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Can Introvert Become Extrovert?

introvert become extrovert

Here comes the big question, “Can introvert become extrovert?” Science says…Yes, to a degree. First of all, we need to understand who is an introvert & who is an extrovert.

Introvert as per Cambridge Dictionary, means someone who is shy, quiet, and prefers to spend time alone rather than often being with other people. An extrovert is an energetic person who enjoys being with other people.

Some of us are introverts & some of us are extroverts. Sometimes, being shy or feeling tongue-tied in situations that demand to be active or vocal can be quite embarrassing and to some extent a big issue for us. Those who are introverts sometimes secretly think, “Wish I can be street smart like that person.”

Like many opposite traits, introversion and extraversion are on a gamut, and different people lie at different places along the gamut.

Some Introverts are certainly “more introverted” than others. And it often depends on the circumstances. It is very possible for an Introvert to have some extroverted tendencies, and to enjoy employing them in certain.

Reason for Introversion

Being introverted isn’t a choice or a consequence of something that happened to us. Sometimes it is genetic. Many people believe that being an extrovert against an introvert is due to their environment, but it is most likely due to genetic traits. An example of this is due to the genetic association of genes to stimulate alertness.

Introverts have more of this “alertness” instinct than extroverts do, meaning that they tend to dislike being in busy places and around many people. Sometimes, it is environmental. When a child grows up with the idea that their opinions are not worth sharing then that will convert to when they are older, making them more silent.

Introverts can be formed by the environment around them, whether that is from ordeal or viewing the way that their parents act and following their tendencies.

Another social impact that affects someone’s need to be introverted is following the patterns of their parents. As children, we learn our basic skills and belief sets with the help of our parents. Our language, our food, opinions, etc.

If a child grows up with mainly introverted parents and sees the pattern of them getting their energy by being alone, and taking time for themselves, they start to need that themselves. Being introverted develops over time and is greatly predisposed by the environment around them.

Now the question is, can it be classified? Yes, it can be classified into four categories:

4 Types of Introverts

1. Social introvert: They prefer a small group and enjoy being alone.

2. Thinking introvert: Thinking introverts are often genius types. They love to imagine, create, and storytelling to such an extent that they occupy much of their mental space, thus de-prioritizing other people as an unintentional effect.

 3. Anxious introvert: An anxious introvert can feel genuinely anxious in social gatherings and even when alone. An anxious introvert might truly suffer from social anxiety or a related anxiety disorder.

4. Restrained introvert: The restrained introvert simply doesn’t show their real self or opinions at first, but once they become comfortable to you, once you get their trust, they will be happy to place their life as an open book in front of you.

Can you switch sides?

Can an introvert become extrovert? Or, how to become more extrovert? It is like asking can you change your brown eyes to blue? Yes, you can always wear some colored contact lenses but underneath they will always be brown. It is not easy to change the hardwired traits that define your characteristics. But with practice & polishing, we can embrace the traits of being an extrovert.

6 Ways To Appear An Extrovert

1. Be Confident

If you are wondering can an introvert become extrovert, just remember you are not callous. You got your qualities, you got your ideas, and you got your inner strength. You are smart in your way. Stop to aspire like ‘that guy’. You and that guy are not the same.

Albert Einstein was smart, and so is Bill Gates. Now, if you ask Einstein to run a business, surely he will make a mess. If you ask Bill Gates to write a paper on Thermodynamics, he will make a fool of himself. Regardless, they both are smart in their respective fields.

2. Get out of your comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone is a stepping stone on the journey from being introvert to extrovert. Yes, due to some past trauma or bad experiences, we often create a protective shell around us. That allows us to be safe but it also alienates us from the outer world.

Try new adventures, try things you would never think of doing when you are tucked up safe inside your shell. Results will amaze you.

3. Participate

The world is a carnival, why are you missing all the fun? Go out, be a member of some active group. Participate in activities that appeal to you. i.e. hiking, music band, gardening, or even a book club. Cultivate the inner you & try to figure out what appeals to you most.

4. Communicate

Start communicating with your friends, and co-workers. That has never hurt anyone. Listen to them, and try to gather experience from their experiences. Lend an ear to them, if someone is in trouble, try to lend a hand or shoulder.

In that way, people will start trusting you, and they will open up more to you. Having someone’s trust is a good feeling, right? That is a good way of becoming introvert to extrovert.

5. Practice Smiling

As they say, the best thing to wear is a smile. Always meet & greet people with a smile, even if you are not on good terms with that person. You will find it does the magic & a smile can turn your worst foe into your best friend.

6. Read

You like reading, right? Instead of fiction focus on Books on Self Help. Authors like Dale Carnegie, John C. Maxwell, Paul Hawken, and Arnold Bennett have written many books that will inspire you to break out of your protective shell. Get Inspired. Start your journey from introvert to extrovert.


The question you have in your mind is Can an introvert become extrovert Let us address that. Being an introvert isn’t a crime, but isn’t helpful either.

You can’t be an extrovert overnight. However, it is not impossible to embrace the traits of an extrovert either. With some practice, willingness, and some small changes within you, you will come out as someone entirely different.

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  • Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD September 13, 2022

    I am wondering what is the research behind these recommendations. While it is true that modern societies have a strong bias for extraversion (e.g., it may not be beneficial for people to act against their authentic self (e.g. Furthermore, current personality theories (Big5, aka ocean) are not discriminating against introversion. (e.g. ), but tend to agree that diversity is necessary in thriving societies.
    Kind regards,
    Dr. Nina

    • Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD September 14, 2022

      First of all, I would like to appreciate you took some time to read my Article and provided a detailed viewpoint. I agree with your thoughts here. One thing I have learned, experienced & implemented in life is that if we analyze our authenticity and get to know how we can integrate our introvert personality with the positive aspects of an extrovert behavior, then we would definitely see some improvements in the upcoming days that would help to add grace to our success and growth.

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