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8 Ways to Turn Obstacles into Opportunities

Ways to Turn Obstacles

Funny man Jim Carrey’s present financial status is quite the opposite of his life as a teenager. Jim & his family were middle class in Canada & life was all right until his dad lost his job. They were forced to live in their van. Jim even had to quit school & take the job of security guard & a janitor at the age of 15. He faced hardships head-on & explored Ways to Turn Obstacles into opportunities until he made it big.

The list doesn’t end here. You can find celebrities like Hilary Swank, Sarah Jessica Parker, Demi Moore, Leonardo Dicaprio, Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey & many more with similar backstories. Adversities & obstacles didn’t dampen their spirits. They fought hard & became prominent names. If they can do it, we can do it, too.

Ways to Turn Obstacles into Opportunities

Ways to Turn Obstacles

1. Change Your Perspective

According to the wise words of famous psychiatrist Viktor Frankl, ” Man does not simply exist but always decides what his existence will be, what he will become the next moment.” We decide how we look at things. How we face an obstacle decides how overwhelming it will be to overcome.

By having a grip on our unreasonable emotions, we can see things as they are, not as we assume them to be. Think of it as discriminatory editing—not to trick others, but to accurately orient ourselves. Wherever & whenever the head goes, the body follows. Awareness initiates action. True action follows the true perspective.

2. Think Of Obstacles As Merely A Diversion To Your Final Goal

Have the confidence that your goal is attainable. Obstacles are what you have when you take your eye off the prize. Giving should not be your style. Once your eyes are fixed on the goal, don’t let small obstacles distract you. It’s pretty easy to surrender; it’s much harder to stick to the path.

How many times have you been returning home & suddenly found a massive traffic jam blocking your way caused by some accident? Did you sit there, quitting your motive to return home? No! You turned back & found an alternative (maybe a shorter) route to reach home. Life is just like that. Obstacles will come, but there are always Ways to Turn Obstacles into opportunities.

3. Turn The Obstacle Upside Down

The incidents we primarily perceive as negative may contain some positives and find out the benefit that we can recognize & act on.

A software glitch that almost destroyed your work is now a way to make it twice as good because you are better geared up.

Having an awful superior is now a chance to learn from his faults while you update your resume & look for better jobs elsewhere. Perceive this as a total mental flip: Seeing through the negatives, past its downsides & to the positive.

4. Know Hoping Is Not A Plan

There will always be obstacles in life. Hoping they will get away & that things will fall into place is not the answer to it. Create attainable & realistic goals to guarantee success. Ensure the objectives you create are simple, clear, advantageous & quantifiable. Assess progress & celebrate achievements to motivate you to propel your objectives forward faster.

There are several books & blogs about particular, measurable, achievable, realistic & time-based SMART goals. Make sure your goals meet those standards & visualize how much easier it will be to stick to your goals among obstacles.

5. Always Keep Moving

Always keeping pace is one of the best ways to turn Obstacles To Success. Those who handle problems in life with the most initiative & energy generally win. Courage is taking proper confident action. Start with an effort to create momentum & you’ll find your speed. Obstacles seem more daunting when we stop to look at them.

By keeping up your pace, you ensure that no matter what comes, it will not stop you from pursuing your goals.

6. You Can’t Always Control Situations, But You Can Control Your Attitude

Choose a positive attitude to triumph. Develop a firm belief in yourself & your abilities. Develop the confidence to be the exception, the outlier that conquers all obstacles—someone who is ready to bet on themselves.

Our brains have nerve conduits called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). This RAS receives directions from different parts of the brain and determines which pieces are handy to achieve the command & execute it. This means we can program our minds to be positive & search for feasible solutions. Creating the right mindset is the best answer for overcoming obstacles & turning them into opportunities.

Obstacles are unavoidable. All successful people have encountered & conquer their own challenges. Confidence in your goals, a smart plan, ingenious solutions & the proper mindset can give you the powerful grit to succeed.

7. Follow The Process

In the disorder of life, the process offers us a way. For whatever obstacles you encounter, take a breath, do the instant, combined part in front of you—and follow its thread to the next action.

The process is about doing the little & correct things immediately. Not worrying about what may happen later, the outcomes, or the entire picture.

8. Play The Obstacle Against Itself

Action has many descriptions. Sometimes you conquer obstacles not by countering them but by withdrawing & allowing them to attack you.

A castle can be a daunting, impassable fortress, or it can be turned into a robust shelter when surrounded. The difference is simply a modification in action & perspective. So instead of attacking obstacles, find ways of making them beat themselves.

Successful Leaders Can Turn Obstacles into Opportunities

To really succeed in your career & life, being able to find Ways to Turn Obstacles into opportunities is a crucial skill to have. It doesn’t come naturally most of the time, & that’s totally okay. You can hone that skill by investing in the correct resources, like personalized career coaching. This could be stopping you from getting that promotion or having your dream job. Don’t allow it to stop you any longer.


Q: Is it normal to get upset if an obstacle comes?

A: In case of any obstacle, getting upset is the normal human response. But quitting all initiatives to overcome that is not a desirable response either.

Q: What should I do if I can’t find Ways to Turn Obstacles into opportunities?

A: Talking to someone you trust or some experienced mentor can help.

Q: Is confidence a key trait in that process?

A: Confidence in yourself & your goals is vital to overcome obstacles.

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