9 Reasons You Need Wisdom in Your Life

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Reasons You Need Wisdom

Let us start today’s article with an old saying. “Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in fruit salad.” As we can see, there is a fine line between knowledge & Wisdom. If we consider knowledge as a seed, Wisdom is the green & huge tree offering us its fruits & shadow. There are many Reasons You Need Wisdom.

If you have ever come across a challenging question or problem that is beyond your reasoning or ability & someone, by Wisdom, helped you to answer the question or handle the problem, you may have seen the benefits of Wisdom in practical terms. Life in its totality is pure mathematics & you require Wisdom to scale through it.

It is safe to state that most people don’t have a money problem. Their problem is a lack of Wisdom. When figuring out the right thing to do to make money, your problem is not your location or capacity. Your problem is a lack of Wisdom. Regrettably, when you present money & Wisdom before some people, many of them will choose money and leave Wisdom.

Why Is Wisdom Important

Why Is Wisdom Important

1. Wisdom Gives You Protection

One of the critical benefits of wisdom is that it defends & protects a person from every harassment of life. A person who doesn’t have wisdom is unprotected & at risk of being attacked by the enemy. When you have wisdom, you already have the solution before the problem arrives. Wisdom presents the answer in front of you before the question arises.

A person of wisdom is forever prepared & well-defended for any challenge or hardship. How does wisdom protect a person? Wisdom helps people to see danger when it is far & prepare themselves. Wisdom enables you to know when to speak & when to listen quietly. This perpetually spares you from pointless arguments & trouble.

Wisdom protects a person by helping them to know good & wrong, & to choose suitable & avoidable trouble. In the same way, money protects a person from poverty; that’s how wisdom shields a person from shame and embarrassment. The Bible says, “For wisdom is a defence, and money is a defence : but the excellency of knowledge is that wisdom giveth life to them that have it.” Eccl 7:12.

2. Wisdom Guarantees Family Peace

One of the most important reasons you need wisdom is that it guarantees family peace. A lack of wisdom causes most marital crises in many families worldwide. It needs the wisdom to create a happy & successful relationship & marriage.

Are you aware some things that cause misunderstanding in the home are things that wisdom can handle efficiently, not prayer? You need prayer only when you abuse wisdom. It is wisdom to lose an argument & let your partner win for the sake of the relationship. It is wise to keep quiet when you are insulted & angry.

Wisdom also tells you that there is no place like home. So no matter what happens, you must put family first above friends, business & money. Wisdom is the actual foundation stone for a successful marriage & family.

3. Wisdom Helps You to Make Wealth

Another benefit of wisdom is that it helps to make wealth. It is not only hard work that brings wealth. Wisdom is the origin of wealth. Where you see wealth, it always exists in a basic form that only the wise can distinguish.

Take crude oil, gold & other minerals, for example; their raw state doesn’t look like money or something useful. A foolish man can see a lump of raw gold & walk away without touching it. But when wisdom meets chance, it becomes wealth. Wisdom can turn time into money. Wisdom transformed animal skin into shoes, bags & clothes & sell for money. Anything that wisdom touches becomes a wealth.

4. Wisdom Offers You Direction

One of the benefits of wisdom is that it offers you proper direction. You can’t be abandoned in life’s journey when you have the wisdom. Wisdom shows your destination & how to get there.

The end of perplexity is an infusion of wisdom. Without wisdom, life remains a hallucination. Wisdom helps you to know who you are & your purpose. Wisdom helps you to find out the path you are born to take. It is wisdom that shows you the way to your destiny. The treasures of God are concealed in earthen vessels; it takes wisdom to discover the reason, pursue & fulfill it.

5. Wisdom brings Honor

One of the several benefits of wisdom is that it will bring you honor. Wisdom takes an individual out of the pit & makes him sit with kings, governors & presidents of nations. If you are looking for honor, get wisdom.

Wisdom took Jacob from being a meager servant of his uncle to having his group. Wisdom projected Joseph from being a prisoner in Egypt to a Prime Minister in some foreign country. You can’t have the wisdom & end up in shame.

6. Wisdom Inspires Creativity

One of the many benefits of Wisdom is that it inspires creativity. Creativity is nothing but the Wisdom of turning ideas into reality & raw materials into finished products. Innovation & technology take boosts from creativity.

 Wisdom gives power to them all. Wisdom helps you to discover new ways & new approaches to doing things. With Wisdom, you don’t need to copy others; you can bring innovation to your wealth of information & experience. Wisdom lets you create new things. The Bible says, ” I Wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions. Prov 8:12″

7. Wisdom Inspires Good Leadership

One of the significant benefits of wisdom is that it helps leaders to offer good leadership. Without wisdom, one cannot be a good leader. It takes wisdom to become an efficient & godly leader. It was wisdom that separated Solomon from other kings in his time.

People usually look up to their leaders in any crisis or challenging situation. Without the gift of wisdom, leaders cannot manage that situation to shield their followers from danger or show them how to handle the crisis.

8. Wisdom Can Prevent Violence & War

Another benefit of wisdom is that it can prevent violence & war. With wisdom, we can have peace & tranquility in the society. If our leaders operate with wisdom, no one has to hear the drum of war in our world. Many violence & wars are caused by injudicious actions & foolish aggressions of men. It is the Reasons You Need Wisdom.

9. Wisdom Guarantees Good Management

You don’t have to grow bigger to manage well; you must have the wisdom to manage well. Foolishness is a waste, but wisdom safeguards the few available resources. Wisdom does not callously spend it all; it saves them for a rainy day. Good management is not a function of attending some blue-collared Business School. It takes the gift of wisdom to become a good manager. It is the Reasons You Need Wisdom.


Why is Wisdom Important? There are several Reasons You Need Wisdom. Without wisdom, you can’t recognize the truth. That is wisdom: the application of truth to the life we have. You can’t be good, virtuous, honest, or trustworthy unless you have the gift of wisdom. It is one thing to know the Ten Commandments by heart. It is another thing to apply those commandments in our daily life.

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