How to Become More Consistent in Life

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Become More Consistent in Life

Life comes with its ups & downs. Even though this roller coaster ride is part of living, everyone is looking for ways to Become More Consistent in Life. With consistency, we can have an easier time maintaining relationships with our family members & friends, meeting our goals, & performing well in the workplace. Unfortunately, many people face trouble being consistent in life.

The Importance of Consistency in Life

Become More Consistent in Life

Consistency means doing what works perfectly. It means sticking with tried & tested methods. Consistency is also about being standard & steady. You have to put in consistent work to see the results. It is valid for everything in life, from your work life to your home life to your social life.

If you want to get healthy, constantly working out three times a week is much better than excessively working out every single day & then burning yourself out. It would help if you put in the effort & results will come up. There’s just no shortcut. What about when you took the consistent route & things were not fruitful? Give things time. Seeing the forest through the trees needs patience. Try to look at the big picture. Ask yourself if you remained consistent all the way.

Having a consistent, steady strategy requires a strong foundation. As a society, we have learned to value things that amaze us, things that are unusual or peculiar or have a bizarre background story. That’s all well and good, but those success stories only true for a small percentage of total successes. Those businesses could not have reached where they are today without consistency. So aim for consistency in whatever you do. It generates results. Results lead to success.

How to develop consistency

Become More Consistent in Life

Developing consistency is not complicated; we need to follow some simple rules.

1. Develop Consistent Habits

If you are trying to become more consistent in life, you first have to develop more consistent habits. You will only be more consistent if you start from the beginning. There are a few ways you can do that. These include:

–  Set Realistic Goals: You have to endure a difficult time being consistent if you do not have any idea of what you require to do. Create easy & uncomplicated goals that have objective results that are easy to determine. You could start by thinking about what consistency means to you. Then, you have to come up with smaller steps you have to follow to reach that goal.

– Maintain a Schedule: To be consistent, you must know what you must perform daily. Therefore, you should make a schedule for yourself. This can be a planner, a calendar, or a list of reminders on your phone; this will help you stay on the path. That way, you will figure out what tasks you can & cannot dedicate time for.

– Use Reminders: This is a newly created habit, so you must remember what you are doing. Try to place reminders around your home, & throughout your workspace. It is easy to forget new commitments & promises, particularly when changing your routine. Put messages in visible locations so you remind yourself always.

2. Handling Mistakes in Your Routine

No matter how dedicatedly you try to be consistent, you will make some mistakes from time to time. Therefore, always keep going even if you make an error. Even if you are highly organized, you will sometimes slip up. Consequently, you should plan for mistakes. If you make a mistake, try not to be too much worried about it. This is something that happens to all from time to time.

Even if you break a promise, miss a deadline, or have to cancel some program, this doesn’t mean you are ruining your consistency. The reality is that external factors can often disrupt the routine. However, it is crucial to plan for these external factors & try to prevent them from diverting us from the track. Accept the fact that it will happen from time to time.

3. Increase Your Willpower

You cannot expect to step outside of your front door & participate in the marathon if you haven’t undergone some athletic training. It will take some time for you to build your willpower, too. Becoming more consistent will increase your willpower and help you perform well even when you feel reluctant. The only way you will do that is if you practice daily.

4. Get Ample Sleep

If you want to be more consistent, you must have the energy. That means you have to get plenty of sleep. The average adult requires seven and eight hours of sleep every night. People who are still in school need even more. A few ways you can get more sleep include:

– Try to stay away from the device before bed.

– Go to sleep at the same time at night.

– Stay away from caffeine & sodas in the evening, even though you are tired.

5. Give Yourself Time to Change Your Mindset

Even if you want to see results instantly, it will take some time. Changing your thinking is tough, & it may take a bit of time to see results. It can be challenging to relocate your entire life with new practices. Therefore, you should allow time to find out what works best for you. You should also be realistic but determined. It may take approximately one month of constantly doing something to make it a habit. Always set it smaller goes along the way. Try not to handle too much at once. Minor changes will ultimately sum up.

6. Only Make Promises You Can Uphold

Another essential habit you must develop if you are trying to be more consistent is to make promises you can fulfill. People wish to be liked by other people. Therefore, we all have the predisposition to say yes when someone asks us for help. Even though it is good to help others when we can, it is essential not to make promises unless we can keep them. To be more consistent in your life, you must keep your promises. It is easy to get overwhelmed, causing specific commitments which can finally be remained unfulfilled.

7. Take Advantages of Motivational Tools

Humans are not robots; there are days when we feel reluctant to do anything. That is why we all have to take advantage of motivational tools. What do you need to do if you need reinforcement to do your work? Even though it can be easy to ignore the call of goal, there are actions we can take to handle this problem. If you feel down, lazy, or tired, there are a few ways you can try to get some extra motivation. There are many ways to gather inspiration, books, the company of positive people, and lectures. Use them.

8. Always Reward Yourself

 If you are trying to be more consistent, make an effort to reward yourself when you complete a task successfully. It is not easy to develop a new habit. Try to set time bass goals. Then, as you achieve those goals, reward yourself. There are plenty of ways you can reward yourself for doing something well. Like, take a break & do something you like.


There are lots of people who are looking for ways to be more consistent. If you find a way to become more consistent in life, you will do better in all regions of your life, including school, work, relationships, & personal goals. If you are having trouble improving your consistency, do not hesitate to contact professionals for help. This is not something you necessarily have to go through on your own.

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