9 Ways To Become More Approachable in The Workplace

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

Ways to become More Approachable

Being approachable is having the capacity and aptitude to make others feel at ease enough to come to you, ask questions, and seek advice and assistance. By being personable, you may give the impression that you are amiable, pleasant, and easy to talk to your coworkers. Your staff will feel empowered to voice problems and emphasize the good aspects of your company, which is especially crucial for those in management roles. There are some Ways to become More Approachable.

Having a kind demeanor can also encourage others to shine. Your staff may showcase their abilities and express themselves by fostering a good atmosphere. It’s important to constantly be aware of how you affect those around you. Your looks and body language can have a big impact on how approachable you come across. You may make them feel more at ease by smiling and maintaining an open stance.

Tips For Being More Approachable

Ways to become More Approachable

1. Have A Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude is one of the Ways to become More Approachable. It is crucial since adopting a positive self-perception will alter your behavior, thoughts, and interpersonal interactions. You’ll naturally be kind, considerate, and respectful to other people. Together, they will help you come across as friendly.

When things aren’t going well, it might be challenging, but it’s necessary if you want to strengthen your bonds with your team and accomplish the goals you set for yourself.

Concentrating on your strengths is one of the finest strategies to cultivate a happy outlook. You’ll make progress and succeed in areas where you previously faltered when you concentrated on your strengths. In the end, it will help you cultivate an optimistic outlook.

2. Smile

A welcoming smile may make someone feel at ease. When at a business function or the workplace, keep your grin genuine and warm. Make sure to smile larger when you acknowledge someone by making eye contact. Other occasions to smile are:

  • When you first meet someone.
  • If the person you are speaking or staring at is smiling.
  • When someone makes a funny comment.

Think about activities that bring you joy to help you practice smiling naturally when you say goodbye or leave a gathering or discussion.

3. Be Empathetic

Practicing empathy is an answer to How to be More Approachable. The capacity to comprehend the needs of others and to be aware of their thoughts and emotions is known as empathy. It is an essential ability for successful leadership and may foster stronger bonds between you and your coworkers.

Try to see a problem from another person’s point of view and respond compassionately to demonstrate empathy. Actively listen, be present, and express genuine curiosity in other people.

4. Don’t Shy To Admit Your Failures or Insecurities

Leaders must be open and honest about their mistakes and fears. Your team will be able to rely on you for assistance during difficult times as a result of your ability to establish credibility and trust with them. When you communicate with your staff openly and honestly, they will see you as a person rather than a boss.

It gives them the freedom to take chances and decide what’s best for the team as a whole. It’s also critical to be honest with them about your ideas and opinions so they can provide insightful criticism. Making yourself accessible and friendly will encourage your staff to report to you with success and encourage them to stay on board in the event of a setback.

5. Admit and Accept When You Don’t Know Something

As the team manager, you have to learn to be patient and accept when you don’t know anything. In most circumstances, it entails contacting your team and requesting assistance. Someone on your team is more than willing to help if they know a little bit about the topic.

Together, you may swiftly get up to speed on the matter and arrive at the best possible conclusions. It is crucial for choices that affect the morale or output of the team. Your approachability is favorably impacted when you approach your colleagues with your concerns or deficiencies since it encourages them to come to you as well. This type of behavior is one of the Ways to become More Approachable.

6. Seek Feedback From Your Team Members

You must continuously seek input from your team and others in your immediate vicinity if you want to be an approachable boss. It will assist you with identifying your areas of weakness and putting the appropriate steps in place to strengthen your interpersonal and communication abilities.

Receiving input from a range of sources can help you better understand your team’s requirements and provide for them. But be sure to properly record your input, as it may be an invaluable asset to your career toolkit. When given and received appropriately, feedback may promote ongoing growth and advancement of your management abilities.

7. Practice Active Listening

Being a good listener, or having the ability to listen intently, is the first step towards being approachable. Simply concentrating on what the other person is saying without bringing up irrelevant topics such as your own ideas or views is known as active listening. It entails keeping eye contact, being curious, asking insightful questions, and listening to what other team members have to offer.

It will enable you to comprehend their unique requirements and objectives. Your ability to listen well will help you establish rapport and trust with people, both of which will enhance the general quality of your communication. It facilitates the other person’s opening up to you and helps you better comprehend their goals and motives.

8. Ignore Your Phone

In business environments, it’s critical to be present and accessible, which often means putting your phone aside. People may assume that you are busy if they see you gazing at your phone. They may avoid interacting with you out of a desire to avoid disturbing you.

Moreover, using your phone might divert your attention from establishing eye contact, a discussion, and a connection with others around you—especially at big gatherings like conferences where networking is crucial.

9. Make Time To Chat

While it would seem the most efficient answer to How to be More Approachable, excellent leadership also involves scheduling personal time to engage with others. Get to know individuals, talk about topics other than work, and find out about their interests and concerns.

To summarize, prioritize people and establish a personal and professional rapport with your peers. This may often be completed in the few minutes spent at the coffee maker or on the way to and from a meeting; it doesn’t have to take up a significant amount of your day.

Approachable Leadership: Essential for the Success of an Organization

Over the last several years, there has been a noticeable change in the workplace as workers are looking for a more human-centered setting that emphasizes empathy, respect, and communication. They look for leaders that are approachable, listen well, and foster a culture of support so that employees feel free to express their opinions.

Consequently, the capacity to foster approachable leadership has grown in significance. This essay will explain what approachable leadership is, explain why it’s crucial, and—best of all—offer you some doable advice on how to become a more approachable leader.

Whether you’re a rookie team leader or an experienced manager, Ways to become More Approachable may help you improve the working environment for your team and produce better results for your company. Fundamentally, approachability is a quality that represents a person’s comfort level in social situations and communication. Approachable people are often seen as being warm, kind, and welcoming, which encourages others to freely express their opinions.

There are several advantages to being an approachable leader in the workplace. Research indicates that workers who perceive their leadership team to be approachable and empathetic have a 30% greater retention rate and a 17% higher level of engagement in their job overall.

This opinion was further supported by a poll, in which 82% of participants said that developing a good culture was essential to attaining a competitive edge. It’s obvious that leaders who put compassion first benefit greatly, both personally and for the people they lead.


Q: What makes managers friendly and approachable?

A: Being approachable is a good way for managers to encourage open communication and develop trust with their team members. Employees are more willing to communicate ideas, problems, and criticism with their management when they feel comfortable doing so. This may improve teamwork, problem-solving, and overall performance.

Q: What does it mean to be a leader who is approachable?

A: Creating an atmosphere where team members feel comfortable approaching you with queries, worries, suggestions, or comments is a sign of an approachable leader. It entails actively listening to team members when they approach you and being approachable, attentive, and nonjudgmental. When necessary, approachable leaders are also prepared to provide their team members with assistance, direction, and mentoring.

Q: Why is it crucial to be friendly and approachable at work?

A: Being approachable is the cornerstone of developing positive working connections with your coworkers and creating a solid team dynamic where ideas and confidence may flourish. By removing obstacles and fostering a trusting atmosphere, you may become more approachable.

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