9 Reasons You’re Failing at Life & How to Succeed Instead

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Reasons You’re Failing at Life

Failure is an inevitable part of life. At some point in life, we all have experienced the bitter taste of failure. Some of us have taken the lesson, gathered motivation & moved on. Some of us got stuck in despair & could not move forward. If you belong to the unfortunate second category, you need to find the Reasons You’re Failing at Life. Ask yourself if your failure has become a constant companion in your life & handle it accordingly.

Reasons People Fail in Life

Reasons You’re Failing at Life

1. Lack of self-discipline

Success demands discipline. Like, exercising control over yourself is a vital requirement for being successful. If you lack self-discipline, you are most likely to give up too quickly when problems come. Likewise, a lack of discipline makes it more possible to give in to short-term enticements that lead you nowhere. If you are undisciplined, you see no reason to make sacrifices today to prosper tomorrow.

If you are disciplined, avoiding enticements & distractions will be more manageable. Self-control helps you focus on your goals, even if that means sequential sacrifice, suffering & abstaining from various temptations. In fact, you will start to see these enticements & distractions as what they really are: obstacles on the road to success.

2. Lack Of Persistence

Maybe you are talented & intelligent. But you must combine these two with persistence to succeed. Lack of persistence is a great obstruction to success. Many incredibly talented people fail time & time again because they depend too much on their talents. They are only willing to continue once they have entirely mastered their work. Instead, they quit when the going gets more challenging.

If you see that lack of persistence is causing your failures, find ways to stop quitting too quickly. While it is true that persisting when you are trapped at a dead end will lead you nowhere, persistence is about discovering new approaches & making adjustments. Persevere when you encounter difficulties & problems. Continue to fight to accomplish your dreams, even if it becomes uncomfortable. Just because you are stuck in a blind lane does not mean there are no other paths to reach your goals.

3. Unwillingness To Go Against The Flow

It is always easier to go with the flow. But it will take you where everyone else goes. It will only give you the same results everyone else gets. Society is intended to make you swim with the current, even if you are not good at it. It puts many blockages in the path of people seeking greatness by going against the current.

People feel threatened by those who challenge existing rules & options. At the same time, society may greatly reward people who successfully managed to go against the stream. Without these people, there would be no planes, electricity, computers, or any advancements. Have the courage to stick to the decisions that go against existing opinions. Go against the flow if it is in your nature. Pursue those activities that line up with your natural strengths & talents.

4. Fear Of Failure

Being afraid of failure stuns us. It makes us unwilling to seize rewarding opportunities. We fear failure, and that is why we don’t even try. But is not that the biggest failure of all? Is not trying worse than failing? Don’t be afraid to face failure. Be afraid of not having the courage to give it a go. It is vital to realize that the fear of failure is one of the biggest reasons you’re failing at Life. You can take a significant step in the right direction by conquering it.

Progress can only be achieved by taking one step after the other. It does not matter if you slip occasionally. All that matters is that you get up & continue to walk. Do not assume failure as something that is created to punish you. Instead, use the lessons you have learned from all your past failures to chase your dreams with more determination.

5. Setting Unrealistic Goals

Many people dream of achieving the most remarkable things. They set incredibly challenging goals but are quickly demoralized once they realize how high the mountain they’re standing in front. As a result, they quickly become discouraged because of the lack of desired results. There is no problem with targeting high & dreaming big.

In some cases, you might create the chances of a long & hard fall by aiming too high. But in general, it will encourage you to try striving for greatness. The real problem lies in aiming high without bearing in mind the dedication, effort & work it will take each day to come anywhere close to your goals. In line with this kind of thinking, it is a huge problem if we shoot for the stars without thinking about developing a proper way of transportation that will get us nowhere.

It is a human inclination to seek quick results. You can break your goals into smaller steps to avoid becoming discouraged too quickly. If you set major & minor destinations on your path to the mountaintop, you can keep your motivation high during the journey.

6. Lack Of Confidence

Intelligence & talent are not what separates successful people from unsuccessful ones. The critical difference is that successful individuals believe in themselves & have confidence. They believe that they can achieve their goals. They believe in their capability to find solutions to the challenges they face. Their strong belief in the ability to figure things out as they progress inspires them to seize opportunities that may seem initially too big to handle.

Successful people understand that nothing will work for them if they do not believe in themselves. While unsuccessful people look for reasons why things are not working, successful ones have the essential willpower to make things work for them. It is, therefore, of the topmost significance to realize how necessary it is to believe in yourself.

7. Tendency of Making Excuses

If you always blame other people for your mistakes & problems, you are intended to fail. Simultaneously, we all have faced problems that derail us from our paths. When we stop using these problems & challenges as excuses, we will progress in life.

Successful people don’t let excuses stand between themselves & their goals. They understand that creating excuses will take them nowhere. They resist the urge to find a “feel-good excuse,” accept responsibility for their actions & take matters into their own hands. There are always some reasons that justify inaction. Don’t allow your fear of failure, rejection, or change to imprison you within your comfort zone.

8. Tendency To Give Up

Giving up leads to failure. Unsuccessful people give up too quickly. They fail because they didn’t try hard enough. They daydream of succeeding smoothly without putting in too much effort. This way of achieving success is awfully rare, if not even nonexistent. It will always be more relaxed to give up when things get tough; giving up spares you a lot of trouble, hard work & pain. But it also snatches away your chance to succeed.

Don’t just give up when faced with difficulties. It hardly matters if you occasionally fall to the ground. What matters is that you are trying until you find a way to accomplish your goals. As long as you get back up on your feet, failure cannot beat you.

9. Not Learning Form Past Mistakes & Failures

Unsuccessful people are intensely hurt by their mistakes and failures. They try everything so they can quickly forget these painful experiences. The main problem with this attitude is that by doing so, one also skips the important lessons & realizations that come with these mistakes. It is one of the reasons you’re failing at life.

What happens if we ignore those essential lessons? We are destined to repeat the same mistakes over & over again until we get the message. Don’t overlook your mistakes. Analyze where you went wrong & see what you can learn from that experience. Find out why your plan did not work out. Push yourself to develop better advances that will help you to avoid committing similar mistakes in the future.


There can be many reasons you’re failing at life. You need to find the determination to find the reason & treat them accordingly. There may be one reason; there may be several reasons. But none of them are unconquerable. If you can identify those reasons, you can also find the necessary motivation to treat them. As we all know, “A disease known is half cured.”

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