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9 Strategies to Achieve Your Goals

Strategies to Achieve Your Goals

Achieving goals can be a challenging task. You know the custom — you set higher goals & start pushing, trying to step out of your comfort zones. But unfortunate things happen. You get diverted, frustrated, dejected, and overwhelmed. In time, you resort back to old ways. Does it sound familiar? In those scenarios, you need to adopt some Strategies to Achieve Your Goals.

We all struggle with achieving goals at some point in our lives. But there are also those goals that we set & ultimately achieve. In truth, nothing can dissuade us from those goals. We have a committed & persistent spirit, conquering obstacles in our way.

Strategies to Achieve Your Goals

Strategies to Achieve Your Goals

1. Make A Commitment

Let’s be honest: Do you want to do something if you don’t commit to it? No way! You can’t achieve your goals if you are half willing. You must be passionately, firmly, and reliably committed to achieving your goal. There’s no room for hesitation here. No half-hearted attempts at achieving your goals & dreams.

You can’t do this just by getting yourself charged up. The solution isn’t to scream like a lunatic or listen to loud rock music while running on ice like Rocky. Instead, you commit to taking solid steps to navigate your life to victory.

2. Set SMARTER Goals

Anyone serious about achieving their goals must understand the significance of the SMARTER goal-setting technique. The SMARTER acronym means goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound, Evaluated & Re-adjusted. It is a strategy for determining your goals with a higher prospect of success.

To set some SMARTER goals, you must get extremely particular about those goals. Try to describe the last detail of it, making sure that it’s measurable & quite achievable. While higher long-term goals are acceptable, SMARTER short-term goals should be challenging but achievable.

3. Note It Down

One of the best Strategies to Achieve Your Goals is to note them down. People who note their goals down have a higher chance of achieving them. The reason is that noting down a goal puts all your attention on that goal & reminds you of it daily.

Indeed, it’s not fruitful to note a goal on a sheet of paper & then throw that paper in the drawer. You must review that goal constantly. Some ways to do that are:

  • Write the same goals repeatedly every morning.
  • Note the goals on an index card & carry the card in your wallet.
  • Write them on a sticky note & stick it to your computer or mirror.
  • Write the goals digitally & set them as wallpaper on your phone.

4. Develop An Action Plan

Planning is one of the most significant Ways To Achieve Your Life Goals. However, only some of us fail to develop detailed & well-thought plans to attain our dreams. We have some abstract concept in our minds that will only take us a part of the way there, but we need more than that to make those goals a reality.

Anyone serious about a goal must develop a detailed action plan & must be eager to take action daily – every single day without fail – to reach their heart’s wishes. Develop a plan & fixate on it, working on it vigorously, day & night, until you achieve your goals.

5. Track & Evaluate Your Progress

Continuously tracking & evaluating your progress helps you to stay motivated. It also lets you celebrate your smaller & bigger victories, and get back on track if you get diverted. If possible, maintain a visual depiction of your progress to remember your goals & keep you inspired to move forward.

Some simple ways to visualize your progress are:

  • Input your data into a spreadsheet & then create a graph.
  • Write your achievements on a whiteboard or blackboard.
  • Use some progress-tracking apps.
  • If your goal has a visual aspect, like losing weight or developing muscle, you can easily have photos or videos of yourself.

The main point is to connect actively to collect & reflect on the evidence of your progress.

6. Get Rid Of Bad Habits

Evidently, bad habits can stop us from achieving our goals. They throttle our progress & obstruct our goals & dreams. Anyone motivated to achieve anything valuable knows that they need to get rid of the bad habits that hold them back.

While getting rid of bad habits is hard, if you can try to find a reason stronger than the habit, you can defeat it. It doesn’t happen swiftly or smoothly. It happens gradually, over time. But you can easily develop a smoother route to eventually reach your goals by getting rid of your bad habits.

7. Be Disciplined

A goal can only be accomplished with discipline. Even if you note down your goals & start taking action right away, maintaining them becomes pretty impossible without discipline. Create an atmosphere for goal achievement by establishing the proper habits in your life that will encourage discipline.

To attain discipline, you must have order & organization in your life. When things are messy, & you are no longer in control, it’s much harder to focus on achieving your goals. But order & organization promote discipline, which sequentially leads to goal achievement.

It is easier said than done. Often, our commitments can outpace our dreams. But discipline is easy to get for the person who can manage their chaotic life.

8. Minimize Distractions

It’s easy to get distracted sometimes. We have things that divert us in several directions. We go off course, bouncing in one direction after another. But distractions lower the chances of achieving our goals. We must minimize the distractions in our lives to stay focused.

Try to find out the origins of distractions in your life, & work to eradicate the ones that consume all of your time & energy. This can be extreme socializing, web surfing, social media, & any other ineffective activity.

By minimizing distractions, we can have more time to pursue our goals instead of focusing on irrelevant things. You probably know where most of your free time is going already, & what distractions are hampering your schedule. Please do your best to eradicate them.

9. Conquer Procrastination

Procrastination is the slow poison. It affects everyone in our circle. But allowing procrastination to conquer you can cause a slow & steady death or dreams. It’s easy to let our natural affinities push things off for later, so we have to do what it takes to eliminate procrastination.

We can’t achieve higher goals by procrastinating constantly. If you have an affinity for procrastinating, you must execute some strategies to regain control of your life. Start with the 15-minute exercise. Set a timer on your phone & try to do something 15 minutes that you have been putting off.

What is Goal Setting?

Goal setting is when you have a particular desire in your heart & then plan to attempt that task to achieve any objective & move forward with bigger goals to accomplish to improve your life. You must create a plan for any noteworthy dream or vision you wish to accomplish.

When you set goals correctly, you are developing a plan for success. You must get out of your comfort zone, but that’s the only way to become the best you. Some effective Strategies to Achieve Your Goals can help you in that process.


Q: What is the most vital factor of a goal?

A: A goal must align with reality, your skills, your desires & your values.

Q:  There are hundreds of articles about Strategies to Achieve Your Goals; which one to follow?

A: All of them offer some valuable insights & inputs. Read as many as you can & make a summary.

Q: What can I do if I struggle to set goals?

A: Find someone you can trust or a mentor & discuss your issue.

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