How Taking Initiative Can Change Your Life?

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Taking Initiative

What do you do when you have to start something from scratch? Will you approach an opportunity knocking at your door where everyone denies it? Well, it is all about taking initiative. Let’s see how it can change your life. 

We all have come into this world alone and depart alone one day. And this is the truth we need to accept.

After all, we are surrounded by illusions in the form of family, friends, and materialistic things. While everything is important until we are alive, no one will go with us when we depart this world. We all have to depart from this world alone.

This means that whatever we see in our family, personal, and professional lives is all temporary. All are just greed and illusion. The only thing that people may remember is our deeds or what we have done.

While all these things are facts, most people will still not do the things for which they are made. They just earn their daily livelihood, that’s it.

Most people lead such a life because they don’t take any initiative. Yes, you heard the right. Taking initiative is what decides someone’s quality of life.

Moreover, continue reading to learn more about the importance of taking the initiative.    

What does Taking Initiative Mean?

Taking Initiative

Before understanding what taking initiative is, let’s first learn what an initiative is. 

No matter who you are, what your caste, color, and creed, you can use initiative. An initiative is your ability to assess opportunities and initiate things on your own. If we simplify it, it is when you have a chance to do something and proceed with the same at your own responsibility.

If we further define initiative, it is taking charge of certain things before someone approaches. An initiative is something you are ready to go out of the box without worrying about what people will think about you.

Now you know what an initiative is. When you take action for an opportunity, you actually take an initiative. 

Why Don’t People Take the Initiative?

Take the Initiative?

Many people don’t take any initiative and live their life normally. You may be one of them. After all, there are many reasons for the same. Look at the below points to learn more.

  • It makes you alone.
  • You don’t want to leave your comfort zone.
  • You are afraid of losing your current value in the quest for new things.
  • You think about what the people around you talk about you.
  • You don’t want to keep yourself in the front.
  • You want to live like a follower.
  • You think a particular opportunity is not made for you.

There are so many reasons that stop you from taking a step toward an initiative.

But don’t forget that only two things will happen if you try something new. Whether it will transform your life physically, emotionally, and financially or teach you life lessons you can’t learn from the comfort of your home.

You will stand yourself out from the crowd. You will have a standalone identity. You will have everything from a name to fame to money.

How to Take Initiative in Life?

As discussed above, everything in this world is just an illusion and greed. If you think someone is responsible for you, you are wrong. You are responsible for whatever you do in your life. Whether you think about your future or sit idly at home, all is in your hands.

So, if you want to leave a mark of your name on this planet, follow the below steps and take the initiative.

1. Start small and start from your current situation

Instead of waiting and thinking to have all the resources and connections for a big start, you should start small with your current situation. Don’t wait to be a perfect person to take the initiative.

If you think you lack a skill or resource to start, take your time and deep dive into yourself. We bet you will find something unique in you that no one else will have in this world.

Forget about the latest trends and technology because you are just starting. You will be able to understand things on the way.

Overall, don’t underestimate the power of taking small steps. Think about that farmer who performs seed sowing on their farm and waits for months to harvest the final crop. So, be patient and take steps.

2. Forget about the immediate results

When you are on the way by taking small steps, you may wish to see results. There is no guarantee that you will have immediate results. But if you keep going, you will definitely find something. 

By forgetting everything from results to what people will say, you have to enjoy the process or your journey. If your journey is interesting, chances are higher that you will create big results.

3. Accept that challenges will come on the way

Remember that taking initiative is not about moving on the path of flowers. Certain challenges will come, you will stumble a little, and no one will be with you most of the time, but all these things are a part of the process.

Once you reach the final destination, all the obstacles will be over and that will be the time to celebrate. 

Final Thought

Taking initiative is like stepping out in a rain storm with no or few safety gear. There is no guarantee that you will reach your destination when you are in a storm. But if you survive that strong wind, you will become the robust person everyone dreams of being.

Just like that, no one can say that you will succeed when you move on with a new idea or a cause. But it is a guarantee that you will lead an adventurous life. And life is what it is an adventure trip.

Finally, we can say that you will have to be that person who creates their path, faces challenges, and achieves something big that impacts people’s lives.

That’s all.

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