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Ways to Enjoy Your Own Company and Why It Matters

Ways to Enjoy Your Own Company

Some people can enjoy spending time alone, while for others, it is the most daunting task as they fear spending any time alone & often try to avoid such circumstances- a trait more common amongst extroverts than it is amongst introverts. Extroverts are known to be very sociable & enjoy social interaction. Therefore, some Ways to Enjoy Your Own Company can be challenging for them.

It can take ages to understand that we are born & will die alone. There is absolutely no point in creating useless bonds with people to keep ourselves occupied. If others leave you, you have to spend your life with none other than own self, so you should love yourself first & spending time with own self is a good habit because it allows you to know more about yourself, develops your mental health, & helps you to form a good relationship with self.

Ways to Enjoy Your Own Company

Ways to Enjoy Your Own Company

1. Find A Hobby

As kids, we all loved doing something that gave us huge pleasure. Whether dancing, playing, singing, or painting, spending time with our hobbies was fun.

But after being an adult, we forgot all those little activities that made us so happy & never really managed the time to get indulged. But we can start them again. Pick your hobby & if not every day, try to do it for at least one or two days. Ensure your mind is free of all the worries during that time & observe how alive & refreshed you feel.

2. Try To Develop A New Skill

Most people don’t like being alone since they don’t know what to do with their spare time. Participating in some new activity or attempting to develop a new skill is one of the best Ways to Enjoy Your Own Company & make the most of your time. Be it learning a new language, drawing, cooking, gardening, photography, etc.

It could be anything you enjoyed as a kid but could not pursue because of financial or time restrictions. This will help you to establish a stronger connection with yourself.

3. Don’t Compare & Take A Break From Social Media

Comparison is one of the biggest causes of depression. Comparing your current life to your friends and family will only cause disappointment & depression. You must remember that every person is unique & faces a unique set of challenges. As a result of social media’s capability to enable immediate contact across countries, browsing photos of people can occasionally create anxiety, depression & stress.

Posting happy photos on social media is not an indicator of genuine happiness. If you want to hold your happiness & spend quality time with yourself, you must take periodic breaks from social media & stop comparing your present life & happiness with others.

4. Go For A Solo Trip

Going on a solo trip can be one of the most enjoyable answers to the question of How To Enjoy Your Own Company. You must have had several trips with your family & friends & sometimes you had to agree about a destination half-heartedly.

Sometimes you couldn’t do things you wanted as your trip companions thought visiting the hilltop monastery to know about their lives & culture was too boring or bungee jumping was too dangerous.

It is time to be your companion. Pack your bags & go to places you always wanted, even if people consider them dull or dangerous. Visit the small village of natives on some remote island or on a hilltop with no phone signal. Do as your wish & gather all the experience & knowledge you have always wanted.

5. Indulge In Physical Activity & Self-Care

Indulge in self-care to relax & rejuvenate. Go for a spa treatment or have a delicious breakfast or dinner at your favorite restaurant, as taking a break from your standard routine can boost your happiness & energy.

Daily exercise is one of the most vital things you can do to stay happy & healthy, as it releases a chemical called endorphins, known as happy hormones, which make you happier. Keeping your body active & practicing yoga or meditation could also help you to feel better about yourself & enjoy your own company.

6. Read Regularly

Everyone is familiar with the benefits of reading a book. You don’t have to be a bookworm or have to read a particular kind of book. You can read from precisely any kind of book. It can be fiction, non-fiction, or even study books.

Regardless of what book you read, you are gathering knowledge & perfecting your vocabulary every single day. Not only that, a good book can be your best friend. You can carry it anywhere & ensure you never get bored or have to check your phone. The best thing about books is you don’t need to charge them even after hours of reading.

7. Enjoy Movie Marathon

When you think about having a movie marathon, it is usually planned with people. But you can do that all by yourself. Make a list of all those movies you want to watch for a long time, set a day when you have spare time & start binge-watching. With a tub of popcorn and some cold drinks, you will be in your most relaxed attire & sit with no regret staying home that day to binge-watch the movies of your choice.

The great thing about this solo movie marathon is you don’t need to compromise about the choice of movies. Being a Marvel fan, you don’t need to include Justice League in your watch list for your DC fan-boy friends. Or being ashamed about streaming the Lord of the Rings trilogy as your partner thinks it is for kids.

8. Go For A Digital Detox

The amount of time we spend pointlessly scrolling through our phones & laptop is crazy. This makes us wonder what people did to pass their time when all these gadgets didn’t exist. They had a much happier life. You can also be happy by trying a digital detox for a few hours.

Unless it is completely essential, take some hours of the day when you don’t use these gadgets at all. If you want to take it to the next level, go to a remote place where a phone or internet signal does not exist. Spend some days there. You can notice all the different things you are doing that you wouldn’t have done if you got a phone signal or internet connection.

Why Enjoying Your Own Company Matters?

The meaning of being alone is completely misleading in most people’s opinion. Being alone is not when you don’t have relationships & friends. It is when you have learned to achieve the most daunting & distressful thing in the world.

It is when you learn to find succor & explore Ways to Enjoy Your Own Company, which only a few people can do without going mental. Enjoying your company is like meditation. Where you realize & try to know yourself.

When all your senses & feelings become alive & start telling you things about yourself & the world around you that you never knew before, it’s finding yourself. Once you get comfortable with your own identity & silence all the negativities, you can achieve the most difficult thing in the universe. You will start to love yourself.


Q: As an extrovert, can I use those Ways to Enjoy Your Own Company?

A: Extroverts are known for their sociability, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy their own company. Sometimes, it is vital to get detached temporarily.

Q: Do I need to shut myself off in a room to enjoy my company?

A: Not at all. You can cherish your company on a solo trip or in a quiet cafe with a book.

Q: What to do if I need some human touch?

A: As social beings, we all need some human touch. The point is, learning to enjoy your company is vital, too.

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