8 Ways To Overcome Boredom in Your Life

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Ways to Overcome Boredom

All professionals experience difficult times when they feel exhausted & listless. Your mental health may suffer if you feel stuck in your daily routine or trapped in a rut, which makes it challenging to be inspired or creative. As is frequently the case with creative dullness, your performance will suffer if your heart isn’t in your job, & you might not know how to recover. The good news is there are Ways to Overcome Boredom.

More & more of us chose to stay at home to stop the coronavirus from spreading as quickly as possible. However, becoming bored at home is a possibility. The absence of genuine engagement with the world is indicated by boredom. It advises us to halt what we’re doing & improve upon it or do something else.

Tips To Fight Boredom

Ways to Overcome Boredom

1. Change Something

Being a creature of habit makes it particularly simple to slip into the trap of doing things the same old way.

Alternate your hours, incorporate exercise (which has a double-whammy effect on your brain), or alter your workspace as a way to try something new. When made correctly, even little modifications may make a significant difference.

2. Explore Your Creativity

One of the Ways to Overcome Boredom is to explore your creativity. You can become bored because you use your analytical left brain more often than your creative, emotive right brain. You could feel restless & unsatisfied with life if you don’t balance the utilization of both hemispheres.

Because it is conceivable to create, one experiences anxiety, according to philosopher Soren Kierkegaard. If there were absolutely no possibilities, one wouldn’t worry. The same may apply to boredom.

People frequently experience anxiety & boredom at the same time because boredom might be the mind’s surrender from not being able to satisfy its inherent creative yearning. You can decide to add creativity to your regular routine.

3. Take A Vacation

Most of us experience boredom because we are stuck in the same life. Getting up, getting ready for the workplace, spending 9-5 there, coming back, having dinner, sleeping & repeating. This cycle helps us to earn but bores us to death! Taking a vacation can be a solution to How to Overcome Boredom.

Pack your bag & leave. Don’t make plans like where to go or how to get there. Just let the flow take you & see where it takes you. The feeling of uncertainty will give a sense of adventure & adventure is an excellent antidote to boredom.

Go to the station and find out which train is leaving now & how far it can take you. If you want to go further, try a map, pick a place that entices you & book a flight ticket.

Go to an offbeat place & spend some days there. Talk with native people to learn about their culture, way of life, cuisine, & socio-political conditions. It will not only enrich you but also kill the boredom that was killing you.

4. Try Something New

Many of us turn to novels out of boredom. Judiciously give in to the impulse. If you have the strength, experiment with house improvements, learn a new dance for TikTok, or try a new meal.

Doing something new makes you less bored, but it also enables you to learn new things that might eventually make you less bored. For instance, we experience a spike in interest when we read an engaging book or have a challenging event, but only if we have the cognitive capacity to comprehend them.

Accepting new experiences might help us live happier, more purposeful lives, as well as ones that are psychologically richer.

5. Indulge In Some Guilty Pleasures

If binge-watching TV is all you can take right now, it’s acceptable. Sometimes, we put ourselves in a box where our most fulfilling activities have to be cognitively demanding or difficult. For example, reading classic Russian literature may be significant, but it may not be simple.

Similar to how having a virtual wine & design night could be well-intended advice for coping at home, but at a time when many of us are already struggling, it may be too stressful to be enjoyable.

Embrace your vices & give yourself permission to. Reframe such times, if necessary, as the much-needed mental refueling you need to be ready for something else.

6. Go with The Flow

It might be challenging to decide what to do when presented with lengthy days free of job or school obligations. The second most frequent problem after losing one’s independence, according to a recent Italian survey of persons under quarantine, was boredom.

Finding activities that are just difficult enough to keep one engaged but not too taxing can be difficult in such circumstances, which adds to their difficulty. People may become bored & irritated by this circumstance.

It is helpful to remember that the criteria for what constitutes too much or too little challenge change during the day. If you need a break, don’t push yourself to keep going.

7. Learn Something New

Learning something new is one of the Ways to Overcome Boredom. You can try to learn anything of interest. It can be anything. The new knowledge and skills you learn will boost your mood & make you more active. The new skills & knowledge are like exercising your brain.

If you are trying to advance your career, you can try learning coding or AI. They will give your resume an extra edge.

This learning doesn’t have to be professional. Maybe once you idolized Jimmy Hendrix or John Bonham. Try to learn to play the guitar or drums. Maybe you always wanted to paint like Picasso, pick up the pallet & learn to paint.

8. Try To Draw Inspiration

Getting inspired is an answer to How to Overcome Boredom. Being uninterested, dull, or disengaged is boredom’s emotional & psychological condition. Reengaging is a fantastic strategy for combating the sensation of disengagement.

Play, write, read, laugh, sing, dance, or listen to music can help you eliminate your creative dullness. To get your creative juices flowing again, it’s important to alter your environment.

Causes of Boredom

It’s possible that boredom doesn’t appear. There are frequent physical & mental antecedents that might lead to it. Some people are skilled at avoiding these antecedents, so they seldom get bored. The reasons for boredom are listed below:

Arousal That Has Moved Psychologically: When you are psychologically active & want to do something yet have nothing to do, boredom may set in. You could be bored since your mind is racing, & you don’t know how to channel it.

Scarcity Of Motivation: Stress, a mental health issue, or the perception that your activities aren’t making a difference might all be contributing causes to your lack of motivation.

Busy Environment: A surplus of external stimuli may make you feel overstimulated, making you retreat, lose interest, & get bored.

Mind-Wandering: It might be challenging to fight boredom while your thoughts are racing. Boredom may be reduced by focusing & avoiding a wandering mind.

Lack Of Control: You could be more prone to feel bored the less control you have over a situation. Conversely, if you believe you have some control over your surroundings, you could find that you are more focused on the work at hand. Some Element of Past Boredom: One typical error people might make is to focus their boredom on a memory of something or an experience from the past.

For instance, if you had trouble staying interested in your high school history class, you could feel the same way about the historical texts you read for your college course.

Similar sentiments may follow the first under stimulating contact from previous sources of dullness. Whatever may be causing your boredom, there are Ways To Overcome Boredom.


Q: Can switching careers be one of the ways to Overcome Boredom?

A: If you feel your career is going nowhere or not challenging you enough, you can always consider switching it.

Q: I am getting bored of my partner; what to do?

A: One of the causes may be the flame between you is gone. Talk with your partner about how to rekindle it.

Q: Can too many resources cause boredom?

A: Remember in the old days when you needed to find cassettes with merely 16 songs? Now you have millions of songs at your fingertip & yet you get bored. If it is more than plenty, it can create boredom.

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