Dream Bigger – 8 Ways on How To Dream Big

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Dream Bigger

There is an old saying, ” Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.” This is one of the Reasons you should dream bigger. We all have some dreams; we all dream about a more fulfilled, more valuable life. Some of us go near it but cannot fully achieve what we dreamed of. One of the reasons is that we start our lives with a 100% dream, and after struggles & compromises, it gets reduced to a mere 40%. That is why we should always Dream Bigger.

Importance of Dreaming Big

Dream Bigger

Dream big about what you want to attain. Dream big about the life you want to have & the differences you want to make. Dream big about the individual you wish to be. Dream big because you may surprise yourself. There is just no excuse not to dream bigger. Here are some reasons why you should.

1. Positivity Creates Drive

As per the wise words of Gautam Buddha, “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” When we dream big, we turn on our brains to begin to notice the changes & possibilities we hadn’t noticed before. As we continue seeing this support of our big dreams, the positivity we articulate brings even more connections and projections into our reality.

2. Your Focus Changes

When you pinpoint the tactics and tasks that will lead you to reach your dreams, you become aware of new ways of doing things. When you focus on finding solutions, you find them.

On the other hand, dreamers who keep their minds occupied with all the things that could go wrong as they work towards their goals happen to face difficulties & challenges. Sooner or later, they’ll give up. When you are dedicated to making your dream a reality, you focus on the triumphs & learning experiences that bring you more of the same success.

3. Hardiness After Failure

Failure is unavoidable, no matter how hard we work or try. It’s not something sought after, but when we fail as we’re dreaming big and aiming high, that’s failing forward. It’ll hurt for a moment, but you will get back up feeling more robust, tougher, and with more knowledge than you had before. We begin to realize the only absolute failure is in not trying at all.

8 Ways on How To Dream Big

Dream Bigger

Now that we have established some of the considerable importance of Dreaming Bigger, we will discuss how to do it. Dreaming bigger is not rocket science; anyone can do it. It is very much in our nature. We need to follow some steps to go after our dreams.

1. Start Believing in Yourself

You must have heard that song of Journey, “Don’t Stop Believin’, hold on to that feeling.” Make that your holy mantra. That’s why maybe the first step to developing a big dream is building more self-confidence. Remember when you have succeeded in doing something you wanted to. Watch if you can find examples of when things turned out even better than what you expected after you took action.

2. Overcome Fear of Failure

The fear is genuine. We must learn to do new things whenever we aim for something big. That isn’t very comforting. There is a chance of failure. That isn’t very comforting too. But it could change our lives forever. Therefore, following big dreams often requires developing a growth mindset or the faith that growth and learning are more important than success.

If we’re doing hard things, we will fail occasionally. To construct this skill, the goal is to do more complex things, fail a bit more often, & get more familiar with failure. Failure never really feels good, but it can stop being so intimidating with practice.

3. Use Mindful Imagination

Start by imagining various things, maybe being an executive at a big company, establishing your own business, living in a great place, traveling the world, or being a philanthropist. Just imagine many things you may have never thought about before. As you visualize, try to be mindful by paying attention to how your body feels during those scenarios.

You imagine that these scenarios are your life, so your brain, in reality, starts responding as if this were your life. Try taking note of any thoughts or emotions that come up. Becoming mindfully conscious of what you want is key.

4. Try To Find Some Meaning

A big dream without any meaning is entirely pointless. Consider these things while Dreaming Big, positive relations with others, Self-acceptance & autonomy, environmental control, personal growth & life purpose. When dreaming big, try to keep these aspects in mind to make sure your dreams will be meaningful to you and motivate you to act on them.

5. Set Your Goals Effectively

It’s well & good to have big, bold, meaningful dreams. But without setting a goal & taking action, these dreams will not materialize. So, once you have your big dream, think practically about it, and scrutinize it.

Think about the steps that are required to make it into reality. When you are clear about your dreams, you can see the steps you need to take to get them. By tracking these steps, you’ll have a better sense of the development you are making.

6. Start Taking Action

Dreaming, visualizing, and making plans all are fine, but without some action, they fall flat. If you get stuck on your way to your activity, it can be helpful to have an alternative action plan. It’s just a way to ensure we have alternative paths to follow to reach our big dreams. If the first path we try is blocked, we can still get our preferred goal.

7. Set a Time Schedule

Time flies. If you haven’t set a time frame on something, the hours, days, weeks, & months can quickly fly by you. Put a time frame on your big dream to keep yourself moving and responsible. The best way to do this is to set a start date & then work backward, setting specific dates to reach milestones.

8. Avoid Negative People

Many people will try to stop you when you are on the way to your big dream. They will say negative things & point out how it is too tough to attain. Keep a distance from these people; they will infect your spirit with negativity in their minds. Remember, you are a distinctive individual with the drive, motivation, & capacity to achieve your big dream.


Dreaming big is fine; dreaming big is necessary to develop ourselves. But remember the wise lines of Colin Powel, ” A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.” Dreaming big is the first step, then comes strategy to attain them & most importantly, precise action to materialize them.

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