9 Ways To Heal A Broken Heart

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Ways to Heal a Broken Heart

Everyone has experienced heartbreak, which is characterized by severe emotional misery and agony. Although many individuals link the termination of a romantic relationship to a shattered heart, heartbreak can be caused by many factors. Bereavement, job loss, career transitions, and the loss of a close friend may all leave you feeling devastated and like nothing will ever be the same. It cannot be avoided; it takes time to mend a damaged heart. However, there are Ways to Heal a Broken Heart and assist yourself while you recuperate.

Broken hearts need care and attention just as broken bones need. You have to treat your sorrow with the same care, rest, and physical treatment that you would a broken limb. It will need time, support, new experiences, and the processing of challenging emotions.

Tips To Heal A Broken Heart

1. Embrace Your Emotions

Recovering from heartache requires being present and experiencing all of your feelings, highs, and lows, even if it’s easier said than done. The grief will only become worse if you pretend everything is well.

Seek assistance from a therapist or join a support group that addresses breakups, sadness, or loneliness. Recall that experiencing emotional fluctuations is a common occurrence.

You’ll be a jumble of contradictory feelings; you might feel guilty or furious one moment, then sad the next. These conflicting feelings are common. Not simply sorrow, but guilt feelings also often take control.

As a result, we are too busy attending to a feeling of guilt and pressure from both within and outside of ourselves to take the time to recognize the pain. This is one of the Ways to Heal a Broken Heart.

2. Just Accept Accountability & Responsibility For Your Own Actions

Stopping your responsibility for the other person should be your next move. This is quite typical, and one spouse might often assume responsibility for everything, even the pleasure and sentiments of their partner. “Maybe they would still love me if I did X, Y, or Z” is one of the ideas that results from it. Alternatively, “Maybe they would return if I dropped ten pounds.”

Nope. In actuality, this is a codependent relationship. Since the two of you are the people who initiated the connection, you are solely responsible for your conduct, and they are responsible for theirs.

Recall that the partnership is a cooperative one, therefore maintaining the connection shouldn’t fall solely on your shoulders. Jot down whatever you believe falls within your purview in a partnership. Examine each one individually and consider if you should truly handle it yourself or whether your partner should do it.

3. Look into Your Own Eyes

Looking into your own eyes is an answer to How to Heal a Broken Heart. Are you implying that you are unworthy or inadequate? What are your thoughts regarding the breakup telling yourself? More than likely, these stories—rather than the breakup itself—are the source of your anguish over it.

We hear the story “I’m not enough” or “It’s not enough” quite a bit. Furthermore, it often happens that these emotions of “not enoughness” manifest themselves in other areas of your life.

Recall that we have been conditioned to believe that we are insufficient. This is the foundation of advertising. Only if you drive the proper automobile will you feel fully realized. Only if you dress appropriately will you be admitted. To fit in, you have to have what everyone else has.

Our parents instill this in us as well. We may have received a B in mathematics at school. “Well done!” our parents exclaim. “What can you do to receive an A the next time?” This is interpreted by our mind as “A ‘B’ is not enough”. This enters your narrative and begins to occur in all areas.

Examine the narratives you tell yourself to determine what is true. Do you think that individual didn’t have enough of you? Or is it that, despite your best efforts in that circumstance, your partner wasn’t prepared for a committed relationship?

You may start telling yourself a different story—one that is based on what is happening—once you begin to see reality. Healing starts with rewriting the narrative to reflect the truth. This is why you can only cure yourself by learning more about yourself. Time cannot heal you.

4. Keep Yourself Occupied

After a heartbreak, we often recall that incident. That makes us even more miserable. Keeping yourself occupied is one of the Ways to Heal a Broken Heart. Being occupied while you are at work isn’t tough. You have your work, presentations, meetings, and chatting with colleagues. It can be challenging while you are alone at home. Old memories crowd your mind and make you miserable.

Listening to songs may not be effective as some songs may remind you of your past experiences. Pick up a book of your choice. It may be fictional; it may be non-fictional. It may be a murder mystery, horror, comedy, or inspirational book. Read anything of your choice.

Gaming is another way of keeping yourself occupied. If you don’t own a console, install it on your phone or your PC. Assume the persona of a fearless soldier in WWII, a warrior of ancient times, an assassin of the 17th century, or a commander of a space army. If you are not into action games, there are racing, RPG, and strategy games. They will keep you occupied.

5. Focus on Yourself

This is not the time to be in agony over every action your ex makes; rather, it is a time for introspection. Don’t worry about what the other person did or how unjust or incorrect it was. We fail to recognize our part in the split when we place an excessive amount of attention on the other person.

Every party involved in a split has some degree of responsibility for the situation. When we see, we may get over the suffering more quickly.

