How To Overcome Depression

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Overcome Depression

Today, we will talk about perhaps the most common problem, i.e., Depression. The world has recently changed; it has become more competitive, speedy, and ruthless. As a result, for many reasons, we sometimes suffer from symptoms like depression, stress, and anxiety. There is also medical help, but those medicines show their unwanted side effects in the long run. We will also try to discuss the Ways to Overcome Depression Without Medication.

10 Ways to Overcome Depression

Overcome Depression

This Mental health condition can arise due to various reasons. Crisis on the family front, the problem of unemployment, physical illness, loss in business, and heartbreak are some reasons for depression. It is not something to be ashamed of or not something to hide. Hiding depression will only make it worse.

Some people take medicine to fight against it, which is not advisable as depression-fighting medications come with potent sedatives with many side effects. Instead, we can try some other mental hacks to overcome depression.

1. Find Small Ways to Make Others Happy

A great way to fight depression is to infuse some happiness into others. Those don’t need to be huge; small things can also make others happy. Service doesn’t have to be big to count. You feed a homeless person or a stray dog. The person’s smile or the wagging of the dog’s tail will give you something to smile about. You will feel good about yourself & some of the sorrows or tension will be gone for the time being.

2. Exercise

An exercise schedule gives you the necessary dose of feel-good chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins come with long-term benefits when fighting against depression. As researchers claim, daily exercise seems to support the brain to rewire itself in positive ways. You don’t need to go for heavy workouts. A little jogging for 30 minutes or cycling or swimming will also help.

3. Eat Healthy

Sometimes, people with depression are prone to overeating and junk food, which damages our bodies more. If a person suffers from depression, they must keep a tab on what & how much they are eating. They must control themselves if they feel that they are overeating junk food.

4. Get Enough Sleep

Depression can make it hard to sleep & with little or no sleep, the depression worsens. You need to make sure you are having enough sleep. If you are suffering from depression, getting sleep feels like a challenge. Before going to bed, make yourself relaxed. Have a good shower, listen to light music while lying down, and read a book before bed.

Try to keep your mind off the issue you are having at any cost. But before going to sleep, say no to TV or mobile phones. They emit rays from the screen, preventing us from getting a night of good sleep.

5. Practice Meditation & Yoga

Meditation & Yoga can be one of the best Ways to Overcome Depression without Medication. Some procedures of meditation and yoga are exclusively aimed at providing mental & physical relaxation. The study also has shown that meditation can be a powerful weapon against stress & depression.

There are many types of meditation & yogas. You can research online or talk to some experts to know what kind of meditation or Yoga you need. If you practice meditation and yoga daily, the benefits will amaze you.

6. Challenge Negative Thoughts

In your fight against depression, a lot of the work is mental; it changes how you think. When you’re depressed, you jump to the worst conclusions. The next time you feel terrible about yourself, use reason as a natural depression treatment.

When you have such a feeling, ask yourself, is there any evidence that supports your thought? If there is evidence, can it be counter-reasoned? What are the possible reasons that made you feel that way? It takes practice, but you can beat back those negative thoughts before they make you miserable. 

7. Take a Vacation

Taking a break to go on a vacation is a great way to overcome depression. If depression is troubling you, pack your bags & lose yourself in the tranquility of a mountain, chill on a sea beach, or go on some pilgrimage: your vacation, your choice.

Focus entirely on having new experiences, adventure & fun. It may be a trip with friends/family, or a solo trip doesn’t matter; what matters most is that you are taking a break from a routine & gathering new experiences & memories.

8. Seek Support from Trustworthy People

Discuss the crisis you are having with the people you trust. They can be from your family, your friend’s group. If they are genuinely your well-wisher, they will not treat this as a trivial matter. They will show empathy & will try to cheer you up in every possible way. They will leave no stone unturned to motivate you.

9. Live in the Present

Stop blaming yourself for some mistakes committed in the past or stop worrying about the future. Remember you don’t have a Time Machine to go back in time & to rectify the error. Also, remember, worrying is like a rocking chair; it gives you something to do but doesn’t take you anywhere.

Focus primarily on the present; due to some guilt or worry, don’t spoil the chances of your present. Just accept that some days will be difficult, and some will be less complicated. Try to look forward to tomorrow’s fresh start.

10. Try a New Hobby

Try to understand which activity makes you feel more relaxed. Is it gardening? Or singing? Or painting? Dancing perhaps? Whatever it may be, it is. Adopt that as a hobby. A study has shown people with depression can be significantly benefitted if they indulge themselves in something they enjoy doing. Consider a new Hobby to answer the question of how you can overcome depression.


The first step to overcoming depression is to accept that you are a victim of it. There are thousands of people around the world with this symptom.

Medication is not always the answer. With long-lasting side effects, one should always try other Ways to Overcome Depression without Medication, like self-counseling and seeking help from trusted people. By following simple steps, it is not difficult to overcome depression.

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