How To Find Peace of Mind and Happiness

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Peace of Mind

Today, we will have a discussion on How to Find Peace of Mind and Happiness. As we all know peace of mind & happiness go hand in hand. Without mental peace, you cannot find happiness & vice versa. In this hectic world of ours, it is becoming kind of hard to gain mental peace.

Pressure in the professional field and crises in personal life are the main reasons for unrest within us. Let us discuss despite those inevitable situations, how we can try to develop mental peace & gain happiness from it.

Why Finding Peace of Mind Necessary?

Peace of Mind

Finding our peace of mind means a lesser amount of worries, reduced stress, lesser anxiety & fewer fears. If we can attain peace of mind we can be benefited in the following ways:

  • Better performance in everyday affairs.
  • Elevated energy level & enhanced emotional control.
  • Fewer worries, stress & anxiety.
  • Empathy towards people around us.
  • Immunity from negativity around.
  • The capability to analyze & learn from difficult situations.
  • Having a clear decision when dealing with adverse situations.
  • Better sleep quality.

Ways To Develop Mental Peace

Peace of Mind

Now, that we have made it clear why it is important to have peace of mind, let us ponder upon how to get peace of mind. Peace of mind is a state which comes from practice, it cannot be bought in a store. Through constant practice & self-counseling, we can achieve peace of mind.

Before starting, let us listen to the wise words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, he said, “Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.” If we can follow some simple steps, we can attain the most sought-after Mental Peace.

1. Spend Some Time in Nature

Being in touch with nature is absolutely necessary step to have mental peace. We, those who are living life in a city, can be a little difficult for us. Still, we can try to find a park, a lake & have a quiet walk around it. Being in touch with nature helps our mind to be free from stressful thoughts. We have to do it every day to absorb the tranquility of nature to have a clear & worry-free mind.

2. Mediation

If we can practice meditation for some period of time every day it will not only open a pathway to mental peace but will help us to decrease anxiety & depression. Mediation has many proven benefits. If we can take out time of 35-40 minutes daily & practice meditation in the comfort of our home, it will bring many physical & mental benefits to us.

3. Be Content

To find mental peace we need to be content with our current state. No matter how we are living, if we have a roof over our heads & have a four-square meal every day, we are luckier than many people around the world. We need to be grateful for the life we are having.

Maybe we are not satisfied with the current stature of life, but we need to remember that the life we are having is a dream of many. But I am not talking about stopping the effort for our improvement. We must always try to do that & simultaneously we need to be gratified with whatever we have right now.

4. Taking Responsibility for Own Actions

No matter what, we must always be prepared to take responsibility for our actions regardless of the outcome. By doing so we can establish some maturity of us. Even when it is difficult, we can have some mental peace & internal harmony by admitting our own faults. By accepting mistakes & taking responsibility we will emerge as resilient human beings.

5. Don’t cling to Past Mistakes

We all have made some unforgettable mistakes in the past. As we are not time travelers, we cannot go back & amend them. We also can’t let the shadow of our past lark on our present & future. We cannot let the past define us as a person. If we always drowning in regret for our past errors, we will not be able to move on to a better future.

The best way of letting the feeling go is to learn from past mistakes & to be cautious not to repeat them in the future. The best thing to do here is to pick ourselves up & move forward. Mental baggage is always an obstacle in the pathway of peace of mind.

6. Love Yourself

To develop mental peace we need to love ourselves as we are. How can we truly be happy if we cannot love ourselves? Love ourselves means looking after our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

These include eating healthy, resting well, and exercising regularly, to keep an eye on our overall well-being. When we can have a healthy relationship with ourselves that emits positive energy. If we are healthy in both body & mind, inner peace & happiness will flow like a river.

7. Practice Acceptance and Serenity

To find inner peace & happiness, Acceptance, and Serenity are two of the most important keys. We have to find out & accept that we have certain problems in our lives & we have to learn how to deal with them. They say proper diagnostics is half the cure. If we can pinpoint the issues we have in our lives & accept that we have to face them anyway then half of the work is done.

8. Aim for the Inner fulfillment

If we always run after worldly materials, like money, fame, and power, our quest for inner peace will falter at the very first step. There will always be someone more rich or famous or powerful than us. Instead of competing against them, we should find out what brings out the inner peace within us. We can try to decide what the ultimate prize is. That prize is not necessarily some worldly thing.

Some people may consider a life of peace & serenity in a quiet beach house as a prize to him/her. Some consider a bank balance with zeros beyond count. Let me assure you, people with inner peace & happiness don’t get excited by earthly possessions or prizes. He/she simply seeks happiness which money can’t buy.


As someone has said, “You can buy a bed with money, but you cannot buy sleep. You can buy food with money, but you cannot buy hunger.” If we think deeply, the simple & merrier things in life are free. Only a person with peace of mind can enjoy those.

Therefore, we should always try to develop mental peace in order to have a richer life, not in terms of the value of the currency, but in terms of what matters most to us, which is happiness.

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