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Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Importance of a Morning Routine

Does your present morning routine include pressing the snooze button four times, getting ready five minutes later, eating a protein bar, putting on your shoes, and checking your phone’s email? After that, the rest of the day may seem like a constant game of catch-up and rushing, with little sense of accomplishment or productivity. You must realize the Importance of a Morning Routine.

We can improve! Many of us are time-poor, have a ton of duties and responsibilities, and are often busy. Being productive, accomplishing objectives, feeling organized, and doing all this confidently depend on having a wonderful morning routine.

It is common knowledge that bad morning habits may ruin otherwise wonderful, productive days. Establishing a successful morning routine may make or break your productivity and success, especially in the domains of sales and leadership.

Benefits of a Morning Routine

1. It Builds Physical and Emotional Connection

Physical well-being may undoubtedly affect how we feel emotionally. When we have the flu, we often don’t behave upbeat or too positive. How we believe we are running our day may also affect how we feel emotionally.

We may quickly get overburdened, anxious, depressed, and disappointed when we are continuously in a hurry and attempting to make the next appointment, perpetually behind schedule, or feeling lost in a sea of responsibilities.

If this were a recurring trend, it seems reasonable that we could eventually start to feel defeated and that we’ll never catch up! Peace and confidence in our daily lives may support our mental well-being and make us far more tolerant of stressful situations. It is one of the Importance of a Morning Routine.

2. It Boosts Productivity

The Importance of a Morning Routine is its’ effect on our productivity. We may better manage our schedules rather than letting our schedules control us by having a morning ritual that helps us set the tone for the day.

We can better concentrate on what is in front of us, decide where to allocate our time, and ultimately be more productive since we start each day fresh.

The degree of quality and intention we put into our work may also be called productivity, which is not necessarily about how much we do. Doing the day with 10 chores that are just partially accomplished is quite different than doing six tasks and feeling satisfied with the quality of your work.

3. It Lowers Stress

When you worry about what has to be done next or feel like you don’t have enough time to finish your obligations, stress will likely result.

When you follow a routine, you are constantly aware of what to do and what comes next. You don’t even need to think while you go through your regimen. Additionally, you’ll know you have sufficient time to do things without hurrying.

You may have better mental and physical health by avoiding stress. For instance, it could make you less likely to have conditions like anxiety and depression and conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.

4. It Develops Healthy Habits

The Power of a Morning Routine is it helps to develop healthy habits. While it may be tempting to use the snooze feature or to continue using your phone in bed rather than getting out of bed right away, these actions squander time.

It’s much simpler to prevent unhealthy habits and form good ones when you have a routine. You may begin with a hearty meal, engage in mindfulness exercises, or even schedule some time for exercise in your morning routine before going to work.

Such wholesome routines will follow you for the rest of your life. You may start eating healthier, working out more often, or spending less time on your phone in general.

5. It Builds Confidence

To be confident requires more than just declaring, “I like myself.” Genuine confidence develops as a result of experience. Self-efficacy is a phrase that describes our confidence in our skills to do activities and reach our objectives.

Self-efficacy, as opposed to self-esteem, a general assessment of our sentiments of self-worth, has a greater impact on our ability to develop resilience and confidence. Our sense of self-efficacy is strengthened as we go through daily experiences, see ourselves completing tasks, and feel a sense of achievement.

Setting the groundwork for better prioritizing, more efficient time management, and more productivity with a morning routine. All of these will benefit our sense of self-efficacy in turn.

6. It Brings Peace

Stress may be very problematic for us physically, emotionally, professionally, and in our personal relationships.

High stress levels are brought on by feeling incapable of completing tasks or perpetually behind. We may start to engage in negative self-talk when our self-efficacy is low, which may lead to feelings of discomfort and overwhelm.

We may intentionally practice mindfulness and/or prayer throughout the morning ritual, which can help us feel more at peace throughout the day. Being successful throughout the day may result in a more tranquil evening, a better night’s sleep, and a more energized morning the following day.

7. It Boosts Your Energy Levels

The importance of a Morning Routine helps to boost your energy level. The fact that individuals have low energy levels in the mornings is one of the reasons why so many people dislike them.

A morning routine has the wonderful ability to boost your energy, particularly when you deny yourself any opportunity to be lazy and devote all of your time to your planned tasks.

A high-intensity exercise, meditation, or a cold shower may all be included in your morning routine to boost your energy.

8. It Helps To Improve Relationships

The Power of a Morning Routine can be seen in your relationship. Even a basic morning ritual may have an influence on your relationships in a number of different ways.

Reduced stress is the main benefit. Even though a loved one has nothing to do with your issues, it’s easy to take your emotions out on them. You’re less prone to losing your temper when your stress levels decrease.

A morning routine can also make you more approachable to your family, which is important for fostering stronger bonds. You have more free time to spend with family when you are more organized.

Establishing a morning routine is the key to enhancing connections with those you live with. Your family or roommates can accommodate you if they know your morning routine. There won’t be any arguments over who gets to use the restroom first or issues if many people attempt to use the kitchen at once.

Helpful Strategies

You may create a productive morning routine with the following recommendations if you have understood the Importance of a Morning Routine:

Give Yourself Time: Not the snooze button! It may be quite challenging to resist the urge to revert to old habits and use the snooze button to extend your time in bed, particularly in the beginning. Your morning routine should give you enough time to appreciate it and get its benefits genuinely.

The length of time might range from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the individual. Sometimes, people think that to have a nice morning routine, you must get up at four.

Move Your Body: Your typical morning routine may have included reading work emails immediately after waking up, lying in bed for 45 minutes, and looking through Instagram. Rather than concentrating only on what to include in our day, we should think about some things we may “stop doing” while creating our morning routine.

Practice Stillness: Including breathing exercises, meditation, and prayer into your morning routine are all excellent examples of how this may look. Being motionless may make us feel more centred, concentrated, and prepared to prioritize chores wisely.

Skipping this phase might make us feel hurried and less productive throughout the day, which is the opposite of what you want from a healthy morning routine.

Have Proper Nutrition: We’ve been told since we were little that a good morning begins with a nice meal. How we nourish our bodies in the morning may significantly impact how we feel physically, how much energy we have, and how we feel mentally throughout the day.

Review Your Day: It might be beneficial to take a deliberate look at your day after finishing your morning ritual. You may keep control of your schedule by intentionally reviewing your day rather than letting your schedule rule you.


Q: I always struggle to get up early. What to do?

A: Maybe you are going to bed late or not having a sound sleep. Establish a sleep routine.

Q: What do I do if my job demands me to stay up late?

A: If you are doing a regular 10-5 job, you must not carry work home. If you are a cop, a nurse, a doctor, or a firefighter, your duty hours may vary.

Q: Can I hit the gym in the evening?

A: You can if you can’t make time in the morning. Still, hitting the gym in the morning is most effective.

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