8 Ways to Stop Abandoning Yourself

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Ways to Stop Abandoning Yourself

Self-abandonment is the act of neglecting, refusing, or abandoning one’s own requirements, interests, & wishes. This can appear in many forms, including not taking time for yourself, not taking proper care of your physical & mental health, or not standing up for yourself. Self-abandonment is a type of self-sabotage that can deeply impact our lives. It can stop us from attaining our full potential & can cause various negative Results. In those cases, we must use effective Ways to Stop Abandoning ourselves.

Ways to Stop Abandoning Yourself

Ways to Stop Abandoning Yourself

1. Acknowledge Your Feelings & Needs

Everyone has unique feelings & needs. You may not have been permitted to express them as a child or in a few of your adult relationships, but you are allowed to acknowledge & express your feelings & needs.

If you listen carefully, your feelings will describe what you need & when you finally meet your needs, you will be more satisfied than ever. To start, practice discovering your feelings throughout the day.

The primary objective is to identify your complex feelings rather than abandoning yourself if you feel overwhelmed. Meditation is another method that can help you accept your feelings.

2. Understand Your Triggers

Once we become more aware of our needs & feelings, we must identify our triggers for self-abandonment. Triggers are situations or events that cause self-abandonment. We may have triggers like feeling overwhelmed, feeling like we are incapable or incompetent, or feeling severely judged.

When we identify our triggers, we can take steps to avoid them & Ways to Stop Abandoning ourselves. We can plan & foresee situations that may lead us to self-abandonment. Moreover, we can develop strategies to help us to manage our triggers more carefully & to avoid tendencies of self-abandonment.

3. Allow Yourself Some Compassion

Everyone must have care & comfort when they are in misery. Often, we are great at offering this to others, but we often fail to be compassionate to ourselves when we need it the most. Rather than harshly judging & criticizing yourself for various shortages or shortcomings, showing self-compassion means you are kind & understanding when encountering personal failings. No one said you have to be perfect.

Most of us don’t learn the significance of self-compassion as children, so we must teach ourselves these skills as adults. If your parents didn’t treat you compassionately, this might feel quite awkward, but it will become easier & more comfortable with practice.

4. Get Rid Of Guilt & Shame

Feelings of guilt & shame can trigger self-abandonment. We may feel guilty for taking time out for ourselves or for going after our own interests & wishes. This guilt can cause a type form of self-sabotage as we choose to neglect our own needs and desires.

To get rid of this guilt & shame, we must accept ourselves, our desires & needs. It is completely ok to take time for ourselves & indulge in some self-care activity. This realization can help us to get rid of the guilt & shame causing self-abandonment.

5. Make Yourself A Priority

Once we get rid of guilt & shame causing self-abandonment, we must prioritize ourselves. We should focus on our own wishes and interests & take out time for ourselves. This can be hard, particularly if we prioritize other people’s needs.

Making ourselves a priority can be useful in various ways. We can feel happier & more satisfied with our lives. Moreover, we can create healthier relationships with ourselves & others. This can help us to conquer feelings of loneliness, meaninglessness, & insignificance.

6. Let Yourself Be Creative, Quirky, & Unique

Try not to hide the true you out of fear of disapproval or judgment. Not everyone will like you & that’s okay. Don’t hide or change to please or win the approval of others. Articulate who you are through your work, creative interests, fashions, hobbies, interests, & passion projects.

If you feel isolated from your true self, dedicate some time to rediscover your likes, dislikes & what matters to you.

7. Practice Healthy Coping Strategies

After we make ourselves a priority, we should also start to practice healthy coping strategies. We need to find ways to manage our stress, anxiety & complex emotions in a healthy way. This can consist of activities like exercise, practicing meditation & mindfulness, journaling, or talking to a friend.

These strong coping strategies will help us to handle our stress & complex emotions positively. This can help us to avoid self-abandoning behaviors & can help us to develop healthier relationships with ourselves to have a more satisfied & successful life.

8. Don’t Shy To Seek Help

Often, we might need to seek help to overcome tendencies of self-abandonment. We may need to consult a professional, like a therapist or counselor, to understand the roots of our problem and their triggers & learn about healthy coping strategies. Moreover, we may need to consult a doctor if we suffer from physical health issues because of self-abandonment.

Seeking help can be hard, but it can be a vital answer to How to Stop Abandoning yourself. We must be open & honest with ourselves & with people around us to get the help we require. This can be hard, but it is vital for caring for ourselves.

Dangers Caused By Self-Abandonment

It is vital to recognize the dangers of self-abandonment. This behavior can have some major effects on our lives. Some of its dangers are:

  • It can cause feelings of guilt, shame, & insignificance.
  • It can cause depression and anxiety.
  • It can cause & influence self-destructive behaviors.
  • It can cause physical & mental health issues.

It is vital to understand these dangers to take steps toward Ways to Stop Abandoning yourself. We must adopt healthy coping strategies & self-care practices to take care of ourselves & heal.


Q: Is not speaking for yourself a sign of abandoning yourself?

A: It certainly is. If you don’t stand up for yourself, no one will. It is your life; you have the right to be vocal about your wishes & needs.

Q: Can motivational books help me to find Ways to Stop Abandoning myself?

A: Many motivational books, speakers, and podcasts can help you understand your true value of yourself. If you understand your own value, you won’t abandon yourself.

Q: What should I do if people abandon me?

A: People may leave you, but you can’t leave yourself. No matter what, be strong & provide yourself with the support you need.

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