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Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Ways to Deal with Feeling Empty

We all occasionally experience that gnawing feeling of emptiness. This emotion could strike us out of the blue or develop as a result of an event in our lives. At such times, we must look for Ways to Deal with Feeling Empty.

This sense of emptiness might impact our mental health & well-being when it appears regularly. Or we haven’t given ourselves enough time to ponder the root of our feelings.

However, most of the time, it is manageable, & being aware of how to handle these emotions is an important first step towards feeling upbeat and happy.

Combating Feeling Empty is Not as Difficult as it May Seem

Ways to Deal with Feeling Empty

1. Establish Your Spiritual Practice

The ability to communicate with your soul is not a new, ambiguous, or singular experience. This practice is really serious. It is a daily routine that one should make a lifelong commitment to.

To profit the most, you must make an effort each day to reflect & inwardly turn. And when we talk about the advantages, we mean everything from minor advantages to paradigm-shifting, mind-blowing, & spiritual experiences.

We advise trying out several techniques that you feel at ease with first. These could range from more esoteric techniques to popular spiritual practices. Your need to investigate what “soul” feels like is the essential point.

2. Consider How Are You Feeling

Spend some time thinking about some of the feelings you are experiencing right now. You should record these in a daily or weekly journal.

Along the process, ponder these questions for yourself:

  • Why are you feeling this way today?
  • Do you now face a particularly trying time?
  • What particular circumstance made you upset today?

Putting things together & drawing links is one of the helpful Ways to Deal with Feeling Empty.

3. Seek Self-fulfillment

Start looking for what will satisfy you emotionally, psychologically, & spiritually. You will need to examine yourself & perhaps disregard everything that has ever been said to you about who you “should” be in order to do this.

Discovering self-fulfillment is entirely up to you. Nobody can hand it to you effortlessly. You need to discover what makes your heart sing & what ignites your soul.

In order to avoid feeling empty & unfulfilled, you must take the necessary actions, make the necessary goals, and put forth the necessary effort.

Keep in mind that you control your own fate. You’ll probably feel better as soon as you begin living proactively.

4. Recognize & Embrace Your Emotions

Feeling & actively accepting our emotions runs against all we were taught as children. Because of their fierce intensity, certain emotions, like rage and grief, are avoided & generally feared.

Usually, these feelings are suppressed & expressed through activities like athletics, binges, workaholism, or relationship problems.

Catharsis is a potent & beneficial method of releasing your emotions. When performed in a private, safe setting, catharsis is incredibly empowering. Intense physical activity, screaming, dancing, laughing, & crying are a few examples of catharsis.

Keep in mind that our emotions are not there to be “fixed” or “cured.” For the rest of your life, you will be unable to get rid of your wrath, envy, or grief.

These feelings are common & a natural aspect of being human. We can, however, develop the ability to let them pass through us without grasping onto or dramatizing them.

Feeling empty won’t be an issue for you anymore once all emotions are allowed to flow through you since life will start to come to life once more. That is one of the Ways to Stop Feeling Empty.

5. Make Some Objectives

Having goals can give us a fresh feeling of motivation & purpose. A recent study emphasized the importance of professions, a sense of purpose, & identity strength as critical factors that may lessen the severity of chronic feelings of emptiness.

Having life objectives might be beneficial in all of the aforementioned areas. Setting some straightforward, attainable goals can help give your life a sense of purpose. 

6. Have A Vacation

Changing the setting for a short while is one of the excellent Ways to Deal with Feeling Empty. Apply for leave, pack your bags & hit the road. Yes, it is easier said than done, but having a vacation can help to wash off the negative emotions, stress & anxiety triggering that empty feeling inside.

Plan a trip with your partner, family, friends, or solo. On a group trip, you will be with your loved ones, leaving little or no room for negative emotions or vibes.

In solo trips, the sense of adventure & rush of adrenalin you will get can’t be bought with money. If you are feeling empty, spread your wings & fly.

7. Try Grounding Exercises

When you’re feeling empty, grounding can be a really effective technique. A sense of solidity & sensibility in all things, but especially in our ideas & emotions, is what it means to be grounded. Life tends to interfere with our ability to remain rooted, focused, & in the moment.

Our work, friends, family, & perhaps even our thoughts can be stressors that prevent us from finding peace of mind. You may discover a variety of grounding exercises online. These frequently center on breathing exercises, & they make use of your senses to help you feel more aware.

8. Create A Support Network

As much as we like to tell ourselves we are, we are not islands. We are social organisms at our core as humans. To be emotionally & psychologically healthy, we require social interaction, consideration, & support.

Finding others is one of the finest Ways to Stop Feeling Empty. Find people who share your thoughts and/or who are dealing with comparable issues. You could potentially endure much less misery if you realize that a lot of what you go through is something that all people go through.

Building a support system doesn’t have to be or appear ideal. You can manage your empty sensations with the assistance of even one or two others. If you don’t know where to start, join a community or page related to emptiness or despair on a social media platform.

9. Establish Your Sense of Self

Having a poor sense of oneself can both lead to and result in feeling empty. Without a strong feeling of self or unity, we float through life being tossed from side to side. We must have a healthy ego because we can utterly not function in this world without it.

As a result, having a fragile sense of self is similar to being a nomad without a place to come home to; as a result, feeling empty is frequently a side effect.

The lowly snail, which carries its shell (ego) about as a sort of protection & shelter, is a good metaphor for how we should behave psychologically. It is the best method for Ways to Deal with Feeling Empty.

Some Common Reasons for Emptiness

To get over this emotional state, you must first understand some of the causes of these empty feelings. You are the only one who genuinely understands the solutions. It is crucial to investigate, even though this might be challenging, because it may be the result of several factors. 

This feeling frequently results from things happening in the world around us, such as:

  • Hormone levels changing.
  • A job loss.
  • Loss of someone close.
  • End of a relationship.
  • Other challenging circumstances.

A common reaction to difficult situations in our lives is a sense of emptiness. According to specialists, the limbic system can get overstimulated with stress chemicals, which can lead to feelings of emotional numbness.

In fact, these sensations might be a crucial indicator that something needs to change because your body is stressed out. Figuring out the cause of that empty feeling is one of the most vital Ways to Deal with Feeling Empty.


Q: What are some common effects of feeling empty?

A: That feeling of emptiness may cause several things, including:

  • Confusion.
  • Lack of motivation.
  • Loss of energy.
  • Inability to take a decision.
  • Self-doubt.
  • Loss of confidence & many more.

Q: How long can this period go on?

A: It varies from person to person. Some manage the situation quickly, while some struggle to shake that feeling off.

Q: Some past trauma is causing me this sense of emptiness. What should I do?

A: If you talk to some professional, a counselor, or a therapist, they can help you.

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