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8 Ways To Stay Positive During Difficult Times

Ways to Stay Positive

Though almost we all have that song of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” in our playlist, in difficult times, we really struggle to stay positive. It may significantly affect our mood when things are difficult. Finding Ways to Stay Positive might be challenging whether you are worried about current events on the world stage or you need stair lifts at home due to an accident. But if at all possible, try to fight off the negative emotions & maintain your positivity.

Life may be pretty erratic. Life presents us with challenges that make navigating them challenging. Everyone has had difficulties, whether they were related to losing a loved one or having money issues.

In today’s culture, when there is a never-ending stream of negative news, it could be challenging to maintain optimism. People may find it difficult to maintain optimism because of the stress of their jobs & everyday responsibilities.

Some Tips To Stay Positive During Hard Times

1. Remember, Nothing is Permanent

One of the Ways to Stay Positive is remembering the fact that life is dynamic & nothing lasts forever. Be it good times or bad times, things will change. So, if you are having bad times, it will not torment you for the rest of your life. The world becomes darkest just before the dawn.

Do you know ace Indian Batsman Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar had similar hard times in 2006 when his average score was below 25? He didn’t give up & today, he is considered a legendary cricketer.

When you are having hard times, remember those famous lines written by P.B. Shelly: “O wind! If winter comes, can spring be far behind?”

2. Keep An Optimistic Perspective

Do you ever feel like nothing in your life is going properly when you are depressed? It is crucial for one’s mental well-being & general view of life to be able to recognize one’s abilities in life. It is crucial to recognize your strengths when you are feeling weak, regardless of how great or tiny they may be. 

An example of a strength is having a good connection or a family that supports you. Time management abilities, social skills, intellectual prowess, and many other traits might be considered additional assets. Being thankful is beneficial to your health.

3. Be Thankful For The Things You Have

Even if you could be going through a rough patch right now & have valid worries that are making you feel depressed, it’s crucial to make an effort to focus on all the reasons you have to be grateful. Make a list that you can look back on when things become tough.

You may feel grateful for your loved ones & friends, the roof over your head, the food on your table, and the fact that you are still alive & able to take advantage of your life when others have so little.

When you stop to think about it, there are so many things for which each of us should be grateful, & reminding yourself of them might make you feel happier.

4. Remember, People Have Had Worse

Remembering that some people may have had worse times than you is how to stay positive in difficult times. Maybe you are struck with a metaphorical knife in your leg, but a long sword impelled some people!

You may have been fired from a job recently and are struggling to find a new one. Remember those who lost their job during the recent pandemic while no companies were hiring. At least the job market is in better shape now than in those times. Maybe you are mourning the loss of some beloved one.

Remember those little kids who lost their entire family & home in the recent earthquake in Turkey. At least you have a roof to mourn under & some other beloved consoling you.

5. Stay Connected with People You Love

It’s simple to isolate ourselves from others around us when we’re feeling down. However, doing so is erroneous & can worsen the problem.

Connecting with your loved ones is quite beneficial. Technology may occasionally appear challenging or out of your grasp, but once you get the feel of it, it’s not that hard.

For instance, many modern phones now include video calling, in which both parties may connect with the push of a few buttons while viewing a video of the other. It is remarkable how hearing a loved one’s voice & seeing their face can add a little extra joy to your day.

6. Find Hobbies

Hobbies are by their very nature entertaining to us & one of the great Ways to Stay Positive and divert our attention. Therefore, it will be quite beneficial to select some & keep them close through difficult times.

Try to discover activities or hobbies you can fully devote yourself to, whether they be long walks, sports, gardening, DIY, writing, art, crafts, music, games, quizzes, volunteering, or any other activity.

The best way to escape the outside world is to lose yourself in something that brings you joy. Suppose you can join groups in person or online with members with similar interests.

In that case, it may be a terrific opportunity to meet new people & serve as a vital outlet for your anxieties and emotions, improve your thinking, & provide you with a fresh perspective on things.

7. Don’t Entertain Negative Thoughts

Avoiding negative thinking is among the most crucial answers to How to stay positive in difficult times. Sometimes, we might be the biggest enemies of ourselves, thinking incessantly about our problems & even looking for more negativity. At all costs, avoid this.

For instance, world events & politics are rich with negativity and melancholy, which may cause significant worry.

Try to refrain from reading the news, checking for updates, & ingesting stuff that will disturb you all the time. Watching the evening news can help you stay informed healthily, but try to limit your exposure to current political events & news stories.

Increase your focus on your loved ones, the joyous aspects of your life, & the good you may accomplish for others.

8. Focus on Your Life Objectives

People yearn for meaning, value, & a purpose in life. When we believe what we accomplish doesn’t matter, it might produce extremely unfavorable emotions that can be hard to overcome. Consider your life’s purpose & what makes it meaningful and valuable.

Maybe you want to be present for your grandchildren. It might be participating in philanthropic endeavors in your neighborhood. Your feeling of purpose & the significance that your life has for you may both be fueled by your faith.

Finding your purpose will give your life a significant direction to motivate your actions rather than merely allowing you to drift from day to day, happy with simply existing.

Some Books on Positive Thinking

Books can be a great source of positivity we need in our lives. Penned by seasoned authors, many books have shown effective Ways to Stay Positive. Here are some books you can read if you are looking for positivity in difficult times:


Q: Is it possible to always stay positive?

A: Being always positive isn’t possible in normal life, let alone during difficult times. What matters is how long we take to shake off that negativity.

Q: Can successful people always stay positive?

A: What differentiates successful people from others is their perspective & attitude. They might face hard times, but they handle it effectively.

Q: Can money help one to stay positive?

A: Financial strength can, of course, help to stay positive, but attitude, focus & mental strength matter most.

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