9 Ways To Simplify Your Life

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

Ways to Simplify Your Life

Life might be too much at times. It’s working for you. Schedules, family members and friends, individual commitments—and then there are the tiny things—everything you have to do to maintain your well-being, concentration, and order. It quickly accumulates. If you’re not cautious, it might also result in feelings of overload and dissatisfaction. Thankfully, there are Ways to Simplify Your Life and feel more in control.

Although there are many advantages to living aboard a boat, it is certainly not for everyone. However, you can simplify your life no matter where you live or what you do. Simplifying your life is crucial since everything in it takes up space. You have limited space—mental, physical, and calendar—so make the most of it.

Simplify Your Life in These Simple Ways

1. Arrange Everything Beforehand

Planning everything is one of the Ways to Simplify Your Life. Among the main causes of our weeks sometimes feeling too much? without a strategy. It might seem overwhelming to consider all you need to get done abstractly. However, you’ll probably be able to complete everything on your to-do list with some extra time if you sit down, put it all in writing, and set out a specific time each week to work on it.

Put all of your time-sensitive obligations, such as deadlines and appointments, on paper to begin with. Then use other priorities to fill up the gaps. Almost everything may be planned, including working out, preparing meals, tidying up, checking emails, or making a phone call to a friend. You may even schedule time in your day to just unwind and do nothing at all.

2. Prepare Your Food Ahead of Time

How much time do you spend preparing meals for your family and yourself each week? It’s probably more than you would want. Even though preparing meals at home may be very fulfilling and tasty, it can also take a lot of time. It also adds up quickly since you have to eat every single day.

Meal preparation is an easier option, however. Invest some time at the beginning of each week to prepare your meals for the following few days, rather than spending an hour or more in the kitchen every day preparing breakfast, lunch, and supper. Prepare yourself for success by chopping vegetables, marinating meats, cooking a large pot of rice, or doing any combination of these tasks.

3. Declutter Your House

Your surroundings have an impact on your mental and physical health. Having too much stuff wastes your resources, whether you’re spending time hunting for lost objects, or you feel overwhelmed every time you open your wardrobe.

You feel more productive and energized in a clean, organized area than when you’re surrounded by mountains of dishes, piles of clothing, and stacks of paperwork.

You’ll feel lighter when you have less things to worry about. Additionally, you’ll be energized to take good care of the things you retain. Take one area at a time to declutter and see for yourself how much better you feel after getting rid of items you don’t need. Decluttering is an answer to How to Simplify Your Life.

4. Let Go of Negative Mental Habits

Negative thought patterns have a significant psychological impact. Relating to oneself negatively, holding onto the past, and ceding control are just a few of the negative behaviors that weaken your mental fortitude.

Eliminate superfluous noise and mental clutter. Create room for more constructive thought patterns, such as self-compassion, thankfulness, and reasonable self-talk. When you see yourself indulging in harmful thought patterns, pause, tell yourself that it’s not productive, and deliberately create a more sensible internal conversation.

5. Eliminate Toxic People

Elimination of toxic people is one of the Ways to Simplify Your Life. Negative individuals may take up a lot of space in your life, whether you have a relative who calls every day to whine about how unjust the world is or a buddy who sees a fault in every solution.

Setting appropriate limits is crucial, even if you shouldn’t exclude individuals from your life just because they are going through a difficult period. Even if you don’t spend a lot of time together in person, the amount of time you could spend worrying about a visit and the time it takes to recover after it can be draining.

Saying no or cutting connections completely might sometimes be the most compassionate thing you can do for both yourself and another person. Eliminating toxic individuals creates room in your life for the ones who matter.

6. Take A Break from Social Media

If you use social media often, you are aware of how time-consuming it can be. It may be a lot to juggle between keeping up with pals and trying not to miss any significant updates. And it may quickly become tiresome. In addition, it has the potential to elicit a wide range of negative emotions, such as jealousy, worry, and FOMO.

Use social media more purposefully if you want to simplify your life. Think about stopping completely, or drastically reducing it. It may have a profound impact. When you stop mindlessly scrolling through your feeds, you’ll not only be surprised at how much more time you have, but you’ll also feel better.

7. Remain Calm and Savor The Silence

To slow down, you don’t need any material possessions. Simply put, you work less and enjoy each task more. Breathe a little and allow yourself more room. Give everything some breathing room and enjoy the moments in between. Take note of and relish the times when there is silence. If necessary, establish calm times.

This slowness and spaciousness are a reward for leading a simple life, but they may also be a means to a simple existence. To simplify, slow down. Make a tangible note to slow down this week and discover what kind of practice it may be for you.

8. Practice saying “no” and establishing boundaries

Learning to say ‘no’ and setting boundaries is an answer to How to Simplify Your Life. Because we overburden ourselves, a lot of us experience overwhelm. We over-commit and overextend ourselves in an attempt to satisfy everyone in our life.

Perhaps a friend or relative is requesting assistance. Perhaps it’s your responsibility to ask if you can work an extra shift or assist on a different project. This is an excellent moment to tidy up your calendar. Saying “no,” standing your ground, and establishing boundaries can help you make this week easier and position yourself for success.

It may seem simple in principle, but it may be more difficult in reality, particularly if you’re someone who enjoys winning people over. However, it’s important to recognize your limitations and take into account your demands. Additionally, keep in mind that accepting something means rejecting something else.

9. Get Control Over Your Time

There is never more time to earn. It is the most important thing you have. However, it’s simple to squander time whining, aimlessly browsing social media, or holding out for things to happen.

Avoid living a busy life only to pass the time. Give up on activities that are a waste of your limited time. Make time for the most important things. But instead of concentrating on doing it, take some time to just be. Take a stroll, engage in play with the children, see a sunset, and just be present.

Why Life Becomes Complex

As you proceed through life, things get more challenging. the need to juggle a demanding schedule, a family, a job, bill payment, and a daily to-do list. Things start to pile up in your hearts, brains, houses, and schedules, and you start focusing more on the things you have to do than the things you want to do.

Sometimes it feels like life is hard and hectic. How wonderful it would be to sometimes press the pause button to take a moment to breathe deeply, catch up on domestic tasks, or finish your to-do list. However, it’s challenging to do that when you’re pulled in several directions, and it seems like everyone and everything is vying for your undivided attention. It’s not easy to simplify your life, but with these Ways to Simplify Your Life, it isn’t impossible either.


Q: Is living a simpler life a good thing?

A: Simplifying is essential since everything in your life takes up space. There is a limit to how much space you have in your body, mind, or schedule. Everything you possess, do, and come into contact with has a cost. Furthermore, amassing a large collection of items is expensive.

Q: Is being simple a talent?

A: One of the most important abilities you may have is the capacity to comprehend and absorb infinite complexity, reduce it to its most basic form, and then effectively convey that to others. This is a skill that can be cultivated over time.

Q: What is self-simplicity?

A: Self-simplicity turns into the clarity that gives your life purpose. It’s the elimination of what isn’t required. Finding out what matters most to you is the goal. The meeting point of minimalism and self-care is called self-simplicity. The result of beginning to concentrate on your inner self is simplicity.

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