles keeps the brain active, which allows it to keep hold of its power and capability. Every part of our body needs to work out to stay healthy; the same goes for our brain. Reading gives it a regular workout and keeps it healthy.

2. Helps to Reduce Stress

Some study has also shown that Reading Books plays a prime role in reducing stress. Everyday worries will keep bothering you unless you do something to redirect your mind.

Reading gives you that mental liberty to inhabit yourself with something more interesting. When you read a great story, all your stress seems to fade and relax because you tend to travel mentally in a different direction. Sometimes while reading, you can find valuable advice or solutions to your problems.

3. Gather New Knowledge

Since the beginning of civilization, we have grown and developed ourselves mentally. Needless to say, how important role books have played in doing that. Many educated scholars credit the books our ancestors wrote for our knowledge. The significance of reading books is now more than ever. Not everything is obtainable in digitalized form.

There are many ways to learn more about life, from self-help books to reading fiction. You can read an inspirational book to lift your mood even when you feel demotivated. One of the great benefits of reading books is that the knowledge you gain from them can never be taken away. Unlike worldly belongings, your knowledge will stay with you till the end.

4. Vocabulary Expansion

One of the benefits of Reading Books is it helps to develop your vocabulary. Reading any book can advance your vocabulary to an impressive level.

Having great authority over the language can help many in their professional and academic life. With a better vocabulary, you can fill yourself with self-confidence when sitting in a group with a knowledgeable audience.

5. Improves Your Memory

Regular reading is a great workout for our brain. If we read a fictional book, our brain is required to remember the names and nature of various characters. Remembering their history & events or plots is a fun way to advance our memory. Moreover, it strengthens our existing memory and helps us to remember short-term memory.

6. Helps to have Better Writing Skills

If you have read many books, some authors’ writing skills may have impressed you. When you write something new, you try to adapt that particular style.

Since your vocabulary and pronunciation have improved by reading, it ultimately makes you a better writer. The more you read, the better you write. You would likely focus on various aspects of writing that would help you to write more effectively than others.

7. Improves Your Imagination

When you read a book, you visualize the characters and the events in your head. That practice boosts your power of imagination. How often have you been watching a movie based on a book you have already read?

You get disappointed because they cannot show things the way you imagined in your mind. You just created the best movie version of the book in your head. This practice helps you to enhance the power of imagination. Imagination is not something that runs free like a wild horse; it is controlled by the information you get from the book.

Ways Reading Can Change Your Life

Reading Books

It is well known that the practice of Reading Books can change your life. It can inspire you, and it can motivate you in various ways. Let us discuss how Reading Can Change Your Life.

1. Source of Inspiration

Books are a well-known source of inspiration. Not only inspirational books, but many books can also introduce you to the philosophy about life and existence you didn’t even think about earlier.

When India was ruled by the British Government, they banned many books like Anandamath by Rishi Bankim Chandra Chatterjee & Pather Dabi by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay not only because those books contained heavy nationalism, but they also inspired revolutionaries of India to fight for freedom.

This is a common incident in every country under some other country’s rules. Not only that, when someone asked Elon Musk where he learned to build rockets, he said, ” I read books.”

2. Become More Empathetic

When you read, you learn about all the different characters, backgrounds, beliefs, and thinking patterns. You are reading as if you are playing the person in the book. This makes you more empathetic. When an author writes about their feeling, you can have the sense too.

3. Understand the world better

One of the ways how reading can change your life is because it allows you to understand the world better. Reading widens your perspective & helps you to see the world outside from different angles.

Famous host & philanthropist Oprah Winfrey transformed her life through reading. According to her, “What I love most about reading: It gives you the ability to reach higher ground. And keep climbing.”

4. Helps You to Gain Success

Do you know Bill Gates reads about 50 books per year, that is, one book per week? Mark Zuckerberg resolved to read a book every two weeks throughout 2015. The world counts them as successful people. By Reading Books, you can get the necessary information & motivation. We all know the vital part they play in the way of success.


Many successful people have confessed that they are voracious readers. It is a well-known fact that Reading Books is an ingredient to the recipe for success.

In various ways, Reading Can Change Your Life. Not only you will be endowed with new knowledge & information; a good book will motivate you to move on & present you with a unique perspective of life & world.

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