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Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Ways to Find Deeper Meaning in Life

At some point in life, we all struggle to understand our lives’ true meaning. Have you ever wondered how you can make your life more significant & purposeful? If yes, you would be comforted knowing you are not alone if you want to find deeper meaning in your life; the little things matter. In today’s article, we will discuss Ways to Find Deeper Meaning in Life.

Ways to Find Deeper Meaning in Life

Ways to Find Deeper Meaning in Life

1. Understand Your True Self

You must understand that nature hasn’t made you a clone. If we were clones of other human beings, we would behave likewise & there would be no differences. It is evident that we are not meant to live & think similarly to other people. All of us are unique mixtures of looks, temperament, motivations, desires, & the like.

We are unparalleled. If you are unparalleled, it is your job to identify what makes you who you are. It is the first and most essential Way to Find Deeper Meaning in Life. Self-awareness is a lifelong procedure since we evolve as human beings.

We change & we transform. We must be continually on the lookout for things that change in us & the impacts they have on our life experiences. Consider self-awareness a part of your life’s journey. Talk to yourself. Please spend time with yourself so that once you are far from the madding crowd, you have time to understand whatever is happening out there & what it means for you.

2. Find a Purpose

Having a passion is wildly motivational & it can serve as a driving force that fuels our desires & interests. Having a passion can develop our behavior and improve our functionality. It inspires us to do better, to attempt harder & excel. Having a passion is like an investment you make to find a purpose.

So, if you want to get more profound meaning in your life, try to find something that you are genuinely passionate about that would keep you occupied & inspire you to keep pushing forward.

3. Create a Life According to Self-Awareness

Once you begin to understand yourself, you must start doing the things that make sense to you, irrespective of what the world, society, or even your own family thinks about you. If they think you are crazy, let them think. Remember those words by Kurt Cobain, “They laugh at me because I’m different; I laugh at them because they’re all the same.”

The more significant part of the world exists in groups of diverse nature & groups create group rules & make group decisions. There is nothing wrong with not being a part of the group. When you do things that you find enjoyable, for example, walking in the rain, when everyone is looking for shelter, they may laugh at you. But that’s okay because you are doing something that is bringing meaning & joy to you.

When you quit your job to follow your dreams because meaning is much more valuable to you than money, they may laugh at you. But you are on your search for the deeper meaning of life.

4. Invest in Social Relationships

If you truly want to develop a sense of meaningfulness in your life, you must try to connect with others. Maintaining social relationships will add meaning to your life & make it more persistent. If you are lonely, you are bound to feel as if your presence makes no difference, & thus you will not find that feeling of meaningfulness.

Try to find like-minded individuals with the same interests as you, & you will be surprised at how significant impact they can make in your life & vice versa.

5. Bring A Mission to Your Life

If meaning needs to be created, it requires a purpose. Only when everything you do has some purpose will you feel you are spending the time meaningfully. You need a mission or a purpose- an underlying reason that connects all the dots in your life. Everyone must have a mission.

Even various companies have a mission. All of us also need our mission statements for life. Those mission statements should describe the type of life we want to lead & things we wish to fill our lives with. Having a mission doesn’t mean it has to be something grand, like eradicating hunger or poverty. You can’t do that alone; yes, you can contribute in some meaningful ways. Create a mission where you will find a sense of happiness & accomplishment.

6. Monitor your Mood

If you are in a positive mind, you will feel that your life comes with more meaning. Though, managing your mood can be difficult. To ensure that negativity is not darkening your mind & you stay in a positive frame of mind, you can use some simple methods. You can ensure that you take time out of your busy schedule for your hobbies & interests.

Ensure that you get sufficient sleep. Eating healthy & exercising regularly can also be helpful. You can meditate as a method of developing mindfulness.

7. Know When You Find It

You will know when you find the meaning you are looking for. You will feel a better sense of purpose & connection between who you are & what you will do.

Finding a deeper meaning in life is a matter of connecting the dots between who you are, & what you do daily. There is no grey area here. Either you have a meaning in your life, or you don’t. You either feel good or bad. You are either happy or sad. Once you attain a state of balance where is meaning in your life, you will know. That is a reason to celebrate.

8. Admit It Will Not Happen Overnight

If you are trying to find deeper meaning in life, you must admit it will cost you time. Do not panic. Even many motivational speakers & authors of books on Self-help admit their struggle to find meaning. It will also take your time if you have never asked yourself the most challenging questions of life- the ones that disclose who you are& what your ultimate purpose on earth is.

Once you find some satisfactory answers, you can avoid the emptiness that most people’s lives are & be able to make a meaningful life. Do not panic & stay unwearied through the procedure.


As we grow older, the meaning of our life changes. We go through various stages in life, & all these conversions lead to a change in what sense of meaningfulness requires of us. For instance, people at the peak of their careers would have a different idea of meaningfulness compared to people just starting. The losses we experience as life goes on will also impact our thinking. In the end, if you are trying to find Ways to Find Deeper Meaning in Life, you must take charge and recognize what life is all about instead of sticking to a particular path.

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