6. Have New Hobbies

You should welcome new experiences since this is a new beginning. Breaking up, however heartbreaking, may also be an opportunity for rebirth.

Taking up new interests, enrolling in courses, or relocating to a different place may all be a means of rejuvenating oneself and facilitating ongoing personal development. During transitions, it’s a good idea to assess your requirements and if they were satisfied in your previous relationship.

It’s typical for couples to share interests in hobbies. Those activities might become bitter flashbacks to the past after a breakup. Getting into a new habit or moving to a new place may be quite beneficial for healing after heartbreak. With your relationship blinkers on, you may not see these doors or interesting new paths during this reflective moment.

7. Take A Short Break

Taking a short break from your daily life is an answer to How to Heal a Broken Heart. Apply for a leave in your office, pack your bags, and set out for your journey.

You don’t need to plan every detail of the trip, even the destination. Go to a train station, see which train takes you farthest, get a ticket, and hop on it. Soak into the spirit of adventure. The train may take you to a remote village with no cell service. Explore the area, find a hotel, and spend some lazy days there.

You may be eager to know more about the tribe living at the top of the mountain. Visit them, try to learn about their culture and lifestyle. Maybe you always wanted to see the pyramids. Book tickets to Giza, book hotels, and set out.

If you are short on funds, stay at home doing absolutely nothing, waking up at 10 o’clock, and roaming the entire day in your pajamas. Streaming your favorite movies while sipping cold drinks & munching popcorn sounds alluring, right?

8. Have Some Compassion

You may learn a lot about someone else by their actions and interactions with you, not about yourself. So, let’s use the example of a supervisor who is volatile and critical. Imagine someone who is always critical of others, nitpicks, and has high expectations for herself. It reveals nothing about their employees.

However, it provides you with a wealth of information on the kind of abuse, criticism, and unfavorable behavior this individual experienced as a youngster. That’s what, after all, shaped who they are now.

So, picture that individual as a youngster. See what they endured to shape the grownup you are familiar with. As such, you can feel a great deal more empathy for them.

What if your ex was incapable of expressing love, didn’t take pride in showcasing your union, and consistently asked for more than they were prepared to provide? Speculate on the kind of upbringing they experienced. It was not going to be enjoyable.

It’s easier to let go of an ex if you can view them as the kid they once were, rather than the nasty conduct they may have developed after. You’ll come to understand that their actions towards you are about them, not you.

9. Allow Yourself To Move Forward

After a breakup, a lot of individuals feel compelled to punish themselves by feeling guilty, ashamed, or frustrated. They are unable to proceed as a result. You don’t have to be harsh with yourself. Nothing is wrong with you.

As a person, you entered that connection to love. It’s very remarkable about you. However, to proceed, you must permit yourself. If you don’t, it will be quite difficult for you to eventually enter the fulfilling relationship you deserve.

 Recall that the breakdown of a relationship says nothing about you. It does not imply that you are unlovable. It just indicates that, for whatever reason, the two of you weren’t a good fit. Thus, there’s a good chance that you and the next person are meant to be.

Some Movies To Heal The Broken Heart

Movies are one of the excellent Ways to Heal a Broken Heart. There are many soothing, feel-good movies to watch if you are suffering from are broken heart. Here are some of them:

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Streaming on Netflix, Prime Video.
  • Marriage Story: Streaming on Netflix, JustWatch.
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Streaming on Netflix, Prime Video.
  • Waiting to Exhale: Streaming on Prime Video, Disney+.
  • The Holiday: Streaming on Netflix, Prime Video.
  • The Souvenir: Streaming on Netflix, Prime Video.
  • Blue Valentine: Streaming on Netflix, Prime Video.
  • Gone Girl: Streaming on Netflix, AppleTV.
  • (500) Days of Summer: Streaming on Prime Video, Disney+.
  • Crazy, Stupid, Love: Streaming on Netflix, Prime Video.
  • Legally Blonde: Streaming on Netflix, Prime Video.
  • The Wedding Singer: Streaming on Prime Video, JustWatch.
  • La La Land: Streaming on Netflix, Prime Video.
  • Birds of Prey: Streaming on Netflix, Prime Video.
  • The First Wives Club: Streaming on Netflix, Prime Video.


Q: My ex wants to be us ‘just friends’. Would it work?

A: Staying in touch with your ex will never help you to heal.

Q: How long does it take to heal a broken heart?

A: It varies from mental strength and severity of the injury. Just a wound can take three days or three weeks to heal, depending on the physical stature of the person.

Q: I feel I am going into depression because of my broken heart. What should I do?

A: Try to manage the depression. You can talk to a counselor or therapist.

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