9 Signs You’re A Free Spirit

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Signs You're A Free Spirit

Are you someone who continually breaks social standards, floating through life like a leaf in the wind, enticing others with your unquestionable, unexpected nature? If the response is a huge “Yes,” then congrats—you are a free spirit. However, what precisely is a free-spirited personality, and how can you determine whether you have one? Not only is your magnetic appeal derived from your unpredictable nature, but it is also intricately linked to your strong sense of rhythm in life. Look out for these Signs You’re a Free Spirit.

Recognize your free-spirited traits. You go through life led by breezes most others hardly notice. You may sometimes confuse others who are attached to tradition with your decisions, beliefs, and behaviour, but below it, all is an undercurrent of genuineness, independence, and an unending excitement for life that acts as your compass.

But what does a free spirit mean? Does it mean living a nomadic existence and dancing beneath the stars, or does it mean something deeper, something that is part of your being?

While it’s easy to romanticize or generalize, to understand what it means to be a free spirit, one must carefully consider the diverse range of characteristics that make up this distinct identity. Now that you have your preferred flowing scarf, let’s explore the characteristics that make up the ideal free-spirit personality.

These Signs Show You’re A Free Spirit

Signs You're A Free Spirit

1. You Always Follow Your Gut

If you always follow your guts, it is one of the Signs You’re a Free Spirit. Whatever you choose to call it—gut instincts, primitive sentiments, our inner gauge—having faith in that aspect of ourselves is crucial for someone who is free-spirited.

That’s what the definition of “free” is. There are no shackles that society can impose on you when you simply listen to your inner counsel. Naturally, there are a lot of advantages to trusting your gut. First, if you trust your gut, you may be able to escape serious repercussions.

However, even in situations where you lack complete knowledge, it might assist you in making swift judgments. It may seem wishy-washy to ponder too much, waver, change your mind, or allow people to influence you, but your intuition is there to guide you.

2. You Wear What You Like

If you want to know What is a Free Spirit Personality, just look at their dresses. People who are free spirits are usually artistic and creative people who like expressing their individuality via clothing.

They might be seen dressing in a bohemian, hippy, or even more eclectic manner that incorporates several different styles. They may have been a hipster, punk, skater, emo child, punk, or anything else in high school that conveyed your desire to defy social rules and express your emotions.

Although free spirits are unlikely to be seen carrying a Gucci purse or wearing LL Bean, they may dress according to their own origin or cultural background. In any event, they don’t give a damn about what you think. They exclusively dress in their particular manner.

3. Freedom Above All

A free spirit derives its existence from freedom. This affects them at all levels of their existence if it is controlled. Enforcing procedures will make them feel like they can’t work effectively, and they’re just as likely to disregard them or leave.

This implies that a free spirit will not be able to perform a standard 9–5 job for very long. The system gets poisoned by routines.

4. You Love To Travel And Experience New Culture

Love for travelling and experiencing new cultures are Signs You’re a Free Spirit. The need to travel is one aspect of the freedom that a free spirit may encounter. They don’t do this to boast about their wealth, to place themselves on a pedestal, or to feel good about themselves. They engage in this activity due to their intrinsic curiosity and enjoyment of discovering new facts about individuals, societies, and places.

Individuals often have such a strong desire to travel that they would do it for free. These are the people you see travelling around Europe with a bag, living in hostels, sleeping on other’s couches, or spending all of their money to travel and see new things.

5. You Don’t Hold One Another Up To Yourself

Not only are free spirits unaffected by social demands, but they also don’t place pressure on others. Individuals with free spirits often accept others for who they are and don’t pass judgment on them. You’re just on a different route than them, therefore there’s no need to compare your achievements to theirs.

If something popular appeals to someone else, there’s no need to condemn them for it—if it brings them joy, that is, anyhow. Live and let live.

6. You Are Passionate

You can know What is a Free Spirit Personality by their passion. There is no getting around the fact that free-spirited individuals are passionate. They give all they have to the things they love, whether it is relationships or interests. This is certainly something that you can connect to if you’re a free spirit.

You don’t hesitate to express your enthusiasm or affection. You have a deep sense of gratitude for everything in your life that is excellent. Additionally, you tend to avoid emphasizing the negatives too much; you don’t ignore them, but instead choose to focus on the things that make you happy and fulfilled.

7. You Abhor 9-5 Jobs

Like cats abhor leash, free-spirited people abhor traditional 9-5 jobs. Sometimes they the concept of a job altogether. As they value their freedom above all, most of these free-spirited people can be found as business owners or freelancers.

They hate traditional jobs as there they can’t show or use full of their creativity. After all, there’s not much scope for creativity or uniqueness in filing a tax return or writing a code. Though it is not said that free-spirited people aren’t good employees, they often try to find an outlet to express their creative skills.

8. You Love Daydreaming

Free spirits often have a great deal of daydreaming experience. Dreaming also provides a lot of wonderful advantages. Above all, daydreaming fosters creativity and problem-solving skills. This is just another way that they are expressing their feelings and wants.

A free spirit could be seen lounging on the grass, marvelling at the skies, or perhaps they like to take frequent naps. Regardless of how they want to take a break, free spirits often take this extremely seriously.

9. You Are Optimistic Realist

People with a free spirit are conscious of life’s challenges and hardships. We also go through them. However, we choose to concentrate on the controllable and, naturally, the positive aspects of life. Thus, we strive to maintain our optimism while being grounded in reality.

We like living life to the fullest and have high aspirations, but we are aware that we must strike a balance between our obligations to our families, jobs, and other commitments. Do you think of yourself as a realistic optimist?

Do you pursue your goals in life knowing fully that there will be obstacles to overcome? You sound like a free-spirited person, my buddy, if you aren’t deterred by adversity since you know that overcoming it will result in amazing things.

Is Having A Free Spirit A Positive Thing?

Though having a free spirit may seem lighthearted and enjoyable, people with this personality type undoubtedly have challenges of their own. Embracing your identity is perfectly acceptable. However, free spirits may also be misinterpreted since “some people will interpret their multi-passionate career or wanderlust as a lack of maturity, focus, or discipline.”

Indeed, individuals who don’t relate with Signs You’re a Free Spirit may have a bad perception of free spirits. They may come out as uncooperative, disorganized, flimsy indifferent, unreasonable, or even distant. But keep in mind that everything depends on who you ask. People who don’t identify as free spirits may not “get” other free spirits, but those who do will value other free spirits.


Q: Are free-spirited people careless?

A: Free-spirited people are known to be carefree, but not careless. They can be responsible and active people when the situation calls.

Q: Which zodiac signs are most free-spirited?

A: Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini, Aries, Libra, and Pisces are considered to be the most free-spirited.

Q: Is being free-spirited a good thing?

A: Creative, passionate, and amorous people are often free spirits. Being a free spirit, however, may not always be a good thing. Some individuals may see free spirits as flimsy, unreliable, or irrational if they don’t identify with an unrestrained lifestyle.

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