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9 Ways To Deal with Rude People

Ways To Deal with Rude People

There is an old saying: Expecting people to treat you nicely because you are a nice person is like expecting the lion not to eat you because you are a vegetarian. We deal with impolite or disrespectful individuals regularly. It may be someone you interact with every day at work, school, the university, or even your house, or it might be a total stranger you met at the neighbourhood store. You need to know the Ways to Deal with Rude People.

Any kind of rudeness is unacceptable, including offensive language, a dismissive attitude towards you, or a discourteous manner. Ultimately, it is up to us how we respond to actions that are unwelcome or deemed impolite in any kind. Here are some strategies to handle someone who treats you rudely.

Tips For Dealing with Rude People

Ways To Deal with Rude People

1. Examine The Reason For The Conduct

If someone is acting rudely, you may want to attempt to find out what is making them act that way. It’s possible that they are dealing with a job-related problem or that a stressful incident in their personal life is impacting them and harming their performance at work.

If they are going through a difficult time, you may be able to provide them with some helpful advice. Recognizing their predicament will enable you to sympathize with them and provide assistance to that person.

2. Try To Find Whether Others Have Experienced The Same

One of the Ways to Deal with Rude People is to check with others if they have had the same experience. If you think someone is being rude, you may want to find out what other people think of them. The person’s actions may be affecting the whole atmosphere if they have also seen that the person is acting in a damaging way.

They could also be able to assist by guiding how to handle impolite individuals. If you discover that you are the only one who is offended, you may want to think about whether you are exaggerating the situation or misinterpreting what they are saying.

3. Break The Cycle

Breaking the rudeness cycle is a solution to How to Deal with Rude People. Rudeness has the potential to spread like a disease if you let it.

One disrespectful act may easily lead to other rude ones, which can spread ill tempers and inappropriate behaviour in their wake. It’s easy to see why this happens. You’re angry and disappointed when a rude motorist cuts you off on your way to work.

You take your negative feelings out on your coworkers if you find yourself becoming irrationally angry with them. Your coworkers become agitated, grumpy, and hurtful to other people. And so forth. You have the power to stop the disrespectful loop and halt the adverse situation. When you show a little empathy, rudeness might be lessened.

4. Lighten The Situation Using Humor

Humour is one of the Ways to Deal with Rude People. An unpleasant and difficult person may make others and themselves feel stressed and anxious. Recall that their disrespectful behaviour is probably a result of their being upset or furious about anything. Everyone can have a pleasant time off by using hum ours as a diversion and stress reliever.

You may do this by learning how to laugh at a situation that most people can relate to or by laughing at something universal. Self-deprecating hum has the potential to be disarming. Everyone may need to click the reset button or begin again on a more positive note if they can find a way to add a little humour when they’re feeling down.

5. Limit Your Interactions With Them

If a person’s rudeness is getting to you, you might decide to stay as far away from them as you can. It could be difficult since you probably work or live close to them, but if you just interact with them when absolutely required, you can lessen your bad emotions.

You will be able to concentrate better on your life and work, approach your job with more positivity, and interact with more helpful, kind people if you distance yourself from nasty individuals and their circumstances.

6. Let The Other People Know Of Their Rudeness

Simply calling them out on their behaviour and pleading with them to cease is another solution to How to Deal with Rude People. You have to deal with the situation right away if you are unable to let go of someone who consistently makes you feel bad. You have no right to put up with someone abusing you nonstop.

Talk about the situation that is occurring. Does the individual know how annoying their actions are to you? Maybe the individual doesn’t realize how rude they are being. Bringing this to the person’s attention enables them to apologize and make an effort to be fair.

7. Reframe The Situation

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) coined the phrase “reframing,” which refers to seeing a situation from a new angle or point of view, or essentially “putting a different frame around it.” You can begin to feel unworthy or lose confidence in yourself, for instance, if you believe someone is purposefully ignoring you and acting rudely.

Rephrasing this would entail asking yourself if the person is truly ignoring you, or if it’s more likely that they are simply in awe of you and find it difficult to communicate directly. Alternatively, it’s possible that they are simply having trouble with social skills and are not being rude at all, but rather are dealing with a personal issue.

8. Politely Let Them Know You Didn’t Like Their Behavior

Let them know you don’t like their behaviour and will not tolerate it, no matter what. Use politeness and strength to convey your message. Also, let them know they shouldn’t cross their limits. They will not feel nice if you cross your limit and are trying to avoid that situation.

Let them know instead of being rude, you are handling the situation maturely and you expect the same amount of maturity from the other person. If they can’t show the same, this thing might turn into an ugly fight as everyone has a limit to their patience. That will portray both in a bad light.

Therefore, acting maturely and rationally is a much more acceptable solution.

9. Stay Calm

Having the room to respond to something thoughtfully instead of in a “knee-jerk” manner is the key to a great deal of emotional control. You might take a moment to calm yourself and plan your reaction by counting to ten slowly and taking several deep breaths.

“Is it worth getting upset about, or can you let it go?” is the following question. To prevent things from becoming worse and becoming a slanging match, try to lead by example in terms of your own emotional control.

Although emotions are very essential, we are not arguing that having them is bad. However, there are always more considerate methods to communicate emotions that may not be as harmful to the person receiving them.

To convey emotions in a manner that others notice but don’t see as impolite is the aim of an emotionally knowledgeable person. Therefore, examine how emotionally intelligent you may be in response if you encounter someone you believe to be impolite.

Rudeness Vs Bullying

Rudeness is usually more visible than bullying. It usually manifests itself in the form of passive pursuits like:

  • Excluding someone from an important conversation.
  • Not sending out invitations to anybody.
  • Disregarding a question or remark presented by a meeting participant.
  • Fellow members get no recognition.

Conversely, bullying is usually overt and intentional. The offenders often exhibit hostility. It’s quite likely that they will select one person to get their hate mail. Their actions create an imbalance of power, which makes the victim uncomfortable speaking out. If interpersonal conflicts remain unaddressed, rudeness may turn into bullying.

Additionally, it may negatively affect cloud decision-making and creativity. You could also feel pressured into reacting unpleasantly because you have no other option. Because of this, it’s imperative to stop bad behaviour before it spreads. One must know the Ways to Deal with Rude People.


Q: More than one colleague is being rude to me, what should I do?

A: If you are having rudeness from more than one person, try to figure out the issue and the reason behind their behaviour by talking to them.

Q: What to do if the rudeness is coming from a family member?

A: Communication is the key here. Try to communicate with them and figure out the real problem.

Q: Can’t rudeness be addressed with rudeness?

A: It will keep the rudeness cycle running. You can’t douse a fire with diesel.

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