9 Steps For Remembering Who You Are

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Remembering Who You Are

During our lifetimes, we pass through different stages. We change, we grow, we get diverted, & often we wonder if we are being true to our authentic values. The world around us & society manipulate our thoughts, decisions, & patterns to the point where we struggle to remember who we actually are. But our core values & core beliefs sometimes remain the same. At that moment of haze, it’s vital Remembering Who You Are.

Sometimes it becomes hard to see what’s in front of us & inside of us, so much so that we go into a state of blurred vision or sometimes complete blindness. When we spend too much time in our minds, we can’t identify that the world around us continues to move.

We often forget that others also share the experience of being human. We try to project our wants, fears, desires, & expectations onto others — in the hope that they will fix us & meet our needs.

Steps Towards Remembering

Remembering Who You Are

1. Identify The Truth

This is the first step for Remembering Who You Are. You can try to hide from others, but you can’t hide from yourself. Knowing your truth, your values & what you stand for allows you to be honest with yourself. You must accept all your perfections & imperfections, likes & dislikes, talents & shortcomings, hopes & dreams.

By forming an honest relationship with yourself, you will be able to be honest with others as well. Your truth will start to manage all the other difficulties you are facing. It may sound difficult to accept if you identify as lazy by nature but accept it without any shame. Also, accept you are creative & calm.

2. Know That You Have The Power To Heal Yourself

Another significant step in the process of Remembering Who You Are is having belief in your self-healing capabilities. It is a natural capability that we all have. It can be achieved through self-awareness, becoming accustomed to your basic requirements, & acceptance.

Our mind, body, & soul demands our attention; it’s just a matter of being ready to heal & willing to accept the process of healing at your own pace.

3. Recognize Your Core Beliefs

Our core beliefs are the outcome of how we feel, how we react, & our inner interactions. To recognize your core beliefs, be attentive to your thoughts & how you treat & speak to yourself. You can note down these thoughts on a piece of paper & review them in your spare time.

Secondly, be aware of your emotional reactions towards the action of yourself & others. What triggers you most? Try to close your eyes & recognize your feelings. Try to accept these beliefs as they are or try to change them if they are causing you pain & discomfort. It is the best method for Remembering Who You Are.

4. Recognize Your Core Values

Recognizing what matters most helps you stay in touch with your authentic self. When you remain true to your core values, you become proud of yourself & attain a sense of gratitude.

How do you recognize your core values? It needs a bit of reflection & patience. You can start by creating a list of what is most vital to you and why. It can be something like this:

Family: Because they are your base & place where love is shared unconditionally.

Respect For Yourself & Others: Mutual respect creates healthy relationships where opinions & thoughts are accepted & developed without judgment.

Constant Growth: Growth motivates you to be a better & improved version of yourself. You can learn & shine in life through growth.

5. Stop Focusing on What Isn’t & Start Thinking About What is

Once you reframe the way you think or see your present situation, you will allow more positivity to enter your life in ways you never imagined. Instead of criticizing or being melancholic, find ways to make positive assertions out loud or only for your brain to hear. Focus on what you have instead of what you don’t. As they say, ‘ A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush.’

6. Ask Yourself Questions

It is vital throughout your life journey to never stop asking questions. Or else it could become easy to get trapped in confusion & despair. Life is full of different options that you can choose from, but some divert you from your genuine self. Some choices can distract you from your core values & beliefs.

Here are some example questions you can continue to ask yourself throughout life:

  • Is the life I’m leading in line with my core beliefs & values?
  • Am I living the life I’ve always wanted to have?
  • Am I being true to myself in this very moment?

7. Be Sincere With Yourself

Being sincere with yourself allows you to navigate the world through honesty rather than hiding your true self behind a self-imposed mask. Don’t spend your days being dishonest to the person who deserves your honesty the most. You owe it to yourself to speak & look for your personal truth.

8. Be Sincere With Others

Sometimes it can be very hard to express the exact desires of our heart, display our vulnerable side, and expect & manage rejections or fear that we will hurt others. It’s your right to convey how & what you think & feel — it’s all about the manner of delivery & genuineness.

9. Make Time For Yourself

Take out time for yourself. Take a walk in nature, meditate, call a friend, nap, read some books, etc. Find ways to relax & chill out. Spend time with yourself & get to know the basics again. Remember what makes you feel good & what activities you enjoy.

If possible, go on a vacation, with your family & friends or on a solo trip. Either way, you can be reconnected with yourself. Though sometimes a solo trip can be more beneficial. You don’t need to consider the other’s preferences about where to go, beach or mountain. It will be entirely your call.

How to Remember Who You Were Before

Do you remember who you were at the beginning? Think back to the times when you were a teenager. What stays with you to date? How much did you change, actually?

Maybe when you were younger, you wanted to be a guitarist in a band. You wanted to perform in front of a mad audience & rock their world. But as you got older, those plans changed. You never became that guitarist in the musical band. It’s vital to note that it’s natural to change & make different decisions.

But sometimes society & the opinion & pressure of others lead you down a path that is different from who you were before. It is always good & vital to reflect & Remembering Who You Are, as it could lead you to where you have to be in life. Take a moment to jump into the dreams & hopes you had when you were a beginner. How vital were these to you? Can you return to them & make them work for the future?


Q: Why Remembering Who You Are is vital?

A: Without the knowledge of your true self & values, you wouldn’t be able to find a happier life.

Q: Why do we often forget our true selves?

A: Due to changing world & external pressures, we often adopt some values & beliefs which are not in line with our original self. Maintaining those values & beliefs often leads to the oblivion of our true self.

Q: Can being oblivious to our true self cause us harm?

A: If you consider stress, worries, unhappy & unsatisfied life harmful, then of course, yes.

Q: Is it possible to reconnect with yourself after being oblivious to our true value?

A: Certainly it is. It takes time & patience but reconnecting with yourself is possible. The core values just went to hibernation, not dead.

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