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Power of Creativity

Today, we will discuss many aspects related to creativity. As we all know, being creative is a trait that goes hand in hand with various factors like problem-solving, decision making & finally, success. Therefore we must have some creativity inside. Let us think about what creativity is. Creativity is using imagination or original ideas to create or invent something. In simple words, it is innovativeness. We all are well aware of the Power of Creativity. Here are some of them:

Power of Creativity

1. Ability to Think out Of the Box

The Power of Creativity enables us to think outside the box. How many times have we encountered some issue which is not familiar? Or we never had the training or education to handle that issue. There, creativity comes into play. If we possess that power, we can develop some idea or technique to manage the problem effectively.

2. Boosts Confidence

The benefit of having a creative mind is that it boosts confidence. A creative person is always confident about their skills & ability. They know either way or another, they will be able to complete the task at hand or can manage a problem. The intellect combined with creativity is a great recipe to have confidence & we all know that leads to success.

3. Ability To See from Other’s Perspective

By being creative, you can put yourself in someone else’s shoes. It will help you to see the situation from other perspectives. That will enable you to view the status from an entirely different viewpoint. It will also help you to be more empathetic. Suppose you can realize the view of another person. In that case, you will start viewing the situation from their state of mind, thus making you more compassionate towards them.

4. Helps You to Have Fun

A significant part of inspiration and success is having Fun. Creativity and creative processes are often involved in that. You can innovate more ways to have Fun than a non-creative person. You don’t have to be bound to take the limited ways to have Fun around you. More Fun means more relaxation of mind, which will help you to avoid stress, anxiety & depression.

How Creativity Can Be Developed

Power of Creativity

Now we have established some benefits of creativity, let us discuss how we can develop this essential trait within us:

1. Keep Learning

Various types of knowledge, not only related to your industry but from any sphere of the world, can be helpful to boost your creativity. It’s essential to keep challenging yourself and obtaining new knowledge to motivate and help you grow. Never miss any form of resource of knowledge. It can be newspapers, books, magazines, journals, online articles, or seminars. Make a habit of collecting new pieces of information.

2. Do What You Love

When you love your job, you will be more encouraged and enthusiastic about creative problem-solving and coming up with new thoughts. Sometimes we go for a job mainly for money but cannot love it because after some time it becomes monotonous. This is a big hurdle in the path of development of creativity.

Find a career or job that you know you will love. If you do not love your current job, switch your position or industry. Find a hobby that appeals to you most & you know you will enjoy doing it. Try painting, writing, or playing an instrument. Choose something which is most appealing to you.

3. Take a Break

Creativity is something that flows best when you are relaxed. Do not exhaust yourself. If you are tired, take a break to rejuvenate yourself. Go for a vacation, or stay at home & do things you like.

Get a change of surroundings, clear your brain, and take your mind off the task at hand for the time being; when you come back to it with a new sense, you might suddenly find the idea you’ve been waiting for is waiting in front of you the entire time!

4. Practice Some Meditation or Yoga

The practice of Yoga and meditation comes with many benefits. They help you to relax and to focus. These two are the fundamental elements of the Power of Creativity. Some yoga & meditations primarily aim to make you stress-free & more relaxed.

A stress-free & comfortable mind is the hub of creative ideas. Consult with some experts, or get some online tutorials and watch videos of how to practice meditation & yoga in a correct & beneficial manner. Practice them in a proper way to get a relaxed body & mind.

5. Always Ask For Feedback

Don’t be afraid or feel small about asking for honest opinions on your work. Asking your colleagues, friends & family for their honest opinions about your creations is a great way to boost your creativity. Their appreciation will enhance your confidence, and their criticism will help you find out the flaws within. You can take care of the flaws to make your work better.

6. Think of Alternative Endings

How many times has it happened you went to a movie or read a book & didn’t like the ending? If it happens, next time, picture some alternative outcome of it & write it down. Even if you have enjoyed the ending, question yourself, “Could it end in some other way?”

Try to put some logic behind your argument & the result will amaze you. It would be ideal if you could find someone with a similar interest. You can discuss it with them & also you can get their inputs.

7. Accept the Fact That There will be Mistakes

To boost your creativity, you need to be ready to accept that there will be mistakes. We all make mistakes; there is nothing to be ashamed of that. If you don’t make mistakes, chances are you will not get the opportunity to rectify them. In the words of Sir Ken Robinson, “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.”


The power of Creativity is an engine that allows us to move forward at a remarkable speed. Some people are born creative some are not. Though like many other skills, creativity can be practiced too, it can be honed too. If we want to be successful, we need to learn how to use that power in our professional/personal lives.

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