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8 Ways to Increase Your Social Intelligence

Ways to Increase Your Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence (SI) is the capacity to develop connections & explore social conditions effectively. Certain things leaders can do — explicitly, display empathy & become sensitive to others’ sentiments and inspirations — in a real sense influence both their own brain activities & that of their followers. Leaders are truly aware of the Ways to Increase Your Social Intelligence.

Fortunately, social & emotional knowledge isn’t fixed early throughout everyday life. Suppose you have a growth mentality & you will place a couple of specific things by & by each day. In that case, you’ll see you receive the benefits of credible association with your colleagues & people in your social circle.

Some Tips To Increase Your Social Intelligence

Ways to Increase Your Social Intelligence

1. Provide Appropriate Attention

Offering individuals your attention lets them know you regard their perspective & opinion. We live in a profoundly occupied world. How frequently do you end up conversing with somebody looking at their email on their mobile? How would you feel? Try to eliminate this somewhat insulting behavior from your side.

When you are talking to someone, ensure you offer your full attention. Don’t browse your phone or check messages. If it is an urgent call & message, let the other person know & excuse yourself before answering.

2. Maintain A Welcoming Personality

One of the effective Ways to Increase Your Social Intelligence is maintaining a welcoming personality. Make yourself more approachable.

Would you ever approach a person who seems too strict & rigid, and gives the impression of someone who doesn’t entertain others? The answer is No. Surround yourself with a friendly aura. People find friendly people more approachable & trustworthy. 

3. Maintain Open Body Language

Before people converse with you, they try to assume your personality by studying your body language. Having friendly & open body language significantly helps you develop your social intelligence. If people can guess you are approachable & friendly by your body language, they will feel more at ease while talking to you.

There are many ways to develop & maintain an open body language. You can try to follow the followings:

Maintain Eye ContactLack of eye contact
Head nodLooking around
Firm handshakeToo weak handshake
Keep your arms openKeeping your arms closed
Smile frequentlyNot smiling enough
open palmsclosed palms
Talking clearly at a normal paceTalking too fast or too slow
Offering full attentionTalking clearly at a normal pace
Show you are interestedYawning
Upright & open postureDefensive Posture  

4. Try To Develop Relationships

Get to know individuals, truly know them, & allow individuals to get to know you, truly know you. Make it a point to a story or discuss yourself to show something about your personality, as setting & time permits.

Over the long run, go further in realizing your kin by putting resources into somebody on-one time with them beyond the setting of quick errands or tasks. Figure out characters & inspirations. Show sincere thinking often & worry about others.

5. Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

Like social intelligence, emotional intelligence is about understanding people on a deeper level & how to control your feelings & how you identify with others.

 It requires perceiving while encountering an inclination — which will assist you with perceiving that feeling in others — and directing them fittingly. A genuinely intelligent individual can perceive & control gloomy sentiments, like disappointment or outrage, when in a social setting.

6. Recognize & Respect Cultural Differences

The diverse world is currently becoming a global village. We regularly encounter people from diverse communities, races, religions & beliefs in our society or workplace. Try to recognize those cultural differences & respect them.

The organization you work for may have a team of people of different religions. Some may be Christians, some may be Hindus, some may be Muslims, & some may be Jews. There will be differences in their values, beliefs, & lifestyles. Respect all of them. A socially intelligent individual comprehends that others could have various reactions & customs considering their upbringing.

7. Maintain A Positive Attitude

There are positive individuals & there are negative individuals. Mostly, individuals are attracted to those with a positive perspective as opposed to those with a pessimistic perspective.

Having a negative viewpoint will make others see you in a negative light. Have an impact on your viewpoint & start to think decidedly. Share this inspiration & others will consider you a more certain & compelling leader.

8. Don’t Hide Your Mistakes & Vulnerabilities

If you are still wondering How to Increase Your Social Intelligence, sharing your mistakes & vulnerabilities is a way of doing that. One thing remarkable leaders know is that mistakes should be admitted. Furthermore, they’re willing to go first with their mistakes.

Congenial leaders get serious about the errors they have made. They additionally let their group know where the slip-ups have driven. By being open about previous mishaps, you urge others to share their experiences. Doing so permits you to assist with directing them through the difficult stretches.

Some Signs of Social Intelligence

Like various Ways to Increase Your Social Intelligence, there are also certain signs of social intelligence. Noticing that you can detect a highly socially intelligent person.

Effective Listening: A person with high social intelligence doesn’t listen to answer but focuses on what an individual is talking about.

Conversational Abilities: Have you ever seen somebody “work the room?” They have conversational abilities that empower them to carry on a conversation with, for all intents & purposes, anyone. They’re prudent, proper, clever & earnest in these discussions, & they recollect insights concerning individuals that permit the conversation to be more significant.

Reputation Management: Socially intelligent individuals consider their feelings about others. Thinking about one of the most perplexing components of social knowledge, dealing with a standing requires cautious equilibrium — an individual must mindfully make an impact on someone else while yet being legitimate.

Avoid Argument: Somebody with social intelligence argues that contending or making a statement by causing someone else to feel terrible isn’t the best approach. They don’t out & out-reject someone else’s thoughts but instead pay attention to them with a receptive outlook — in any event when it’s anything but a thought they concur with.


Q: What are the benefits of Social Intelligence?

A: Developing your social intelligence can help you to build effective relationships in your personal & professional life. With this intelligence, you can detect & manage social issues & complexities more effectively.

Q: What kind of benefit can I have in the workplace?

A: By building effective relationships with your colleagues & superiors, you can get & offer more support & advance your career.

Q: Are there any books on social intelligence?

A: There are many books on social intelligence. Here are some of them:

  • Social Intelligence by Daniel Goleman.
  • What Every Body is Saying by Joe Navarro & Marvin Karlins.
    How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.
  • Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High by Kerry Patterson, Stephen R. Covey & Joseph Grenny.
  • Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini.
  • PeopleSmart: Developing Your Interpersonal Intelligence by Melvin L. Silberman & Freda Hansburg.
  • The Social Skills Guidebook by Chris MacLeod.

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