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Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Tips to Build a Stronger Personality

Personality is the archetypal pattern of thinking, feeling & behaviors that make a person exclusive. When we consider someone with a “good personality,” we mean that they are pleasant, interesting & enjoyable to be with. Everyone wishes to be attractive to others. Having a good personality is essential – probably even more than good looks. Your personality determines whether people are attracted to you or stay away from you. Building a stronger personality is essential to have a good life; here are some Tips to Build a Stronger Personality.

How to Develop a Strong Personality

Tips to Build a Stronger Personality

1. Be Good

It is essential not just to pretend to be a helpful person; you truly have to do that to be that person. For example, if you realize that someone is in need, you can guide them & say, I feel if you go to that person, he can help you. Or you can offer a small piece of advice that will be helpful to that person. The satisfaction you get after helping someone is wonderful, & that will reflect on your heart & personality development.

2. Work On Inner Beauty

Another Tips to Build a Stronger Personality is to work on inner beauty. We all work on external appearance, but when you speak & act, everything gets reflected, whether conceited, dominating, self-centered or isolated.

From your actions, manner of behaving & speaking, it all gets reflected. So ensure that you work on your inner beauty or personality. Getting a fabulous look takes you just a couple of months. Still, to have a greater personality development, you have to work for years to develop that quality & confidence which will make you a complete person.

3. Give Space To Imperfection

Imperfections disturb us. So much so that getting disturbed easily becomes a habit & being grouchy assumes a personality characteristic as we grow older. But we all know that people who are more relaxed or known to be ‘chilled out’ live more happily & easily attract people with their relaxed vibes.

To feel cooler in your heart & vibes, it is significant to be able to give space to imperfections. Not everything – the people around you, circumstances you are in, & your personality have to be the way you want them to be.

4. Work On Your Confidence Level

You have to develop a lighthearted attitude and be confident; you have to think people will speak negatively about you because they are envious of you or don’t like you to become the center of attraction. Another thing is that you can be with your friends & start speaking, develop the habit of involvement & participate in the discussion. Speak less but speak significantly. So that you achieve confidence & people around will recognize that you can also speak & can provide your advice.

5. Think Like A Leader

No one becomes a leader just by position. They are the people who take responsibility without waiting for someone else to take them instead. Just thinking like one can foster leadership traits in you. It can help you to bring change & motivate others.

Be clear about the difference between a leader & a boss. A boss puts his fellows in the line of fire, while a true leader protects his fellows. A boss hogs all the credit, while a leader recognizes & appreciates the efforts of his fellow. Try to hone those leadership qualities to develop a stronger personality.

6. Learn Social Skills

People with stronger personalities are likable. No one will get the chance to know about you if you can’t communicate with them effectively. There is an old saying that our authentic self is hidden behind our tongue. People judge us by how we converse. You must hone your social skills to build good relationships with the people around you.

 Use positive gestures, converse with everyone, & never emit a negative vibe. Identify how people want to be treated, what they want to listen to & what they don’t. Don’t say something that the other won’t take positively. Speak only according to being considerate of other people. Good social skills will help make people see you as having a strong personality.

7. Be Humble

While confidence is significant, you should be confident & humble. Some people tend to develop narcissistic personalities while trying to show off their spirit. This must not happen to you – everybody hates a narcissist.

Your confidence should only display that you know what you are doing, not that you know everything or can do everything. Appear that you are a down-to-earth person, & people around you will begin to respect you. Remember that you go advertising that you are humble; you show it. Besides, humans should never be proud of their possessions as nothing remains forever.

Try to develop a practical mindset that’s confident, humble, & never narcissistic. People will praise you when you are not present and when they feel that you are a humble person.

You can have them talk about how excellent you are. But it is even better if they talk about how humble you are despite being excellent.

8. Try to Stay Happy

Staying happy is vital to stay healthy. Cast away all the negativity from your life. No man can say that his life is perfect or he has never faced hardship. Life is a mixture of happiness & sorrow. You wouldn’t know what happy means, if there were no sorrow like you, wouldn’t know what light is if there is no darkness.

It will face difficult times at every step of your life, but you shouldn’t let them dampen your spirit. You may cry if you have to, but eliminate them; otherwise, they become a burden on your mind that you have to carry your entire life. You will surface as a new & stronger person once you have made peace with your sorrows & difficulties.

9. Be Fun and See The Humorous Side Of Life

Everyone cherishes the company of someone who makes them laugh or smile, so look for the amusing, quirky side in every situation – there is one most of the time. Comic relief is a much welcomed & desired diversion at times. When you can introduce fun & cheerfulness to an otherwise dull or gloomy scenario, others will naturally be attracted to & grateful to you.

Why is Personal Development Important

Personality development is multi-factored, dynamic & varies from person to person. Factors like societal elements, parenting, environment & genetics affect personality in a great manner. What makes a person exclusive is the organizational design of human behavior. Personality development focuses on creating capabilities, fostering strengths, managing weaknesses, cultivating talent, enhancing skills, etc. Some Tips to Build a Stronger Personality will help you to:

  • Makes you identify your qualities.
  • Enables you to make the right decisions.
  • Builds confidence.
  • Promotes clear, convincing, & precise communication.
  • Develops personality to get noticed.

We are all familiar that skills increase our potential. With practice, we can make our personalities stronger.

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