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9 Ways To Practice Humility Throughout Your Life

Ways to Practice Humility

One of the many positive personality qualities that perform well in the business is humility. This post is for you if you’re wondering about Ways to Practice Humility or how it may help you build your reputation and grow in your job. Being humble is a quality that all professions may develop with practice.

Although some people are born with greater humility than others, humility is a quality that may be developed with effort. Being humble is not being conceited or haughty. Humble people are sometimes seen as timid, shy, or insecure. That being said, this is not a true description of a humble person. A modest person is often very self-assured, capable, and an excellent leader.

Tips For Practicing Humility

1. Listen More

Listening more than speaking is one of the Ways to Practice Humility. Please remember this advice if you take nothing else away from this post. To be humble, you must listen more than you say. You convey that you value other people’s opinions when you listen more than you talk.

If you are the person who spoke a lot about yourself and was quick to interrupt. But after many exchanges, you begin to see that nobody finds this meaningful. The other person has the opportunity to take center stage when you listen to them honestly and without interjecting. You’ll also discover that listening rather than speaking is sometimes the key to the greatest exchanges.

2. Do Not Pry

It’s unavoidable to hear rumors at work, on the soccer pitch, and at school. Drama that does not concern them is enjoyable to see. For them, gossip is a way to pass the time throughout the day.

Refuse to engage in this kind of dialogue. Those who are the subject of gossip suffer negative consequences, and it is not appropriate to discuss someone behind their back. Typically, people choose sides without fully understanding the situation. This conveys a feeling of dominance over a pointless circumstance.

Try to steer the discussion in a different direction the next time you hear someone gossiping. Attempting to divert the discussion might be ineffective at times. Regretfully, we are unable to compel someone to comply with our demands. It may be best to end the discussion and return at a convenient time.

3. Consider The Positive Side

Looking at the positive side of things is an answer to How to Practice Humility. In this life, we will be irritated by many things. Even something as basic as banging our toe on the door might make us miserable for the remainder of the day. In these circumstances, it’s advisable to exercise restraint.

Anger is a legitimate feeling that must not be suppressed otherwise it will only intensify. Acknowledging our current anger is the greatest method to handle minor irritations. Permit rage to overwhelm you. then inhale deeply a few times and attempt to find some humor in the circumstance.

Laughing at your suffering may seem absurd, but it will help you feel better. Truly, laughter is the greatest medicine. Furthermore, who can you laugh at if not at yourself? You may anticipate laughing with someone when you share a tale about a little annoyance rather than having them laugh at you.

4. Accept Disappointments

You can believe that everything is against you if you don’t obtain the huge promotion you were hoping for. Our perception of reality will slant, leading us to feel as if victory is unattainable in the future. Throughout our lifetimes, we will be disappointed in many different ways by life. 

Admitting that we may never get everything we deserve is unjust, but if we accept this setback as it is, we won’t be as upset as further disappointments slip through the cracks. While it’s OK to be disappointed, try not to let it change the way you see the world. Don’t let it overcome your feelings or cause you to give up on moving ahead.

If anything happens to make you unhappy, list all the occasions you were allowed to succeed in your mind. Getting a free prize from a raffle or simply making your sweetheart giggle are examples of that. Your level of pleasure is not measured by disappointment. To help you accept that life will disappoint you, go back to all the times it has given you something great.

5. Accept Some May Not Like You

Accepting the fact that some people may not like you is one of the Ways to Practice Humility. Many individuals have an overwhelming need to be liked. greater than in previous generations.

Likes and hearts are the metrics by which the vast social media network measures our lives. It may be terrible when we do not get the attention we want. However, don’t take it personally if someone says they don’t like having you around. Don’t try to win them over.

They could have good reasons, but we don’t need to know what they are. Furthermore, it won’t usually be related to you. Even while friendships come and go, it doesn’t imply that they were never important. New individuals come into and go out of life.

It’s important to cherish the time we now have with those who want to be in our lives and support our personal development. Make sure you are documenting your life when you post on social media. It’s harmful to seek other people’s approval and will only serve to inflate your ego or depress your self-esteem, so avoid posting solely to get likes on your posts.

6. Always Be Polite

Being polite is an answer to How to Practice Humility. Everybody has experienced circumstances with an unruly person. Perhaps it is a coworker. or an impolite person shouting at the clerk while we go about our own business and attempt to check out.

People will, regrettably, sometimes be impolite and attempt to agitate you. Include you. They will make fun of you and do their hardest to make you defend yourself. Keep this from happening. As an alternative, keep being courteous and friendly. This helps them get perspective and takes the wind out of their sails.

When people are nice to one another, they typically concede. Remind yourself that the other person is probably experiencing something we are unable to comprehend in circumstances such as these. Therefore, it’s better to keep being empathetic with them.

7. Be Grateful For What You Have

We often complain too much—regarding our lives, jobs, small apartments, and families. We often forget the fact that whatever we have right now is a dream to many. You may be hankering for a better life, that is quite normal. But consider the fact some people will feel lucky if they have whatever you have.

