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Ways To Develop Positive Attitude

Let us start today’s article with an old familiar SMS. The SMS said if you take the numeric value of alphabets, then H-A-R-D-W-O-R-K = 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98%, K-N-O-W-L-E-D-G-E = 11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96% but A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E = 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%. Not only does any attitude, but it also has to be positive; that is why exploring Ways To Develop Positive Attitude is vital.

People are attracted to those with a positive attitude as the catching energy they radiate. They are optimistic, positive & don’t give in to pessimism even in hard times. So, how to develop a positive mindset despite our daily struggles? It is said that a positive mindset is associated with optimism, courage, & inspiration.

Ways For Developing A Positive Attitude

Ways To Develop Positive Attitude

1. Have A Gratitude Journal

Nothing is more helpful as Ways To Develop Positive Attitude than constantly reminding yourself that you are more fortunate than many earthlings. A gratitude journal can be a constant reminder of how much you have to be grateful among hundreds of shattered dreams & unfulfilled desires.

You may not be satisfied with your mediocre job or the small apartment. Consider that many people lost their livelihoods & homes in the recent devastating earthquake in Turkey. You may not be satisfied with your dysfunctional family. Think about thousands of people who lost their families in a recent pandemic.

Every day, write down three things you are truly feeling thankful for. Those things don’t have to be big; even smaller things count. If you feel happy because a cute child smiled at you, note it down. If you feel happy because someone offered you a seat on a crowded bus, note it down. Then read them back after every week to find out how much you have to be grateful.

2. Start Your Day Positively

It’s easier to develop a positive if you start your day positively. That irritating moment when the alarm goes off can often cause anxiety, which pushes you toward a negative attitude.

Instead, try some ways to make the morning the best part of your day — particularly if you are not a morning person. Try waking up at least half an hour earlier than usual. To do that, you need to go to bed earlier, too.

Give yourself some extra time to indulge in activities you love but do not always have time for; exercise, shower, have a cup of hot coffee, & make a healthy breakfast. Put on your beloved music or TV show, or even pick up the newspaper & start your morning doing things you love while enjoying a hearty home-cooked meal.

3. Try Cracking Jokes

If you are still wondering How to Develop a Positive Attitude, consider cracking more jokes. Humor really is the best medicine. Laughter offers excellent short-term results on your mental & physical health. According to some research, laughter can boost endorphins, alleviate stress, & lessen tension.

In the longer term, laughter & the positive thoughts connected with laughter can boost neuropeptides, a functional element against fighting stress & other severe illnesses. It can also help you to manage difficult situations & make you feel positive.

By cracking more jokes, you can make humor out of negative situations, & simultaneously train your body & mind for a more positive attitude.

4. Do Some Exercise

Most of us are aware of how exercise benefits our bodies. We can enhance our muscle mass & stamina. We can realize how regular exercise does daily work, like going upstairs more easily. Yet, the connection between exercise with our brain & our mood is often overlooked.

Exercises release hormones like norepinephrine, stimulating cognitive thinking, learning, & mood. However, this isn’t the only benefit of exercise. Exercise-stimulated increased heart rate can repair stress-induced brain degeneration.

Physical activity also inspires the body’s systems to interact more efficiently, instilling a positive attitude & helping the body to respond more efficiently to negativities.

5. Practice Meditation

Practicing meditation can be useful in decreasing stress and anxiety & to develop a positive attitude. It can develop mental & spiritual health. Proper meditation can help combat workplace anxiety in high-pressure work environments like customer support, service, or sales.

Even ten minutes a day is an excellent start to a meditation routine. Try deep breathing & clearing your mind. Simple steps like that are effortless & can help you to find balance in your life, & let go of the negativity and stress of your daily life. If you need help with how to do it, there are many free tutorials online.

6. Don’t Expect Things To Be Easy

Life’s hard facts are struggles, pains, and difficulties; setbacks are inevitable parts of life. You will face them repeatedly regardless of your status, age group, or experience. If you really want to develop a positive attitude, don’t expect life to be a bed of roses. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

It is not being implied to adopt a cynical mindset. Just the opposite is being implied here. If you adopt a positive mindset, nothing can bring you down. No matter how hard life hits, you will always find a way to bounce back. If you expect hardships & prepare accordingly, tackling it will be easier. Even unpredictable predicaments will fail to spoil your positivity & spirit.

7. Try Positive Self-Talks

In case of setbacks & hardships, it is a normal practice to indulge in negative self-talk. Watch when & how those poisonous negativities are coming & replace them with positive self-talk. Researchers have found that positive self-talk can improve your willpower & help you to boost yourself up when you must go through a difficult situation.

Additionally, it will calm you down when you are stressed or anxious. If you want to change your attitude from “I won’t be able to do this” or “I will be going to fail” to “I can do this” or “I will do great,” change the pattern of your self-talk.

8. Find Others With Positive Attitude

As stated earlier, A positive attitude is catching. When you feel that you need some positivity in your attitude, find people with a positive attitude & try to be with them. Try to absorb as much positivity as they radiate & talk with them. Try to find out their ways of staying positive despite challenges.

You can find such people everywhere, in the workplace, in your family, in your friend circle. Use them to invite positivity in you.

Benefits Of Positive Attitude

There are several Ways To Develop Positive Attitude by which one can invite several benefits. If you have a positive attitude, you can manage stress & adverse situations in a much healthier way. Here are some of the benefits:

  • You will be more optimistic.
  • You will handle disappointments & failures more efficiently.
  • You will be more empathetic & understanding.
  • You will be more grateful.
  • You will be less depressed & anxious.
  • You will be more creative & constructive.
  • You will be happier & more successful.


Q: Is it possible to always have a positive attitude?

A: Sometimes negativity can come in, but people with a positive attitude don’t take much time to shake that negativity off.

Q: How negative attitude can affect us?

A: Negativities can bring a host of disadvantages. Mental & physical illness, depression, anxiety, pessimism & lack of motivation are just some of them.

Q: Is there any books that can help to develop a positive attitude?

A: There are many books available to develop a positive mindset. Some of them are:

  • The Power of A Positive Attitude: Your Road To Success by Roger Fritz.
  • Develop a Positive Attitude by Reducing Your Work Stress by Arun Psychologist.
  • Attitude Is Everything by Jeff Keller.
  • Think Straight: Change your thoughts, Change your life by Darius Foroux.
  • Attitude Is Your Superpower by Eduardo Clemente.
  • Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill.

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