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8 Ways to Forget Someone and Move On

Ways to Forget Someone

Almost all of us have experienced a breakup or situation where we want to forget Someone badly. Maybe some ex, maybe some dear friend after a bad misunderstanding & a decision to never see each other again, maybe some deceased loved one. Regardless of the situation, sometimes we wanted Professor X to wipe our memories of particular parts. Ways to Forget Someone is easier said than done.

The process of forgetting Someone needs iron-strong will & determination. It also requires a focus & the understanding that ‘Life goes on.’ We are all characters in the podium called life; after our act ends, we must leave. Some people maturely take the process, while some indulge in self-destructive activities, which is an approach of cowards.

Ways to Forget Someone

Ways to Forget Someone

1. Accept The Reality

No matter how long you were together, you should accept the reality that now you are not together. Neither going all toxic hero & forcing Someone to stay with you is healthy, nor clinging to the past & struggling to accept the reality.

Life is not like a fairy tale, & a happily ever after is not as easy as in fiction & movies. After spending considerable time with your beloved one, your heart may not be fully prepared to accept that it is over. You may still dream that things will get better magically & you will be together again.

However, the first step of Ways to Forget Someone you love is to fully accept that it is over & you have gone separate ways for good. It may be hard, but accepting the reality will help ease the pain.

2. Get Rid Of Mementos

When you are in a relationship with someone, exchanging gifts is a normal thing. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s days, or even without occasion, exchanging gifts is a way of showing appreciation. After a breakup, those mementos can be a pain even to look at. Not only gifts but photos & videos of your nice time together can hurt a lot, too. Try to eliminate them or at least keep them out of your eyesight.

Delete all the old photos & videos to make space in your storage & your mind. It doesn’t state you are bitter. It states you are only trying to provide yourself the space you deserve.

It’s normal to have an attachment to certain objects. Removing them can help you to break that pattern. If you can’t throw them immediately, pack them & store them somewhere else, far from your sight. A better idea can be to give them away for charity. Knowing that your favorite teddy is a cuddle buddy of some poor kid or your jacket keeps some homeless person warm can bring nice feelings.

3. Don’t Stalk Your Ex

Keeping a tab on your ex may seem alluring sometimes, but it won’t help you. If you are still tracking the person on social media, it is proof that you still need to move on. Do you really want to know where they checked in or where they are having coffee? Even if you manage to know, how will it help you? Are you going there with a placard & wave it in ‘Love Actually’ style? If your answer is no, quit stalking your Ex, as it is futile.

You should not be interested in knowing who they are currently dating. It will only grow the bitterness & make you feel like a failure. Invest your precious time in constructive, fruitful, or enjoyable activities instead of futile ones.

4. Don’t Chase Answers

You might think everything was going well, & breakup came out of nowhere. You start wishing you could time travel & go back to the past & rectify what went wrong.

If you keep remembering past incidents, you will find it difficult to move on. What you must do right now is to look forward & let bygones be bygones.

The best way to forget someone is to stop chasing the answers to what went wrong. What happened has already happened; no amount of wondering or remembering can take you back to the time to mend the wrongs. One of the best Tips To Learn To Forget Someone is to let go & not seek answers.

5. Don’t Resist Your Feelings

You can’t expect to stop loving someone overnight. You may try hard to resist your feelings, but it only increases your pain. Ultimately, your love will convert into self-care & acceptance. There will be a time when you will be able to accept your past & move on.

6. Pick Up A Hobby

When you were with your loved ones, the time seemed to fly by. Now it seems the clock is mocking you! An excellent way to combat this feeling is to take up a hobby. Pick up something you always wanted to do but never had time. If you admire Jimmy Hendrix, enroll yourself in a guitar lesson; if you are a fan of Picasso, try some painting.

Keep yourself engaged by all means. Remember, there is always time to start. Do anything that gives your mind a refreshment & helps you to feel good about yourself. You can use that spare time to be a better version of yourself.

7. Get A Pet

Having a pet has many therapeutic benefits. If you are trying to get over someone, a pet can help you. Get yourself a pet as you choose (a cat, a dog, a hamster, a ferret, a rabbit, or a bird) & take care of it.

Having a pet can uplift your mood & decrease stress. If you get a dog, walking it & playing with it can provide many health benefits, too. The best thing about pets is they will unconditionally give back their love.

8. Take A Break

Take a break from your usual life. Go on a vacation if possible. You can invite your family or friends to join you or go on a solo trip. Go somewhere you always wanted, maybe a hill station or a beach house. Taking a short break can bring your mind the relaxation it can use.

If you are tight on funds, you can stay home doing nothing. Waking up at 9’o clock & roaming your house in pajamas. Spending the evening streaming your favorite web series or movie on Netflix with a bucket of popcorn & cold drinks sounds great. But avoid getting attached to that style because you need to work. After one or two days of break, you must return to your workplace.

Things NOT TO DO When Trying To Forget Someone

There are many Ways to Forget Someone. But remembering things not to do in that process is equally important. Let’s have a look at some:

  • Don’t stalk.
  • Avoid chances of coming across that person.
  • Don’t cling to the past.
  • Don’t resort to substance abuse.
  • Don’t drown in self-pity.
  • Don’t entertain feelings of anger or revenge.
  • Don’t badmouth that person.
  • Don’t entertain self-destructive feelings.


Q: How long does it take to forget someone?

A: There is no particular period. A person can’t be forgotten totally, but moving is advisable & possible.

Q: How to move on if I still love that person?

A: Remember why you decided to part ways in the first place. Even if you think parting wasn’t a good idea, it is evident that your Ex disagreed. You can’t force someone to stay with you. Maybe your Ex is already rearranging his/her life, and so should you.

Q: Ways to Forget Someone is not helping me; what should I do?

A: Maybe you have some more severe conditions & issues. A therapist can help you in that case.

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