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Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Ways to Train Your Mind for Success

Your mind is one of the most potent tools to help you attain whatever you wish. Although, it works like a double-sided sword. If you use it cleverly, your mind can solve the most daunting problem and make you successful. On the other hand, if you do not know how to control it well, it may go against you. Therefore, following Ways to Train Your Mind for Success is vital.

A study has shown that we gather about 70,000 thoughts each day. Depending on what you think about, these thoughts can work as a ladder to lead you to attain your goals & achieve higher success in life, or they may turn against you & ruin you.

For example, if you doubt your capacities, don’t believe in yourself, belittle yourself, & see yourself as a failure, somehow, you will hardly get any motivation to move forward.

Steps to Train Your Mind for Success

Ways to Train Your Mind for Success

1. Try To Silence Your Mind

If you can silence your mind, you can learn what’s holding you back in any part of life. When your mind is silent, you show up better in the world as you don’t get troubled, stressed, or worried about the little aspects. With a calm mind, you can solve problems more efficiently & produce the results of your dream.

If you never take the time to silence it, you won’t ever connect to the almost unlimited power of your subconscious mind. True transformation starts when you learn to silence your mind and find inner peace.

Some of the best ways to silence the troubled mind can be meditation, yoga, a quiet environment, & various calming apps. All of these will help you to silence the mind so you can connect to your creativity & instinct on a more regular basis.

2. Practice Meditation

Meditation is very familiar nowadays & it works like an adrenalin shot to your mind. Many highly successful people like Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Michael Jordan, Lady Gaga, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hugh Jackman (yes, our beloved Terminator & Wolverine) & many more practice meditations regularly.

Therefore, practice meditation if you want to find Ways to Train Your Mind for success. Each morning, spend some minutes meditating before starting your day. If you are new & trying to figure out how to meditate successfully, you may seek help from a trainer. There are also thousands of tutorials available on the internet. You can get all the helps you are looking for.

3. Try Physical Exercise

Another established way to train your mind is physical exercise. There is no doubt that exercise offers a lot of physical & mental benefits, but please note that exercise can also train your mind for success.

Take running as an example. Before you start running, you must have a goal in your mind regarding how far, how many laps, or how fast you will run. When you run, you train yourself to not only keep your own commitment but also aim for something.

As you run & feel tired after a while, notice what you tell yourself. It is your self-talk that either tells you to stop running & take some rest or pushes you to go further. Moreover, when you exercise and are occupied with physical activities, your brain releases endorphins that make you feel good. This is why exercise is an excellent stress reliever & it also improves your mood. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder & CEO of Facebook (currently Metaverse), works out thrice weekly.

4. Create A Short-Term Vision

Vision is the art of seeing what is undetectable to others. It’s vital to communicate to the mind your dreams in life with a clear picture. Then, create a vision, make a statement, & imagine your vision coming to life. Doing these will help to activate the power of your mind & will to achieve that vision.

A short-term vision (like two or three years) is ideal because it will give you adequate time to execute your goals while creating a sense of urgency. Occasionally five to ten-year visions are so far in the future that it’s difficult for your mind to understand & get motivated.

To start, create a vision for all parts of your life, not just how rich you want to be. Instead, break out your vision into small achievable parts, including health, relationships, career, & finances. Then, imagine your vision as if you are living in it. Do this frequently. With sufficient repetition, your mind will push you to act on that vision & make your dream a reality.

5. Break Down Your Goals

To achieve your short-term vision & push your mind to motivate you to make this possible, turn your vision into more substantial steps. Sometimes a bigger goal or vision is too daunting for your brain, & it will recognize it as fear. Your mind will assess your present situation against your vision & recognize there is a big difference.

So, you should make it easier and less daunting for your brain. Break your goals down into more concrete, 100-day goals. If you offer yourself a year, you may procrastinate, as it’s human nature. Instead, set 100-day goals & then break them down into weekly goals to hold yourself responsible & move forward to your dreams.

6. Celebrate Your Achievements

One of the Ways to Train Your Mind for Success is to celebrate your achievements regularly. Not only significant achievements, but you should also celebrate all the achievements in every aspect of your life.

Your brain cherishes when you celebrate achievements & it releases feel-good chemicals like dopamine & serotonin. If the mind once has a taste of it, it will only want more of it. 

Start giving yourself credit for everything you do & always admit your victories. Whether it’s getting up early, exercising longer, getting more clients, establishing new relationships, or anything else, keep celebrating. Celebrate yourself as if your life depends on it because it really does.

7. Learn Something New

Physiologically speaking, learning new things is really healthy for your brain. According to many studies, practicing a new skill enhances the thickness of your myelin or the white matter in your brain that helps to improve performance.

Learning new skills also helps to warm up your memory muscles & improve your overall memory. It motivates neurons in the brain, creating more neural pathways & letting electrical signals travel faster across them. Combining these two things helps you to learn things rapidly & adapt to new circumstances confidently.

Moreover, learning something new can offer you the opportunity to upgrade your career or try side hustles. Needless to say, they mean more money & more success.

8. Always Be Optimist

Negative thoughts drag you down & can affect your professional & personal life. Changing a negative mindset to a positive outlook needs practice. The only way to fail at failing is to not learn from the experience.

Focus your energy on making failures into learning experiences. When you face a challenging situation, look for concealed lessons. Ask yourself, “what good can come out of this?” Consider it this way; failure is the only way to grow & learn. It isn’t the end. It’s just the beginning.

As the famous inventor, Thomas Edison said, “I Have Not Failed. I Have Just Found 10,000 Things That Do Not Work.” He turned his failures into learning lessons & he got credits for 19 inventions to his name, including light bulbs, films & movie cameras. Train your mind for success, & you will have the capability to conquer any obstacles in your way.

What Is Mind Training Good For?

We like to keep our bodies active, but we should invest the same amount of care in our minds. Everyone directs us to go to the gym & exercise to stay fit, but the same importance is not given to our mind’s health. We think that a little bit of reading, studying & relaxing is good enough – but research shows that development in our mental activity is the key to long-term success.

It is recognized that physical exercise leads to a longer & healthier life. But we neglect our minds. As per the latest discoveries in Neuroscience, your mind reaches its optimal performance at 16-25 years, & after that, cognitive functioning goes downhill.

For most of us, it is no great news. But the better news is regardless of age or profession, science shows that training your mind for success can benefit you. You just need to follow some simple Ways to Train Your Mind for Success.

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