Does Self-Improvement Kill Your Relationship or Save it? Know the Truth 

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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You all want to make yourself better through self-improvement. Also, many people have achieved a lot through self-development. You may also plan to transform your life by learning new things and adding new skills to your life. 

But have you ever thought it could harm your relationship? Have you ever thought it could disrupt your personal life? You may think what we are talking about. Because you only have heard that self-improvement benefits an individual.

While it is true that self-growth is the key to personal and professional transformation, you should not overlook the negative side of it.

After all, this is a complete guide to the impact of self-growth on your relationship. The impact can be positive or negative. Continue reading to learn more.

Positive Side of Self-Improvement For Relationships

Self Improvement

When it comes to personal growth, you should take every step with complete self-awareness. Your one wrong step can misguide you from your goal. Here you need to know how self-growth positively impacts your relationships.

You need to be clear that you can be in a relationship with anyone from your father, brother, sister, life partner, friend, or any other human being.

When you are in a relationship with any human being and want to pursue self-growth, you should be aware of some essential things.

Further, self-growth encourages you to learn new skills and increase your value. If you are facing a particular problem, you can consult with someone or learn a skill that helps you deal with the situation.

How Can Self-Improvement Heal Your Relationship?

By opting for the path of self-growth, you can solve significant problems in your relationship. This is because self-development teaches you to look at yourself instead of thinking about others. This teaches you self-awareness and self-acknowledgement. Self-growth makes you aware of your reality and what you need to do to improve things.

Below are a few tips that you can follow to bring happiness to your relationship.

1. Look at yourself

You don’t always have to think about others. It is good to feel a little about yourself or what you do as a human being. Instead of giving responsibilities to others, you should learn how to be responsible and help others.

You need to know how to respect others. When you respect others, you will be able to connect with that individual on a deeper level. Also, you will be able to build a sound communication system.

You should know that good communication is critical in a relationship. It helps you express yourself in front of others without any hesitation. Also, the individual on the other side is able to express their thoughts. 

2. Stop judging others

Do you have a habit of judging people? You should stop doing it now. Remember that judging others without looking at yourself deviates you from the path of self-learning.

Judging means you want to show that you are right and the person on the other side is wrong. So, instead of judging others, be a responsible person.

Try to find a solution to every problem instead of blaming someone. Sit with your family members and discuss how you all can find a solution to the problem.   

3. You get what you do

Do you believe that if you respect others, you get respect also? This is true that when you pass a good word to someone, the chances are you also get a good word in return.

The same thing comes true when you are in a relationship and expect to get positive and good things without sharing positiveness.

This means that if you want your partner to show interest in you, you also have to show interest in them. You will have to say good words to your partners if you expect to hear good words from your partner.

4. You see who you are when you stop blaming others

When you are in the mood to blame others, you block your self-vision. You restrict yourself from looking at your inner self and will not realize it even if you are on the wrong side.

So, you have to stop blaming others no matter what. Take the whole sole responsibility for whatever things happen in your life.

By doing so, you can locate the inner potential that you can channel later to multiply your capabilities.

The Negative Side of Self-Growth or Self-Improvement

You may wonder what the negative aspects of self-improvement are. While you hear everywhere that one should keep improving themselves, it can be a new thing to listen to the adverse side effects of self-growth.

After all, when you dive deep into self-improvement, you will experience several surprising things. One of the things that will surprise you is that self-growth kills relationships.

Let’s See How Self-Growth Kills Your Relationship

When you are in a relationship with someone, you make a deal about how you live your life.

For example, you may have decided to lead a low-spending life where you both agree to make limited spending on certain things.

After some time, you suddenly change your mind and tell your partner that you are going to live a life full of financial independence and increase your spending, and the sky’s the limit.

Doing so breaks the deal you made with your partner when you started your relationship. Also, you disrespect your partner’s feelings about what you promised them.

On the other hand, self-improvement becomes a curse when you become self-centric. You only think that you are right, and you involve yourself in improving your life by ignoring what you have decided to do with your partner.

You forget that you have someone who trusts you. You have someone who dreams of living a happy life with you.

Moreover, if you keep breaking the deals of your relationship in the name of self-improvement, it will disrupt your relationship, leading you to break up.


To sum it up, we want to say that don’t get involved in improving yourself in a way that you forget to value who loves you. Don’t get involved in your life so that you don’t have an idea about what is running in your family or the mind of your loved one.

As a human being, you should respect the feelings of others. You should respect the words you have told your partner.

Keep in mind that balance and adjustment are other names of life. You can save your relationship by balancing and adjusting things. 

This is how self-growth saves or kills your relationship.

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