You may be unsatisfied with your job, but you must be aware that the recent pandemic has made many people jobless. You may get bored with the same meal every day, just think that almost 3.1 billion people don’t know what a four-square meal is.

If you hate your tiny apartment, just think about those civilians who lost their homes in war and those people who lost their homes due to earthquakes and spent chilly nights in a rescue camp. It is one of the best ways to Practice Humility.

8. Complement Others

How recently have you been complimented? We feel acknowledged when someone thanks us for anything we did or just says nice things about our attire. We are content. It has to always return the favor by making others feel valued as well. All it takes is for us to speak, and people will feel better about themselves.

Acknowledge and applaud those who have accomplished something. We are too preoccupied with pursuing our objectives to give our honesty to enough individuals in this society.

Aim to provide a compliment to one person every day. Both of your smiles and theirs will result from this. You should feel happy when you help others feel good about themselves.

9. Admit Your Mistakes and Apologize For Them

Admitting we are incorrect is one of the most humbling things we can do as human beings. This is a powerful humility attribute that many individuals still struggle with.

Admitting our mistakes may be tough since we don’t want to think poorly of ourselves. However, there is nothing wrong with owning up to our mistakes and offering our regrets. Make an effort to apologize when appropriate; people will respect your genuineness.

Recall that we shouldn’t expect others to be able to apologize as well as ourselves, even if we can. If someone doesn’t apologize when it’s appropriate, they should understand that we have no control over what they do and we can only hope that eventually, they’ll learn to say sorry when they’re wrong. Again, it’s not always easy to apologize. It is a vital way to Practice Humility.

Some Humble Celebrities

Some of our beloved celebs know Ways to Practice Humility and they practice it in their daily lives. Here are some humble celebrities:

Keanu Reeves: Many people think that one of the most modest celebrities alive is Keanu Reeves. And it means being aware of how to respond when supporters express their gratitude to him.

The well-liked actor recently bowed and knelt on stage to a standing ovation from the audience at an event in Brazil. He described the occasion as “very special,” noting that “the people here are very nice and generous.” The fact that people like John Wick here is great. Thank you very much for that.

Chris Pratt: Another star who has a heart for giving back is Chris Pratt. He often makes appearances at children’s hospitals to lift the spirits of the youngsters, sometimes accompanied by fellow superhero Chris Evans and wearing his Star-Lord outfit. Pratt clarified that he was motivated to spend time with newborns in the NICU by the early delivery of his kid.

Emma Watson: Emma Watson’s celebrity did not prevent her from forgetting that little gestures of kindness may brighten someone’s day. She thus has a practice of leaving books throughout London, sometimes accompanied by a scribbled message. She left around 100 copies of Maya Angelou’s ‘Mom & Me & Mom’ for people to discover on the London Underground in 2016.

Rupert Grint: The Harry Potter actor has always wanted to drive his ice cream truck around. He ultimately had his desire granted as an adult and chose to utilize it for charitable purposes as well. When Grint got to the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II set, he brought the actors and staff a big bag of ice lollies. In addition, he thereafter drove around nearby towns, giving out free ice cream to passing children.

Ed Sheeran: Even when he can’t attend fans’ weddings on the spur of the moment, Ed Sheeran still takes time to thank his biggest admirers. For a fan who is terminally sick, Sheeran recorded an emotional message and gave it to him on his special day.

Sir Elton John: The music star also enjoys using his fame and fortune for charitable causes; for many years, he hosted a White Tie and Tiara Ball. Numerous celebrities attended the event and gave millions of dollars to John’s AIDS organization.

Russell Brand: The comedian and actor cares about the homeless community; he often spends time with them, feeds them, and provides financial support. In addition, he has a reputation for lending his own homes to friends who are homeless while he isn’t residing there.

Sonu Sood: This Indian actor became the nation’s favorite during the pandemic days. He helped many who got stranded in lockdown, to get back to their homes. His good deeds haven’t stopped to date. He is very active in X (formerly Twitter), if someone is in distress, he always goes forward to help them. His fans also founded a team to find people who are in need and help them.


Q: How to be polite if someone is constantly pushing me?

A: If you are impolite to counter impoliteness, it will be like trying to douse fire with fire. If someone is pushing you, ask them about it and civilly discuss the issue.

Q: Are there any books on humility?

A: Many books can be found on this topic, such as:

  • Humility: The Secret Ingredient of Success by Pat Williams.
  • Humility: True Greatness by C.J. Mahaney.
  • Humble Roots by Hannah Anderson.
  • The Blessing of Humility by Jerry Bridges.
  • Humbled by David Mathis.
  • A New Heart: Eleven Qualities of Holiness by Robert Morneau.
  • Be Nobody by Lama Marut.
  • Humility Matters for Practicing the Spiritual Life by Mary Margaret Fun.

Q: What makes humility difficult?

A: Humility may be difficult for a variety of reasons. Certain individuals may have difficulties with humility as a result of cultural influences that prioritize personal growth and self-advertisement. Additionally, it might be challenging for people to embrace humility due to personal anxieties or a need for approval and attention.

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