How To Build Consistency in Life?

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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how to build consistency

Are you struggling to be consistent in your life but unable to do so? You are not alone. Many people around the world face the same problem and keep asking, “how to build consistency.” But the answer to this question always lies within the person struggling to be consistent.

In this blog, we will take a deeper look at consistency and how to maintain it in one’s life. So, stay here to learn more.     

Furthermore, you want to be consistent because you have a certain set of goals you want to achieve. For example, you want to join a gym to be fit and healthy.

Your goal is to build a good physique. You start going to the gym for 10 days, and after that, you may quit if you don’t see any results or for other reasons.

You continue to go to the gym in the first 10 days because you are highly motivated by external sources. And when that motivation gets over, you return to your normal life.

But have you ever noticed how your mother always wakes up every morning and prepares things for you? Has someone motivated your mother to get up in the morning to handle all household chores? No one motivates her to wake up early in the morning.

Still, she is consistently getting up early in the morning. Do you know the reason? Read below.  

What is Consistency?

How to Build Consistency

Before we move further to learn “how to build consistency,” it is important to learn what consistency is.

Consistency means doing something at a particular pace and being stable with the same. For instance, you regularly do physical activities to keep yourself fit.

But here is a catch. Many people think that being consistent means doing something daily. That is not true. Real consistency is when you do certain things regularly in a certain flow.

For example, you go to the gym 3 days every week. You read 5 pages of a self-help book only two days a week. Or you go for a 5 km run only once a week. But you do all these activities every week.

This is what consistency is. So, either you go to the gym every day or three days a week, but if you follow the same thing every week, you are consistent. This is what you need to know about consistency.

After all, when you are consistent in doing a particular thing, you achieve great results you can’t expect. You can apply the rule of consistency everywhere in your life. Whether it is your personal, professional, or family goals, you can try to be consistent to ensure good results.

How To Keep Consistency in Life?

How to Build Consistency

Many people keep searching for “how to have consistency in life.” Below, we will share some tips you can follow to be consistent throughout your life.

1. Set only realistic goals

One of the first points in how to build consistency is to set realistic goals. Setting realistic goals means your goals should be achievable. For example, if you think of waking up in the morning, you shouldn’t aim to wake up in the morning in your entire life. It gives your mind a signal that you have to do something that you don’t like.

Instead of setting a goal like this, set a goal of waking up in the morning only for a week. Once you succeed in the same, set a goal for another week.

2. Break down your goals

If you have to achieve something big, for example, start an IT company, and break the goal into small pieces.

For instance, in order to start an IT company, you will need the necessary licenses, technologies, tools, team, and other resources. These are small pieces of your big goal.

Now instead of focusing on directly building the company, you need to focus on how to achieve these small goals. Once you achieve all these goals, the result will be your dream IT company.

3. Don’t forget your big “why”  

Sometimes you may think of quitting on your goals because you don’t remember why you started this. So, it is crucial to stick to your big “why.” For instance, why have you decided to do this? Are there any pain points that stimulate your senses?

When you keep reminding yourself “why,” chances are higher that you will be consistent with your actions. After all, here you can do one thing to keep your “why” in your mind. Paste the image of what you want to achieve in your work area. Whenever you visit it, you will remember your “why.”

4. Share your problems with your dear ones

You may face different problems when you are on the way to your destination. In that case, you can share your problems with your dear ones like your father, mother, or brother. It keeps your mind calm and gives you emotional support.

5. Save yourself from distractions

To be consistent in whatever you want to do, you must keep yourself away from distractions. For example, put a limitation on using your smartphone. Don’t talk to friends that demotivate you. You don’t need to think about the result.

Thinking about the result will distract you because you may think what if you can’t achieve it? So, concentrate your mind on the process and enjoy it.

6. Enjoy the process

Instead of always thinking about the result, think about what you can do to make today’s task better. You need to involve yourself in the process because it is the only thing that is always with you on your journey. If you live it honestly, no one can stop you from creating miracles. 

7. Take care of your health

You need to keep your physical and mental fitness on priority. If you compromise your health, you won’t achieve anything. 


Here we have discussed a lot about consistency and how to build consistency. In addition to all these things, if we understand why and how our mother wakes up early in the morning, we will learn the secret of being consistent.

After all, our mother gets up in the morning because of us. She works hard to manage the entire house and get things ready for us. She never misses waking up in the morning because she thinks about who will take care of the family if she quits. All in all, she knows her big “why.”

Likewise, any of us can bring such a level of consistency by knowing our big “why.” 

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