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Ways to Deal with Temptation

It takes a lot of responsibility to live an exemplary life. It benefits from upholding strong moral & spiritual standards. But we frequently stray from such honorable lifestyles due to temptations. In order to resist temptation & live a triumphant life above sin, we must find some Ways to Deal with Temptation.

The urge to do anything, especially something that is thought to be improper or foolish, is a temptation. In the context of the Christian religion, a temptation is a propensity or drive to act in a way that is at odds with the teachings of the Bible.

There are temptations everywhere: the urge to munch, to skip a workout, to make impulsive purchases, or to press the snooze button one more time. While we’d want to depend on willpower to help us resist these temptations, willpower is a finite daily resource.

Some Tips To Resist Temptation

Ways to Deal with Temptation

1. Leave The Scene

Out of sight, out of mind, as the saying goes. It’s preferable to keep oneself out of a difficult situation when temptations are strongest. If you’re beginning a new diet, for instance, toss away anything you’re giving up.

In this manner, you won’t be tempted to grab a bag of chips from the pantry or a pint of ice cream from your freezer as you walk by. Similarly, if drinking makes you feel tempted to cheat on your partner, it might be time to order a nonalcoholic beverage instead.

2. Don’t Say ‘Can’t’

When influencing a choice, this term may have a significant (& frequently detrimental) impact on how we feel. Instead, use “don’t” or “won’t.”

These are better options because they show that you have a choice & that when you resist the temptation, you’re achieving something rather than depriving yourself of something. You “don’t” have dessert with lunch; you just “can’t” have it with dinner.

3. Don’t Be Intimidated

One of the Ways to Deal with Temptation is not being intimidated. Due to their guilt about not being “beyond” temptation, many people are terrified & demoralized by seductive ideas.

Just by succumbing to temptation, they feel guilty. A misconception of maturity exists here. The temptation will always be with you.

You can see temptation as praise in certain ways. Those who are already following Satan’s evil agenda do not need to be tempted; they belong to him. In contrast to being weak or worldly, temptation is an indication that Satan despises you.

Being human & existing in a fallen world both include being subject to temptation. Do not let it depress you or cause you to be astonished or surprised. You will never be able to resist temptation entirely, so face it head-on & accept that it will always be there.

4. Recognize The Pattern of Temptation & Be Ready For it

Recognizing the pattern of your temptation is an answer to How to Overcome Temptation. There are some circumstances when you are more susceptible to temptation than others. Some situations will make you stumble practically right away, while others don’t really worry you.

You must recognize your shortcomings in these circumstances since Satan is undoubtedly aware of them. He’s always trying to put you in situations that will trip you up because he knows precisely what trips you up.

Ask yourself, “When am I most susceptible to temptation? On which day of the week? What time is it? How can I avoid temptation? In the office? On your property? At a neighbor’s residence? Inside a sports bar? In a hotel or airport outside of town?” Inquire as well about “How do I typically feel when I am most tempted?”

It could happen when you’re stressed out, lonely, bored, or sleepy. After a significant achievement or spiritual high, it could happen when you’ve been wounded, angry, frightened, or anxious. You should determine your usual pattern of temptation and then make plans to avoid those circumstances.

5. Treat Yourself Well

Treating yourself is one of the Ways to Deal with Temptation. Most of the time, we desire things that are unavailable to us. Therefore, the more difficult or illegal a behavior is, the more we desire to partake in it. So periodically indulging yourself in certain temptations is the key to resisting them.

Every now & again, permit yourself to indulge. Or prepare a drink for yourself at home, away from any temptation from other women. By doing this, your temptation won’t be overwhelming or take over while you’re still in charge.

However, this strategy may not work for certain people. The impulse to shoplift, for instance, cannot be overcome by sometimes buying jewelry.

6. Distract yourself

Making every effort to divert yourself when you sense a temptation approaching is a solution to How to Overcome Temptation. Do something different & direct your attention elsewhere.

Take advantage of this as a justification to spend the entire day in front of your laptop, streaming Netflix. Or get outside and go for a jog.

The secret is to keep yourself occupied & to focus your attention elsewhere. In this approach, the impulse to raid the refrigerator will be forgotten before you realize it.

The trick is to take action right away if your temptation is to abort an action, such as missing the gym or phoning in sick to work, before you have a chance to disagree, stand up & put on your tennis shoes or tie.

7. Consider Your Schedule

If your after-work activities are erratic & change daily, you likely frequently feel inclined to forgo your evening workout to make time for other activities.

If that describes you, consider working out in the morning or over your lunch break. In this way, you will resist the temptation to skip it at night. Follow your timetable as closely as possible.

8. Envisage & Prioritize The Result

We constantly feel dejected after succumbing to temptation. This is due to the fact that, despite our motivation to act, we vehemently dislike & regret the result. For instance, the man in the first situation likes having intimacy with other women but dislikes that it labels him as a cheater & upsets his fiancé.

In the second case, while enjoying her lava cake while she’s eating it, the woman detests the guilt she experiences after licking her plate clean. Predict what will happen if you give in to your temptation, then decide whether it is worthwhile.

You’re more likely to resist your desire if you concentrate more on the consequences. It is the best method for Ways To Deal with Temptation.

Sources of Temptation According To Bible

James 1:14 describes desire & enticement as the primary causes of temptation. The following situations frequently lead to temptation:

Manipulation by Others: The definition of manipulators and sin-enticers in Deuteronomy 13 is unambiguous. In accordance with the law, he demands their execution.

Unjustifiable Curiosity: Several knowledge-related wants lead to sin. One should be cautious about how one approaches learning or gaining profound knowledge. The message of Jesus is straightforward, but so much else is wrapped in obscurity. 1 Corinthians 2:1; 11 Corinthians 3:2. Eve became attracted to sin in this way.

Inordinate Desires: These desires are listed in Romans 1:28–29 & Galatians 5:19–21. They are indications of things that irritate God & cause friction in relationships.

Perception of Loss or Failure: When we fear losing out, we are frequently inclined to engage in vile things. The Holy God is the one who instructs in business. His “classroom” is a place where he will not accept unholiness. Isaiah 48:17.

There is no temptation that we confront that is specific to us as people, according to Corinthians 10:13 in the Bible. We frequently deal with issues that other people have dealt with or are dealing with right now. Temptations put our character to the test & show how strong we are.

Finding Ways to Deal with Temptation is a crucial issue since we all want to live honorable & dignified lives. Our society has seen a sharp decrease in morality, and what is seen as honorable has become obscured by excessive aspirations & erroneous notions of achievement.


Q: Is religion the only way to get rid of temptation?

A: Accepting a religion is someone’s personal choice. But temptations can be fought without religion.

Q: What are the easiest ways to Deal with Temptation?

A: Always remember surrendering to temptation might not end well.

Q: Is always avoiding temptations possible?

A: Sometimes, we give in to temptations. That’s where willpower comes in handy.

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