Why Do Negative Thoughts Come To Mind?

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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We get thousands of thoughts in our daily life. The thoughts can be about you, your personal and professional life, and your surroundings. We define our thoughts as negative thoughts or positive thoughts.

After all, we all have different perceptions about what we think. In this blog, we will understand negative thinking, why we encounter it, and a lot more things. So, stay here to learn more.

Furthermore, your life is all about thoughts. It has a direct impact on whatever comes to your mind. You get numerous thoughts daily based on your upbringing, where you live, and the kind of people you are connected with.

For example, you can get a thought like “I can or cannot buy this car” if someone around you bought one. When entering the exam hall, you can think, what if I failed or forgot the answers?

If you are connected with unethical people who don’t have any values for life, you can be highly negative based on what they keep talking about.

Whatever thoughts come to your mind, they are just perceptions. If you don’t like them, you put a label “negative” on them. On the other hand, if something works, you consider them positive. 

Overall, you need to focus on positive elements of life to grow. This is because you are nothing but a byproduct of your thoughts.

Moreover, read further to learn more about negative thinking and why you get involved with it.

Negative Thoughts: Why Do They Come To Your Mind?

Negative Thoughts

In life, you are not always happy. Sometimes, you feel charged and inspired, and a few minutes later, you feel low energy and demotivated. Do you know why?

While other factors contribute to the same, your thoughts play a vital role here. When you mentally feel down and have low enthusiasm, this is because of your negative thought patterns.

These thought patterns are associated with an event in your life that you interpret negatively because of your mindset, mental issues, or hormonal changes.

After all, your physical and mental levels are interconnected. Negative beliefs impact your physical well-being in the same way.

You have negativity because you interpret your life incidents in your own way. For example, you have completed a project with your full dedication, and most people around you praise the same.

Meanwhile, someone talks about a project you don’t like, and you take that word to heart. That contributes to poor mental health, and you reach a point in your life when you are surrounded by negativity.

How To Stop Negative Thoughts?

Your negative thinking can derail your life if you don’t find a solution to them. No matter who you are or what you do, you can have some thoughts that can create a completely different world for you.

After all, below are some ways you can try to deal with negative thoughts in life. Look at the below points to learn more.

1. Make yourself self-aware

Sometimes, you are unaware of the truth and keep leading your life where your thoughts go. Here you need to practice self-awareness. By practicing it, you will know what is happening at a particular moment.   

On the other hand, you can practice mindfulness as it will help you to leave your beliefs behind. Most importantly, mindfulness makes you a third party, this means you can observe your thoughts separately and see what is going on in your mind.

2. Take a pause

If you are depressed and anxious at a particular moment, you should take a “pause.” Now use your senses to see things in your surroundings. 

3. Replace the sources of negativity

Whatever comes to your mind is inspired by some sources. This means your thoughts are triggered by the things you are surrounded with.

For example, you meet different types of people daily, watch content on the internet, listen to music, and do so many things. Maybe your mind is getting negative elements from these sources.

That is why you need to find ways to replace those negative sources with positive things.

4. Focus on physical activities

Are you physically active? Well, you should know that your physical fitness contributes to good mental health. So, you need to exercise regularly. One benefit of regular exercise is that it can relieve your mind from tension and worries.

Daily exercising doesn’t mean you have to be a gym member. You can keep yourself active by just walking or doing some stretching.

5. Share your thoughts with someone you trust

Sometimes, your mind is completely loaded with many negative emotions, and you have no way to release them. In that case, you can share your feelings with someone trustworthy and close to you. This is a great way to relieve stress and go towards positivity.

6. Be thankful

Being grateful or thankful is the best way to bring positive thoughts over negative ones. For this, all you need is to find good things in your life that you have forgotten. And you will find things that are beneficial for you but didn’t acknowledge.

After all, you must thank God or other people who have helped you in any way.

Final Words

Negative thoughts are part of life, and you should not separate them from yourself. If you only want to be positive, it is not possible. Human life is a balance of positive and negative things, and all of them have their importance.

For example, you may not enjoy the good moments of your life to the fullest if you have not experienced bad ones. Bad things may trigger a thirst within you that can be quenched by something positive.   

After all, if you are getting negative thoughts or experiencing any situation related to it, you need to evaluate your beliefs.

As we have discussed, thoughts are just a perception, and how we understand them makes them positive or negative.

Thank you for reading this post.

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