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Ways to Stay Motivated

Our most underutilized resource in today’s competitive workplace might be our drive. However, what happens when you lack the motivation or the stamina to complete a job or even keep up with daily tasks? Where do you look for motivation when you need it? Since self-motivation is the source of all motivation, you must find it within. You need to customize a motivational speech so that it will speak to you personally because what keeps us motivated is as unique as we are. Your efforts will be more successful the more you know and comprehend yourself. Today in this post, we will discuss ways to stay motivated. So read on.

Why is motivation important?

It’s essential to be motivated because:

  • It gives you goals to work for.
  • It enables you to resolve issues.
  • It helps in breaking bad habits.
  • It helps you handle opportunities and difficulties.

What to do if you lose motivation

Although common failures, building resilience will enable you to move past them and resume where you left off.

To help you rediscover your motivation, consider the following tips to stay motivated:

  • Examine your goals to determine if they can be achieved in the time allotted.
  • You might need to divide your objective into more manageable, smaller goals.
  • Keep in mind the initial motivation or intent you set for yourself.
  • Take inspiration from others and let a book inspire you.
  • Speak with your mentor, as well as friends and relatives who have accomplished objectives that are comparable to your own.
  • Sometimes all you need to do is pause and restart.

8 Ways to Stay Motivated

1. Think about your impact

Sometimes all it takes to get motivated is to keep in mind the rewards for your workers. Pushing through can seem much simpler if you believe that you are improving someone’s life, even if that person is a total stranger.

According to Larry Page, the following motivates Google employees: “If you’re changing the world, you’re working on important things. You’re excited to get up in the morning.”

2. Consider your work in the context

Even the most ideal jobs have their share of difficulties and occasionally unappealing tasks that must complete. When this happens, it might be beneficial to remember that you worked hard to get where you are. Additionally, if you have future goals, achieving your current goals may set the stage for those goals.

3. Organize challenging jobs into manageable pieces

It’s unlikely that an author will stay an author or a sane person for very long if they attempt to produce a book by sitting down and declaring, “Okay, this is the day I smash out my complete work.” They would be better served by beginning with “I’m going to write this chapter’s introductory paragraph” or “I’m going to study my setting,” respectively.

This strategy works with various challenging tasks; the sooner you replace the impossibly large project in your mind with a list of manageable discrete components, the sooner you can start crossing things off and moving forward.

4. Step outside your comfort zone

Step outside your comfort zone

Sometimes feeling underutilized is the cause of a lack of motivation. To get out of a rut, you might need to find ways to attempt new things. It also applies to your coworkers, who could welcome a fresh challenge.

According to Marissa Mayer, formerly of Yahoo, “I think that’s how you grow”: “When you persevere through those moments when you wonder whether you can accomplish something, that’s when you make progress.” That may occasionally be a clue that something truly positive is about to occur. You’re about to develop and discover a lot about who you are.

5. Exude good vibes

To increase the excitement of your team, you may need to fake it until you make it at times. You can excite the people around you by adopting a let’s-make-this-happen attitude rather than merely rudely encouraging them to work more quickly. You may even discover that you become more motivated as a result.

6. Reward yourself and your colleagues

Ways to Stay Motivated

Provide yourself with something to enjoy. The rewards can range from modest pleasures, like a trip to the canteen for a fresh cup of coffee as soon as you finish sifting through emails, to more lavish extra expenses, like finally buying yourself that expensive pair of shoes you’ve been dreaming of as more quickly as you ship your current project.

Others can also use this. Send your colleagues flowers or buy them lunch after they complete all outstanding changes quickly. We have one extra thing to help you inspire those around you.

7. Be open to criticism

Whatever you’re working on, you want to finish it quickly and painlessly. However, whether you’re motivated or want to motivate others, you’re also curious about how the process could be improved.

Sometimes a boss or mentor can offer you that viewpoint; other times, a peer from a different background who would take a different approach can.

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, advises using this experience to learn: At some time in your life, you have to work with people where you feel a little nervous. It is crucial because it indicates that you are working with individuals who are more skilled than you and challenging you. You’re not pushing yourself if you genuinely feel incredibly confident in what you’re doing and are working at it.

8. Say Thank you

Those two words have a lot of good power. Whether someone politely provided a necessary referral or assisted in removing an odd intentional misspelling from your presentation, it’s essential to express your appreciation. Even the simple compliment, “Hey, you’re doing a fantastic job,” can give someone great ways to stay motivated.


Talking it through with a trusted friend or family member may be helpful if you’ve tried but failed to become motivated. When you’ve taken on a significant challenge, having a solid support system may be beneficial because it can sometimes be challenging to accomplish things independently. We hope you like today’s article about Ways to Stay Motivated and motivate yourself by applying our tips mentioned above.

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