Career Growth: What it is and Why it Matters

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Career Growth

Today, we will discuss possibly the most important thing after we start a career, i.e., Career Growth. Let us be clear about the definition of Career Growth. In Simple words, increasing, mounting, and maturing your career can be defined as career growth; it also comes with maximum professional satisfaction. Getting stuck in a dead end is not desirable to any of us. Career Growth ensures many things; let us think about What Does Career Growth Mean to You.

What Does Career Growth Mean To You

Career Growth

Apart from money & position, Career Growth means many things to various people. Such as:

1. Knowledge

To some people, gaining knowledge is one of the essential aspects of Career Growth. As you work & learn, your knowledge receives new inputs & nourishments. Becoming an expert in your field is the objective, regardless of your title or the number of people you command.

2. Salary

This is possibly the most crucial factor when discussing What Does Career Growth Mean to You. To many people, steady Career Growth means heftier paychecks. It works as a motivation; a higher position promises higher remuneration. That means more affordability, more savings & more security.

3. Title

Perhaps you want the corroboration of a fancy important-sounding title, regardless of the responsibility that comes with it. Many people consider a fancy-sounding title as a social promotion as well as a sense of importance & power in the organization.

4. Responsibility

With a fancy-sounding title comes the responsibility. Some people find their motivation in the newly imposed duty. They take it in the form of leadership. If you want to be in a position of authority, the title comes with the territory.

5. Success

Promising Career Growth is the most aimed thing. Our definition of success is tied to it. No one calls getting stuck in a blind lane success. Success is moving forward with a steady growth of career & fulfilling the aspirations along the way.

Now, we have established the meaning of Career Growth to most people. Let us find out some tips for this development too.

Tips To Improve Your Career Development

Career Growth

1. Set Goals Often

Set small, short-term goals frequently to stay focused on your professional development to improve your career. Setting attainable goals in the short-term prospect is essential because it takes time to develop the skills and experience necessary for ultimate success. You can use a planner, notebook, or some application on your mobile phone to track your advancement and document your experiences.

2. Ask For Feedback

As you move forward in the industry & gain new experiences, ask for feedback from your superiors & co-workers so you can understand your strengths and focus on areas that need to be improved.

Performance reviews can be a great chance to start a professional conversation with your manager and ask direct questions about how to develop your skills. You may also benefit from asking follow-up questions after meetings and presentations.

3. Use Company Resources

Many companies and organizations have an assortment of educational resources and learning opportunities, which they are ready to provide to any eager employee. Some companies may have a library or have access to some renowned library. Some companies may give interested candidates with management training programs so that they can hone their skills & knowledge.

4. Challenge Yourself

Improving one’s career needs time, obligation, and motivation. Challenge yourself often by setting & fulfilling short-term goals, carrying out investigative research, and learning new skills. Take yourself out of your comfort zone & see how well you do in a not-so-familiar situation. Try to gather knowledge & skills beyond your area of expertise; it will benefit your Career Growth.

5. Read More

Be a voracious reader. Read not only about the current industry or role you are in but also about the industries & functions you are interested in. No knowledge is excess. Nobody can tell you when & how you will benefit from your knowledge. Buy or borrow books & magazines, go to the library, and try to find an online journal. Grab any resource of knowledge around you.

6. Write Whenever You Get the Time

As you mature and expand in your professional life, it can be valuable to write often about your activities, thoughts, and ideas for the future. Noting down your achievements over time can help you gain confidence in your skills and offer opportunities to reflect on past experiences. Improving your career can take time, so it’s important to distinguish your strengths & weaknesses. Who can remind you about them but yourself.

7. Attend Workshops & Training Programs

Among the most crucial Tips to Improve Your Career Development, it is one of the best. Keep an eye on workshops & training programs relevant to your industry & visit them with a curious mind. They will provide you with the right piece of knowledge for your Career Growth.

Sometimes, companies arrange for workshops & training programs. Do not miss them. To learn about various jobs within your industry, try observing a professional with experience or search for a mentor to offer career advice and answer any questions you may have.

8. Communicate well

To boost your Career Growth, good communication skill is one of the best keys you can have. You have to be an effective communicator. You need to communicate with no words like “excuse me” or “Pardon” from your colleagues or superiors.

Moreover, If your manager has to ask you for a project report, you’re not doing everything you could have done. The idea is to enthusiastically communicate and let your colleagues & superiors know when a task is done and move on to what is left to do.


We know how much Career Growth matters to all. Still, some people get stuck in a blind lane because of the wrong tactics. We have to be very cautious about that. Here are some Tips to Improve Your Career Development. But you need to apply your instincts & eagerness first.

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