9 Reasons why self-realization is important 

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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why self-realization is important

Along the way, we encounter a lot of experiences. There are both enjoyable and bad events. Whatever they may be, these thoughts eventually become nothing more than fleeting ideas, like passing clouds that appear and go without warning. The most crucial thing to remember is that every idea and emotion that arises and passes through our minds leaves an impression. Evident effects of such influences on our daily lives. It is also important to realize why self-realization is important.

The human mind is always engaged in some activity. Every time we come across information that piques our interest about our “i-ness,” we begin to reflect on the past and attempt to make any necessary corrections or modifications to look ahead more broadly. Few people continue to ignore it even after learning. The cost of ignorance would be considerably greater.

Some Significance of Self-Realization

1. Better Focus and Concentration

You may realize why self-realization is important if you consider better focus and concentration to be vital. Develop a desire inside yourself to learn what you do not know. Self-realization helps you stop distractions with sustained creativity by recognizing them when you engage in them.

By eliminating the things that aren’t really important in life, you maintain your focus on the things that really count and start to see tangible results as you realize your full potential.

2. Increased Compassion for Others

There are several importance of self-realization, one of which is increased empathy for others. The ability to empathize better allows you to form stronger bonds with other people.

People all have the urge to be understood and to have their emotions acknowledged. Usually, when we are angry, we need this the most before we can listen to an alternative viewpoint or a more sensible explanation.

3. Monitoring Your Emotions

You may now notice different emotions and use the experience to learn how to efficiently organize yourself to face situations like fear, worry, and tension instead of being led by your own emotions.

Self-realization assists you in mastering the ability to release crippling emotions and grasp powerful ones in their place. An astute observation may save a great deal of money and time instead of going through an expensive experience and learning it the hard way.

4. Better Listening Skills

To answer why self-realization is important, it offers better listening skills. The ability to listen actively is becoming rarer. The good news is that engaging in active listening practices leaves a favorable impression.

This is a great example of how self-awareness is important since it makes it possible to have genuine connections. Improved listening abilities are both an advantage and a sign of self-awareness.

5. A Better Focus

When you achieve self-realization, your behaviors will reflect your core beliefs and values. This increased consciousness may assist you in formulating powerful goal statements that you can pursue with more vigor and determination.

Additionally, you can recognize and eliminate harmful influences from your life, making room for fulfilling interactions and experiences. It’s similar to having a laser-like concentration on your priorities and the self-assurance and willpower to follow through on them.

Imagine it as Neo’s transformation in The Matrix (1999) from illusionary to unstoppable once he learns to look beyond it. You can, too.

6. Increased Confidence, Self-Awareness And Self-Esteem

Self-realization, which is a profound connection to your inner self, releases you from poor self-worth, excessive exhilaration, and fear of failing.

Your sense of wonder opens your eyes to new possibilities. Life is full of adventures and fascinating things to do.

7. Better Decision Making

One importance of self-realization is that it aids in decision-making. Making better decisions is facilitated by self-awareness, understanding oneself, taking the time to listen to others, developing your critical thinking abilities, and realizing how you come across to others.

One major advantage of self-awareness is this. Your life is better when you make better judgments.

8. Increased Creativity

While it may not seem like it, self-realization in the workplace may lead to better creativity. There will undoubtedly be issues that need original thinking to solve.

Being self-aware may also help you personally since it will give you more joy when you engage in creative hobbies and feel that the work you generate is of high quality.

9. Better Partnership And Co-Creation

You may be more genuine and openly and plainly communicate your feelings when you are open to the Grace. Your behavior always primarily conveys a feeling of belonging.

Consequently, you are able to build more meaningful connections with others and spend less time attempting to win them over.

Two Types of Self-Realization

There can be several answers to why self-realization is important. According to researchers, there are two types of Self-realization. They are:

Internal Self-Realization: Internal self-consciousness is, as the name suggests, the awareness of our inner selves. This encompasses our emotions, ideas, and self-perception. It also includes how well we understand our own goals, interests, wants, basic beliefs, and shortcomings.

High levels of internal self-awareness allow us to recognize our impact on others and our surroundings. We are happier and more content when we have a high level of internal self-awareness. It also aids in the fight against depression, stress, and anxiety.

External Self-Realization: Understanding how other people see themselves is essential to external self-awareness. This covers the opinions of others on our virtues, shortcomings, interests, and goals.

A person is more adept at understanding and demonstrating empathy for others when they have a high level of external self-awareness. This practice builds connections, significantly boosting their efficacy in leadership roles.


Q: What are the Characteristics of Self-realization?

A: Understanding the qualities of self-awareness is also necessary if you want to profit from it. Self-aware people exhibit the traits listed below:

  • Wisdom.
  • Honesty.
  • Confidence.
  • Humility.
  • Positivity.

Q: Can self-realization help me to get ‘moksha’?

A: The concept of ‘moksha’ is a rather spiritual one. With self-realization, you can reap several benefits.

Q: Do I need to be a believer in Self-realization?

A: Self-realization is a process everyone can practice, irrespective of their beliefs & philosophy.

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