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How to Get Over Infatuation

Most of us have been infatuated at some point in our lives, whether it was with a new guy at school or just a gorgeous celebrity. While being fascinated to some extent is natural, there are moments when our infatuation becomes so strong that all we can think about is the object of our desire. When you experience overwhelming feelings, it’s essential to learn How to Get Over Infatuation.

Perhaps you’re showing indications of infatuation with someone you’re crushing on, or maybe you’re in a new relationship and you’re so engrossed in it that you’ve forgotten about other aspects of your life. Passionate love or intense sentiments of love for another person are two definitions of infatuation.

A certain level of captivated love may be felt in the early phases of a relationship. They are so infatuated with their new lover that they can’t stop thinking about them or feeling strong feelings for them.

Some Tips For Getting Over Infatuation

How to Get Over Infatuation

1. Read The Signs

The first step is to interpret the cues and analyze the body language of your crush. Consider the following questions for yourself: Are they even aware of you? Do they want to learn more about you? Do you believe they’ll make a date request in the future? Are you certain they have no other relationship?

You will be able to discern the precise nature of the communication between the two of you if you pay attention to the specifics. Should this just be a one-sided, irrational love that consumes your thoughts throughout the day, you have the option to abandon the notion of going after it. But, if you ever get conflicting information, you may proceed and ascertain the truth.

2. Separate Infatuation from Love

Knowledge of the differences between love and infatuation is an answer to How to Get Over Infatuation. Step two is to distinguish love from infatuation.

Start by learning about healthy love and connection, which is characterized by emotional security, a balance between “you, me, and we” in the relationship, and the recognition of the other as a fallible person who is liable to disappoint but, hopefully, also ready to mend a relationship breakup if it happens.

When you believe someone is as gorgeous as Chris Evans, as astute as Henry Kissinger, as honourable as Keanu Reeves, as humorous as Woody Allen, and as fit as Jimmy Conners, you’re infatuated.

Love is the realization that despite the fact he is nothing like Brad Pitt, as handsome as Woody Allen, as intelligent as Chris Evans, as witty as Keanu Reeves, and as athletic as Henry Kissinger, you will still accept him.

3. Know They May Not Feel The Same About You

The realization that they may not feel the same about you is one of the Ways to Overcome an Infatuation. The person you are crazy for may have another lover’s interest, maybe in another steady relationship, or don’t want to be in a relationship at all. Since most of the infatuations don’t happen to people you know, it is most unlikely you will know all about them or what’s going on in their minds.

Do you know our Hermione ‘Emma Watson’ Granger had a huge crush on Draco ‘Tom Felton’ Malfoy? But Tom rejected her. Before you start to abuse the bad boy, know that he always considered Emma as a sister (Awwww…right?). This can happen to you too. Maybe the person you are secretly crushing on thinks of you as a brother/sister, or a very good friend.

4. Talk To Them

Often, when we are drawn to someone, our minds create an impression of them even if the two are very different. The following stage should be to get to know someone you like, based on more than just their looks and the vague things you’ve heard about them.

Your preconceptions about that person are dispelled when you speak with them, and you may eventually come to dislike them. All that keeps you alert is the exhilaration of being in their presence. Just go beyond that mental barrier and talk to them as you would any other individual. You could think to yourself afterwards, “Well, it wasn’t that big of a deal!”

5. Pay Attention To Their Shortcomings

Focusing on the shortcomings of the person of your infatuation is a solution to How to Get Over Infatuation. Developing an intense fixation on someone you have no future with may be quite distressing.

Even though you know that you will never be with them, you can’t help but think about how much you would want to. You feel powerless because they look so wonderful and so out of league. Try focusing on their flaws for a change to relieve yourself of the suffering in such a circumstance.

Nobody in this world is flawless. Everybody has flaws, even your crush. Thus, cease seeing them as idols and begin to regard them as ordinary people. It’s not essential to belittle them, but focusing on their shortcomings can help you overcome your attachment and go beyond the point when you were giving them too much praise without any justification.

6. Know Your Vulnerabilities

Not to come off as a crass self-help expert, but infatuations are often the result of unhealed old wounds: the mother who drinks too much, the father who abandoned you, or the older brother who forced you to watch his favourite Full House episodes.

Differentiate between our ancient, or “reptilian,” brain, which is weighed down by unspoken trauma from our history and responds to dread instinctively. The “analytical, probing, and questioning part of your mind that you think of as being you” is our new brain.

Our old brain takes over when we become drawn into strong and harmful emotional attachments. It seeks to relieve our previous suffering and mend the scars. Be aware of any emotional or interpersonal weaknesses that might lead to someone else being enamoured with you. Do you have past hurts from relationships that manifest as a dream partner?

7. Try To Avoid Them And Their Thoughts

You have to distance yourself from the person you adore and their ideas while you are attempting to move on. Thus, be careful not to follow them on social media and avoid being in close physical proximity to them. It’s best if you just block them or take away their phone if you can’t help but feel the desire to stalk them.

Keep no pictures of them or anything else that might remind you of them in your possession. Take some time and spend some time alone. Try not to see them for a few days. You’ll feel revitalized and renewed, ready to concentrate on other crucial matters.

8. Prioritize Yourself And Self-Care

Practicing self-care by prioritizing yourself is one of the Ways to Overcome an Infatuation. We often devote a great deal of time and attention to someone we have a crush on. We even make an extra effort to meet their demands and are always willing to provide a helping hand. As this goes on, we often neglect ourselves.

Understanding the importance of loving and caring for oneself is the greatest approach to moving on from someone. Consider taking care of your own needs at that time rather than waste it on someone who doesn’t even seem to care about you. Treat yourself to activities you like. Spend time with individuals who treat you fairly and who care about you.

Some Signs of Infatuation

Consider the following indicators, which may indicate infatuated love, if you believe you may have been deeply infatuated with someone. You need to know whether you are infatuated or not before wondering How to Get Over Infatuation.

a. They are always on your mind: You think about someone constantly when you’re captivated by them. Even while you’re engaged in other activities, like working or socializing with friends, you can discover that ideas about them keep coming to mind.

b. You’re unduly envious: You’ll find that you start to become quite envious of the person you’re enamoured with, regardless of whether you’re in a relationship with them or are just having a crush on them. Your envy will explode if they even glance at someone else of the other sex. Alternatively, you can assume that they are not into you if they don’t text you back right away.

c. You have mood swings: When you’re fascinated with someone, you can notice that your mood swings quickly since infatuation has its highs and lows. You’ll be thrilled when they seem to be paying you favourable attention. However, you’ll experience anxiety and depression if they neglect you or don’t show you any love in return.

d. You think they are perfect: Rose-colored glasses are what you wear when you’re in love. You’ll be fixated on how amazing they are, unable to perceive their imperfections and instead seeing them as flawless people. You’ll disregard any flaws or warning signs they exhibit since you firmly believe they are infallible.


Q: What does it feel like to be infatuated?

A: Lust, shallowness, exhilaration, and illogical emotions are signs of infatuation. Some individuals say they get heart palpitations and are lovesick, but then they become despondent and hopeless. They don’t eat or sleep well.

Q: What is the cause of infatuation?

A: It’s your body’s hormones that cause infatuation. When you consider or view your love interest, your brain’s dopamine center is stimulated. After that, dopamine floods your brain. It’s easy to confuse infatuation with love since this pleasure reaction feels so wonderful.

Q: How long does infatuation last?

A: There is no specific time limit to being infatuated; it varies from person to person and also depends on the object of one’s desire. Research has shown a statistical average of 3–4 months. It’s an estimate based on facts; it’s not definitive.

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