What is The Power of Decision-Making?

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Power of Decision- Making

Do you want to bring the power of decision-making into your life? Do you know what it is? Read below.

From the time you wake in the morning and go to bed at night, you perform a lot of tasks. In addition to performing your daily tasks, you do many things in your personal and professional life.

It can be fulfilling family responsibilities, making personal commitments, and doing professional things. In all these things, the power of decision-making is involved.

Furthermore, you can’t go ahead even a single step in your daily life without making decisions. Decision-making is like a habit that is involved everywhere in your life.

For instance, you leave your home daily for the office in response to a decision that you have to go to work every day. It is set in your mind that going to the office is your duty and you don’t have to think more about it.

This means that if you can’t make a decision, your life gets stuck at a particular point.

After all, in this blog, we will discuss how decision-making works and how you can empower your decision-making skills. So, stay here to learn more.

More about The Power of Decision-Making

Power of Decision- Making

If you have to see how powerful decision-making is, look at the lives of people who have achieved their dream success, for example, Elon Musk, Mukesh Ambani, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates.

All these people have achieved far more than they need because they understand decision-making. You can say it is an example of decision-making power.

Further, successful people make many minor and major decisions that are well-measured and timed. They make quick decisions by understanding the problem and analyzing the situation. They can’t wait for good things to happen; instead, they make good things happen by making a decision.  

After all, many people hesitate to make decisions because they fear the consequences. Are you one of them? Well, you can get stuck at a point if you don’t take any decision.

So instead of sitting idle and overthinking, it is good to go a step ahead wherever you want to go. Once you make a decision, either it will transform your life or give you a lot of life lessons if you fail. 

How to Increase Decision-Making Power

Power of Decision- Making

It is a fact that not all are good at everything. If someone is good at something, they may need improvement in certain things. For example, you may not be good at decision-making skills. With its importance in life, it is good to improve it and become a powerful decision-maker.

Therefore, below we will share some tips that will help enhance your decision-making power.

1. Define your problem

Before making any decision in your life, you need to define the problem that you want to solve through your decision. This means that you have to understand the ongoing problem or the situation you are in.

Instead of making a hasty decision, you should first look at all the angles of the problem. All in all, you need to understand the problem you are going through and then think about the possible options to solve that.

Sometimes, you may not have time to think deeply about a problem when something in your life is at risk. In that case, listen to your heart, do whatever it tells you, and leave the rest to the almighty.

2. Think about the outcome

Whatever decision you make in your life has a positive or negative outcome. So, when deciding, you need to figure out the possible outcome. If you are working with a team, try to have collective wisdom.

3. Identify the solutions

No matter the situation or problem you are stuck in, you have to try to find the best possible solution. You can consider more alternatives and make the right decision by analyzing all of them that work for you.  

4. Don’t underestimate the risk when making a decision

Certain risks may be involved when making decisions. Many people don’t consider the risks and make decisions without weighing the risks. That creates problems in the long run.

But you don’t have to make a decision like this. If you have to reach a particular destination, consider every single risk and the odds involved in the process.

If you find some associated risks, kindly ensure you are OK with that. This means that you have to ensure that whether or not you achieve your goal, you should be able to deal with those odds.

5. Make the Power of Decision-Making

After following the above steps and knowing the involved risks and odds, you can now make a decision. Keep in mind that you should not wait to make the perfect decision because that time will never come. All you have to do is to be specific about your decision and make one by analyzing your current situation.

If it is a corporate decision, make sure your team members agree with that. On the other hand, if you want to decide for your personal life, keep your family members or the dependent in mind. In that way, you can make a decision you can survive with no matter the situation.          


The real power of decision-making comes from making realistic decisions. It is a complete process that requires relevant information and possible alternatives. After all, whether it is a family, personal, or professional decision, one common thing is often involved: risks.

With the risk factors in mind, many people are afraid of making decisions and agree to live their present life without any changes.

If you are the one, you need to learn the right approach to decision-making. Once you learn the approach or process, you can make a decision you can survive with irrespective of the problem.

After all, decision-making power doesn’t come in a day or two. It takes time. So, follow the right approach and make a decision that works for you.

That’s all.

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