How To Be Courageous and Fearless

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Today, we will be discussing one of the top traits of human beings, i.e. courage. In this article, we will discuss various aspects & benefits of courage. There is a saying, “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” Sometimes it is true, and sometimes it is not. A baby can never know that the fire will cause pain, so the baby goes & touches it. Is it what we call courageous?

No, that is called a lack of knowledge. But a fireman who rushes into a burning building dressed in protective gear to douse the flame is not naive. That is an example of courage. Courage is to analyze, take precautions & then face the danger.

Benefits of Courage


The capability of doing the things that are beneficial for us or our loved ones by tacking fear is called courage. A sense of courage has some long-term benefits, like:

1. Confidence boosting

Courage will boost our confidence. We can overcome things we were afraid of. The scary obstacles will not seem scary anymore. The habit of action will develop inside.

2. More Positive Outlook

If we start to win over the fears, our outlook will emerge as a more positive one. A courageous person starts shaking off negativity & starts seeing things on a more positive note.

3. Inspire

By being courageous, we can inspire people around us. How many times we have looked up to someone brave and inspiring? We don’t know what kind of fear or worry he was fighting against. Still, that person went & fought against it & performed. It would feel good to take up the role.

4. Gain experience

We can get more experience by handling the fear within & by overcoming hurdles. The more we face challenges, the more we can become comfortable while dealing with them. I am not implying facing challenges will be a piece of cake; however, we can learn to channelize our emotions & handle the challenge in a better manner from earlier experiences which helped us to conquer the fear within.

5. Gain Success

By winning over the fear, we are plucking out the most awful throne on the road to our success. Nobody can go anywhere by playing it safe. The world admires & rewards courageous people.

Here is some key importance of courage in life, let us discuss how to win over the fears that are tormenting us.

Ways To Become More Courageous & Fearless


Like many skills, courage can be practiced too. By taking small but significant steps we can bring the necessary courage within to triumph over the fear which is preventing us from our goals. Let’s have a look:

1. Admit the Fear

We really shouldn’t try to neglect or hide our fears, it will make the fear stronger. Instead, we have to admit this problem. All of us have got some kind of trepidation, and there is no shame in admitting it. By admitting it, we can get the necessary strength & motivation to move forward & to do something about it. Bravery is not about having no fear, but it is about being afraid, and still moving forward to face it.

2. Deal with it

Dealing with your fear is understanding the reasons behind it. For example, suppose you are afraid to ask for a promotion. Ask yourself why you are so afraid. Is it because you might get rejected? Or are you thinking you are not good enough? Then you are afraid of rejection & you are doubtful about your own capability.

You will realize often, that it is your ego that is trying to protect itself from feeling low because of some situations you have imagined in your head. In reality, if you don’t ask for it, you will never get it. Your fear is just stopping you from going ahead.

3. Talk to yourself in Positive Manner

Use the Self-Talk technique to motivate yourself and to be more confident. Tell yourself how awesome a person you are despite having some issues; all of us have some inner issues.

Remind yourself about your capabilities & skills, and tell yourself how you have used them earlier. Then ask yourself why you are not using the weapons of your capabilities right now. If required, talk in front of a mirror. If you can face yourself, you can face anyone or anything in the world.

4. Get out of your Comfort Zone

As Dale Carnegie said,” Do the thing you fear to do and keep on doing it….that is the quickest and surest way ever yet discovered to conquer fear.”  We often create a comfort zone around us & start panicking when we have to get out of it. Maybe getting out of our comfort zone is the only way to move forward; still, we are afraid to do so.

Pushing ourselves into some uncomfortable situation is a great way to overcome our fears. We need to put ourselves in situations that intimidate us. Once we handle that, we will surely overcome the fear. Suppose you are afraid to be alone; go for a solo trip. The experience and the enjoyment you gain from the trip will make the fear vanish before you know it.

5. Make a Habit of Being Brave

Once you have conquered a fear within, don’t stop there. Analyze what more can be taken care of. Make a list of things that you are afraid of & go forward to deal with each of them. Start with the smallest one & continue to go up. Once you have gained victory over a fear, you will realize how much you were missing because of it. You will open yourself up to newer experiences.

6. Accept your past Failures

Most of us are afraid of our past failures. That feeling hangs on us like some ominous shadow & a sense of fear comes right out of it. We all have made some mistakes in the past, but we have gained experience from it & in the process, we have evolved as human beings.

Once we start accepting those failures, the urge to do right comes instantly. Suppose you are afraid to ride a bike because of a past accident you fractured your leg. Just accept you didn’t have the proper skill or knowledge to ride a bike or you didn’t pay attention to the road. With proper skill & training, start again.

7. Don’t go for Perfection

To overcome fear, start trying it like a novice. Don’t have any expectations from it in your mind. Do it with a sense of curiosity & don’t worry about the result. Learning not to review an outcome as good or bad will take the fear of failure out of the question. Instead of going for perfection, go for a scope to learn.


We all have various kinds of fears in our minds. There is nothing to be ashamed of. But a real courageous person is one who calculates the benefits of courage & takes necessary & proper steps to overcome the fears that are lurking inside. Real courage is not something dashing to fear blindly but accepting & analyzing the fear & going forward to win over it.

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