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Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Learn More About Yourself

The knowledge of your true self is the most vital skill you can possess. When you know who you are, you know what you must do instead of seeking permission or instruction from others. It helps you to avoid lots of frustration caused by investing time into the wrong things. We know life is meant to be full of trial & error, but this allows you to find the best parts to experiment with. Once you Learn More About Yourself, you will become more confident, understand your purpose, and make a more significant impact on your life and the world.

Before practicing any methods to get to Learn More About Yourself, it’s significant to be open to whatever you find. You may be surprised by some elements of who you are, particularly if you find it hard to extricate from the judgments of others.

How To Learn About Yourself

Learn More About Yourself

1. Know Your Personality

For starters, try to understand your core personality. You can do this by thinking about it, but making notes & writing things down can help you make better sense of the information you have. You may ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the main traits I feel describe me?
  • What words would others choose to describe me?
  • Which role do I play in my friends’ circle?
  • How does a stranger see me?
  • What impression do I want to give others?
  • Additionally, reflect on the significant decisions you have made in life, both good & bad.
  • Why did you make those choices? Which were made from your true self? Which were taken under pressure from others?

Consider how your past has shaped your present self, providing specific weight to your early life experiences. Frequently, what experience as children plays a major role in creating personalities, preferences, & dreams for the future.

2. Identify Who You Really Are, Not Who You Want To Be

We already have a set idea of who we desperately want to be, but it might not be who we were meant to be. When you Learn More About Yourself, you will eventually see where you & your particular gifts fit into the bigger picture.

Although there are many points in your journey to help you to discover yourself, the best way to begin is to take a personality test online. If you have taken them earlier, complete them; retake them. These self-evaluations aren’t perfect, but they identify your top areas of strength so that you can focus on your core values, strengths, skills & ideas.

3. Journal Your Experiences

Making various lists and notes is vital, but a more general habit of journaling can also play a major role in Learn More About Yourself. If you write in a journal daily, self-reflection comes naturally to you. You start to learn to look past your phony reactions to see your original needs & emotions. Keeping a journal also helps you to recognize your voice, identifying your inner voice from the voices of others whose consent you may be seeking.

You don’t have to follow the typical approach of writing a bit about every day. For instance, you can write about what you eat, what you see & your thoughts about it, what you dream, or your ideas.

4. Know Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Learning to know yourself is all about developing an actual image of who you are, including the parts you are proud of & the parts that you feel ashamed of from time to time. Create a list of your strengths & weaknesses, starting with your strengths. Reflect upon what you like about yourself, & also which parts of yourself constantly invite the most positive feedback.

For instance, perhaps you are often told that you are very patient with others or that you can stay calm in times of problems. When recognizing your weaknesses, ask yourself whether there are common patterns in your failures or in disappointing times of your life.

Additionally, consider whether you are often asked to develop a particular aspect of your character. For instance, your bosses often point out that you don’t speak up during meetings, indicating that a possible weakness is a lack of self-confidence.

5. Find Your Passions

Following passion of any type is a good thing, & you must pay attention when it comes because it highlights an area of life that you must pay more attention to. If you are thinking about following your passion for work, it’s a good thing. If you are thinking about having more passion for life, that’s good, too.

Concentrate more on passion; to Learn More About Yourself in better ways. Passion generates effort & continuous effort generates results, which reveals a more profound knowledge of your true self. If you are passionate about drawing, it shows you have an artistic & creative side. If you are passionate about discussions or debates, it shows you have a logical & analytical mind.

6. Evaluate Your Relationships

A more significant portion of discovering yourself can be found in your relationships. The significance of knowing yourself becomes even more obvious when you realize you will never really know anyone else until you identify yourself.

This truth mainly sounds true for business leaders because if you don’t know the people under your command, you will fail. This rule also applies to any relationship in your life. Almost as much as you must know yourself, other people also must know who you are. People want you—the real you.

7. Have A Life Vision & Mission

While thinking about the past is crucial for Learn More About Yourself, making plans for the future is just as vital. Instead of just sailing through life & being imprudent to the behaviours of others, ask yourself what you see as your life’s mission.

What kind of inheritance do you want to leave behind? Where do you see yourself in five years, ten, or twenty? Always remember that a life’s mission doesn’t have to be dramatic or world-changing. Think of your mission as being described by what makes you feel genuine, excited & passionate. Meanwhile, think about how this mission may help others, even on a tiny level.

It’s okay for you to have multiple missions. For instance, you may have the goal of being a great parent to your children while having a different mission for your career.

8. Invite Feedback

If you cannot discover yourself, hearing others’ opinions about you is a good practice. Ask them two questions: “What strengths do you think I must develop further?” & “What weaknesses do you think I must work on?”

Of course, their opinion will not be perfect, but their feedback will most likely point to a few areas you should at least take a second look at. This step is particularly vital for those who cannot find themselves. Sometimes people close to us can see something we may not be able to see in ourselves.

The Importance of Self Awareness

Increased self-awareness has extensive positive consequences. However, one of its most vital consequences is increased emotional intelligence. When you are more emotionally intelligent, you will be able to recognize & manage your feelings as they come up, neither repressing them nor being overwhelmed by them.

Emotionally intelligent people are also more at peace with their true selves, focusing more on meeting their standards than the standards determined by others. Self-awareness & high emotional intelligence are also connected to greater levels of success.

So, whether you want to perform well in your job, are looking to improve the most significant relationships in your life, or want to feel more comfortable with your own company, you have a lot to gain if you Learn More About Yourself.

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