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Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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How To Reclaim Your Life

Nowadays, life can be overwhelming & it may feel like it’s becoming worse. Symptoms like burnout, instead of being treated as a mental health issue, are instead becoming a medal of honor. If you have the feeling life is flying past you, & you don’t have any control over your time & you are feeling overwhelmed 24/7, you probably heard that self-care is the best way to counter this feeling. Apart from self-care, there are many effective Ways To Reclaim Your Life.

How To Reclaim Your Life

How To Reclaim Your Life

1. Make A List Of The Things You Must Stop Doing

There is no use in a fantastic new habit if you still practice one that goes against it. Think about that for a minute: hitting the gym each morning & eating a tub of ice cream isn’t going to support your efforts. The same is relevant to everything else in your life.

Make a list of the things you do that contradict & stop your progress & commit to replacing those negative habits with something else. Once you develop a plan, you can focus on what you must do to take proper Ways To Reclaim Your Life.

2. Stop Hating Yourself

Try to be an observer in your life instead of judging everything & yourself so ruthlessly. Instead of mourning the things you did wrong, be thankful for a new perspective & the freedom of responsibility & start focusing on collecting the lessons & finding positive ways to do better.

Remember, we all make mistakes. We all are full of flaws. If we learn from our mistakes & trying to amend the flaws, we can allow ourselves a little self-empathy.

3. Declutter Your Space

You may be feeling overwhelmed & out of control because whenever you look around, there’s a pile of clutter around you. That doesn’t allow clear thinking & can keep you trapped in a specific pattern.

Allot some time during the week to clean your cubicle & desk or over the weekend to declutter your living room or bedroom anywhere you must have tranquility & organization.

Have calm discussions with other family members & describe how the clutter & mess is making you feel. Ask for their cooperation to find a solution or help to clean up. Donate things you don’t need & you can feel good about helping other people.

4. Travel Where You Always Wanted

If you are feeling out of control & continuously wondering How To Reclaim Your Life, apply for a leave, pack your bags & go out. It can be a well-planned vacation with all arrangements or just a spur-of-the-moment trip where you go out & see where your feet take you.

Maybe you have always wanted to visit that little tribal village near the seacoast to learn about their culture & cuisine. You may have always been curious about that monastery at the top of the mountain & about their way of life.

Visit different places & gather the knowledge you can. It doesn’t have to be an educational retreat. Maybe you wanted to spend lazy days in that beach house relaxing on a beach chair. No one’s stopping you. Live life as you see fit.

5. Stay Disconnected From Social Media Sometimes

We live in an era where our connection with our phones, tablets & laptops is practically 24/7. At any given moment, we can go online to buy some snacks o or read our email, & while it may sound like a blessing, it can also be a curse.

There’s nothing wrong with using our devices & gadgets, but it’s challenging when we become addicted to them & start to abuse the advantages. We must prioritize our loved ones over our devices every day of the week. Therefore, it is vital to be unplugged from them from time to time. A digital detox can be even more fruitful.

6. Turn Off The News

Today’s news can be particularly depressing, with news of wars, political turmoil, and natural disasters. Even as we can’t afford to be unaware of what’s happening in the world, news channels make their money out of keeping you engaged in the drama they peddle, like an addict to cocaine.

Decide to limit social media & surfing news sites, turn off your notifications & enjoy feeling more positive & in power to control your news feed.

7. Take Care of Yourself

Little steps in self-care can aid in building self-image & improving confidence. Give yourself a bubble bath while listening to your favorite songs, buy yourself a lovely painting to boost your mood every time you see it, or invite friends to an unplanned group dinner to invite some happy socialization into your life.

8. Don’t Seek Validation From Others

It’s very tiring trying to keep everybody around you happy. Much of our individuality is engrossed in solving others’ problems or helping others. When we depend on others to make us feel good, we surrender our power & our self-esteem drops.

When you start to have the familiar feeling of bitterness brewing inside you because you never got the response or the validation you expected from others, hold a bit & think about what it is you were expecting & what you can do in the coming days to ensure you are not taken for granted. Try to verbalize what you need & opinions strongly.

Is It Proper Time To Rediscover Yourself?

Your journey is yours alone to continue. But it’s completely up to you whether you make it dull & boring, trading on the safe paths or going off the usual track & discover new landscapes. Are you eager to experiment with different ways of doing things to explore Ways To Reclaim Your Life? This could be frightening at first, but what are the substitutes?

If you would like to insert some new energy into your life and set new goals & you can create a plan that motivates you & keeps you on track.


Q: Are motivational books & speakers can show Ways To Reclaim Your Life?

A: Of course, they can. Various books & speakers have been proven to be effective in initiating & aid the process.

Q: What does reclaiming life exactly mean?

A: It means taking back control of your life after being motionless or in auto-pilot mode for a long time.

Q: How long does it take to get back control?

A: There is no such period. It depends on the duration you were in auto-pilot mode. Some may take a week; some may need months to do that.

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