The Power of Positive Thinking

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Power of Positive Thinking

Today’s topic is as clear as a crystal & simple as water. Today, we will be discussing the Power of Positive Thinking. First of all, we should be clear about the definition of Positive thinking. It is nothing but a way of approaching & facing difficulties and unpleasantness in a more positive & productive way.

We should think whatever may come the best is going to happen, not the worst. Positive Thinking is just approaching life’s challenges with a Positive outlook.

Benefits of Positive Thinking

 Power of Positive Thinking

1. A Great Stepping Stone

If you start any task with positive thinking, no matter how hard it might be, with the Power of Positive Thinking, the first blow is half the battle. Empowered by it we start the task as already a winner & the outcome will be favorable to us.

Therefore, we should always start something with Positive Thinking. It is the best stepping stone we can get for ourselves.

2. Empower Yourself

Suppose you didn’t get the promotion you worked so hard for, or you have been fired from your job. Or your partner broke up with you, all these hardships have been faced by most of us. The question is how do we react in those situations? Do we blame others? Become some bitter person? Or do we take the responsibility for the disaster?

When we analyze & take responsibility for the situation, we have an internal infestation of control – and that’s a key trait of successful people. This type of Positive thinking leads us to a deep belief within ourselves & allows us to get up & start over.

3. Take Control Of Your State

Have we noticed when we are having a bad day, our body language shows it? We do things like slump in the chair, have a hard time making eye contact with people, we cross our arms when feeling uncomfortable. We stop paying attention & then we let situations & circumstances let us control.

Our body tells those around us that we are uneasy, angry, or sad and want to be left alone. This creates a feedback loop as our poor stance underpins our poor mindset. Positive thinking is very much about the body as well as the brain.

We can take control of our physiology by taking pride in how we present ourselves. We can work on our posture to give those around us nonverbal signs that we are feeling strong and positive.

This technique needs to know ourselves, as soon as we notice we are showing signs of nervousness we should straighten up & take control of our bodies. As we hold our body to a more confident & positive stance Positive mindset will start flowing within.

4. Adjusting Mindset

Adjusting our mindset is the most crucial thing here. We can pinpoint the time when negativity is taking control of us. If our mindset is negative, everything around us will seem negative. We can choose to focus on the Negative or Positive side.

If we choose to get fixated on what’s bothering us, it will surely rain all negativity on our minds. If we choose to focus on positivity, it will not just boost our confidence, it will also increase our enthusiasm to take action. Positive Thinking will just help us to adjust our mindset in a way that is beneficial for us.

5. Helps to have an Optimistic Attitude

One of the Power of Positive Thinking is it helps us to build an Optimistic attitude within ourselves. Needless to say, that attitude is beneficial for every aspect of our lives. Suppose you got charge of a new project in the workplace about which you have little or no experience.

The Pessimistic side will say that you will not be able to do that. But the Optimistic side of you will make you ready to take charge by studying about it, discussing it with other colleagues & finally, it will help you to perform efficiently.

6. Beneficial for Health

A recent study has shown that those who are empowered with Positive Thinking are less likely to suffer from physical & mental issues than those who hold Negativity within. People with the Power of Positive Thinking are less likely to suffer from cardiac ailments, stress-related problems & issues of depression.

7. Aids our Creativity

Positive Thinking can empower us by rekindling the creativity within us. It helps us tackle our problems, and face new challenges in a more creative & beneficial way than the people engulfed in Negativity. 

Positive thinking enlightens the part of our brain that deals with creativity. Coming up with new ideas, and managing issues more effectively are the outcomes of Positive Thinking.

8. Uplift the Mood

Positive Thinking helps us in case of a bad mood. It is not possible to stay in a good mood 24×7. Due to some crisis, we got into a bad mood. If we have the Power of Positive Thinking, we can overcome that bad mood in a matter of minutes.

After all, people with Positive thinking will never allow a bad mood to ruin their day, to hamper their work or performance. Positive people will always come up with a reason to enjoy a good mood. It is one of the many benefits of Positive Thinking.

9. Helps in Decision-making Process

People with Positive Thinking are quite efficient decision-makers. They don’t hesitate or take too much time while making a decision.

The Power of Positive Thinking enables them to make split-second decisions if required. Those decisions prove to be fruitful not only to him/her but to others too. Others also benefited from a Positive-minded person.


If we want to go ahead in life, if we want to make an impact, if we want to win, we must shake off all the negativity within ourselves & embrace the Power of Positive Thinking.

As per the wise words of Earl Nightingale, “We become what we think about.” If we can hold on to Positive thinking we will rise as positive person.

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