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9 Ways To Stop Obsessing Over Someone

Ways to Stop Obsessing Over Someone

An obsession, especially one involving someone you can’t have, can be completely consuming, interfere with your daily life, and even trigger anxiety & melancholy. OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) & other disorders can sometimes cause obsessive thoughts. While some are the result of unmet wishes or a deep attachment to someone. This can be upsetting when the feelings are focused on a distant or unreachable person. Some Ways to Stop Obsessing Over Someone can be helpful in such cases.

Everybody has occasionally become fixated on someone. But have you ever become a stalker-like creep? Here are some steps you may take to salvage the situation if you have or are currently obsessing over someone.

Stop Your Obsession Today

1. See Them as They Are

There are causes behind why we become unhealthily obsessed with someone. You may think this person is fantastic; losing them would be pretty painful for you. You can believe they are the only person who can appreciate or love you.

They may be breadcrumbing you by sending you seductive but noncommittal messages, but because you’re fixated, you want to keep in touch with them or think about the relationship. In that instance, accepting someone as they are is the best way to control these intrusive & compulsive thoughts & sentiments.

You have to strive to see them as a complete person with flaws & faults because they presumably have attractive traits that initially caused the fixation. This might assist you in moving on & regaining your sanity. How to Stop Obsessing Over Someone before things start to go south?

Instead of focusing on the positive aspects, consider the entire picture, including conflicts or poisonous behaviors. Ask yourself, “Why am I so obsessed with someone I barely know?”

2. Distance Yourself

Distance is one of the excellent Ways to Stop Obsessing Over Someone. Put a barrier between you & the person you are obsessed with. This will help you establish an excellent mental separation.

At first, this could be difficult. But getting too close to someone you can’t have would intensify this toxic relationship. You’ll see that it gets simpler over time.

3. Don’t Feed The Obsession

A strong obsession requires nourishment. You may get a rush of pleasure when you think about or see that person since it satisfies your desire momentarily. But all you’re doing is igniting a fire that will destroy your own life. When it’s possible, try to avoid thinking about, discussing, or seeing them constantly.

In the event that they do, which they will unavoidably do, acknowledge the thought, kindly inform yourself that you have chosen not to partake in this at this time, & then engage in other activities to divert your attention until the notion has passed.

4. Learn To Laugh About It

Humor helps us see the bigger picture, among other reasons. If you discover that you can’t carry on a conversation without bringing up your unhealthy infatuation with a certain person, learn to laugh at it.

Be patient with yourself because this is a slow & steady process. A little distance between you & your passion can be created with humor and laughter.

It almost feels as though you are a spectator witnessing this obsession take place. Then, consciously decide to put distance between yourself & them so that your obsession is with you rather than with them.

This will also aid you in preventing obsessive thoughts about a new partner if you’re dating. Furthermore, it will make sure that you let go of a nearly unhealthy infatuation.

5. Distract Yourself

Distraction is one of the excellent Ways to Stop Obsessing Over Someone. You can discover that you neglect every other part of your life when you are experiencing a severe infatuation.

A little more focus could be helpful for the job, friends, & family. Consider using these as diversionary activities in addition to pursuing happiness in other spheres of your life.

Many people discover that starting over with a new career, moving house, or taking a trip allows them to put destructive obsessions behind them.

6. Live in The Moment

For many who battle obsessions, meditation is a life-changing practice because it helps them to be present, use their senses, & enjoy the world around them rather than dwelling on their thoughts.

Additionally, it aids in the development of coping mechanisms for unwelcome thoughts, such as recognizing their existence while tactfully shoving them aside & refusing to feed them.

This is helpful because, like with chocolate when dieting, it’s likely that if you tell yourself not to think about something, that’s all you will think about!

7. Gather Your Will Power

Block them on social media or purposefully avoid seeing them if you want to stop fantasizing about a girl or a boy you can’t have.

You should use every last bit of your mental capacity because it won’t be easy. But make it a point to divert your attention if these obstinate, obsessive ideas impair your judgment & place emphasis on your well-being.

Develop a love for yourself. Start a new pastime, pick up an old one again, or do a task you’ve meant to complete but have yet to have the chance to. It can be going on a solo vacation, picking up a new language, or riding the bike of your dreams.

Start engaging in your interests if you don’t want your fixation to rule your life. These are excellent strategies for How to Stop Obsessing Over Someone.

8. Stay Grounded

Try purposefully staying in the present if you notice someone else is showing indications of obsession. In order to be able to live in the present, it is not a good idea to encourage your compulsive behavior.

Get a reality check by looking in the mirror at yourself. Remind yourself of the obligations & personal goals you are neglecting when you are obsessing about someone.

Don’t forget to take care of your emotional & spiritual needs. Nothing is more lonely than that, so take a big breath & continue living your life even when it’s challenging. Take assistance when you require it.

9. Don’t Allow Their Opinion Define You

Why do we have an obsession with some people? This is a legitimate concern if you recognize the characteristics of an obsessed guy or woman in yourself. They may possess a particular appeal that makes what they say matter to you much more than it ought to.

Although you care what they think of you, trying to live up to their idealized expectations can be a bit hard.

Sometimes, your thoughts are preoccupied with the love-bombing stage of the relationship, & you fail to notice when it turns into emotional abuse. Someone emotionally unavailable might benefit from this, nevertheless.

If they know that their opinions impact you, they can purposefully say things to make you feel bad and see how you would react.

Avoid being a victim of such deceptive games. How can you quit meditating on the person who injured you? First, remember that you are not who they claim you are.

Some Indications of Obsession

Between true love & obsession, there is only a narrow line. And it is the desire to get someone by any means necessary in order to win. Even if it means letting go of them, if you are genuinely in love with someone, you would want to see them successful & happy.

However, an extreme sensation of possession that results in a very dysfunctional relationship also goes hand in hand with obsessive thought patterns.

Things get much worse when you are obsessed with someone who doesn’t want you back since it becomes obvious that you cannot handle rejection in love gracefully. Thankfully, there are some Ways to Stop Obsessing Over Someone. Here are some indications of obsession:

  • Disregard the boundaries & personal space of the person you love.
  • Despite their resistance, you keep trying to reach out to someone because you’re obsessed with them not responding to your text messages.
  • Attempting to have control over their daily lives, including who they work with, who they meet, & how they spend their alone time.
  • Even when they don’t share your feelings, becoming too jealous & possessive of this person.
  • Following their social media profiles for a while. This might cause the couple to have trust concerns.
  • When you’re fixated on someone, you keep looking for their approval & assurance that they feel the way you do.
  • Trying so hard to win their approval.


Q: Can obsession turn into love?

A: Love is not one-way traffic. The other person needs to share common feelings, too.

Q: Are there any ways to win over the person of my obsession?

A: You can confess your feelings honestly & see if they respond affirmatively.

Q: Is obsession truly a negative thing?

A: Too much obsession can cause mental disorders & not having the person can bring worse reactions.

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