8 Ways To Control Your Destiny

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Ways to Control Your Destiny

Destiny, luck, karma, fate — whatever you choose to call it, the belief that forces past our control our life is as ancient as dinosaurs. It can be found in Greek mythology, traditional folklore, and every culture around the earth. But what if destiny wasn’t something as uncontrollable as we think? What if there are Ways to Control Your Destiny?

Believing that you control your fate shows you have gathered your sense of control. It indicates you accept responsibility for your thoughts and actions and their outcomes.

By thinking in this way, you may become invincible. You can learn How to Control Your Destiny. Now destiny, on the other hand, is your potential waiting to happen. As with life, realizing your destiny does require a lot of effort and brings many hurdles.

However, you are in total control of your future, and the benefits are considerably more satisfying than counting on fate. To attain your objectives, your personal development needs to come first, and you need to be the one in the driver’s seat in order to do that.

Tips To Control Your Destiny

1. Control Your Thoughts

Controlling your thoughts is one of the Ways to Control Your Destiny. A key aspect of controlling (or affecting) your future is managing your thoughts.

One method of achieving this is by perceiving obstacles as opportunities; this generates the viewpoint that you influence what occurs rather than feeling like something is happening to you. This permits you to make choices and effect change rather than passively accepting your destiny.

You should also analyze the way you think about yourself. Pride is something to be cultivated, so remind yourself that you are never a passive victim of your circumstances.

You are capable of taking responsibility for your circumstances and altering your course. As you conquer challenges and rectify errors, you will be accumulating proof that you are a strong woman—evidence that you can refer to when you start to feel down on yourself.

2. Find Your Passion

It’s simple to make the required effort when you’re enthusiastic about what you want in life. You’ve definitely heard the old phrase, frequently credited to the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius, “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

The mindset underlying the remark hasn’t changed much at all, and it’s still perfectly valid today. However, today, you have more alternatives and better freedom to pursue a career you enjoy, compared to people who were living in the age of Confucius.

As you work toward realizing your destiny, you have to be agile and fast to adjust to change. In order to make progress, you must first discipline yourself to do it. You are the driving force behind your life.

Therefore, you can’t simply sit around and expect fantastic things to happen. If you don’t select a direction, you’re not actually going anywhere.

3. Accept You May Fail Sometimes

Despite your greatest efforts, the hard fact is that you may fail occasionally. Perhaps you will be unable to revive a sour relationship, or you might ruin social contact, or you won’t achieve a goal. These things can really send you back on your heels and make you feel terrible about yourself.

Take a break to compose yourself when something goes south, and then try again. You may rekindle the relationship or start anew. You may express regret for your social error and clarify what you did. Accepting the fact that you may fail sometimes is an answer to How to Control Your Destiny.

4. Accept The Reality

To affect your future, you must embrace who you are and where you are right now. If you delude yourself into believing that you’re closer to your objectives than you really are, you’ll leave yourself with nothing to do. At the same time, don’t persuade yourself that your life is worse than it genuinely is.

Take a step back and look at your circumstance from a new standpoint. Develop your self-awareness and embrace reality. You can’t design a plan to govern your future if you don’t know your initial position.

5. Question Your Beliefs

Accepting reality doesn’t mean you can sit back and forget about Ways to Control Your Destiny. It suggests that you take responsibility for what you can alter and disdain for those you can’t. You can’t control what people do or think. You can’t control the market. The only thing you can modify is your mindset.

To achieve so, you must face the tale you tell yourself — and turn it into one that strengthens you. Limiting beliefs — the negative things we tell ourselves about the way we are and the way the world is – only hold you back from actually changing your destiny.

6. Maintain Control

Once you identify your passion, you take control of your destiny. Remember that you must be the one in control of your destiny. Don’t leave everything to fate; Make an effort and take control. As you live your truth, you will encounter obstacles: financial, personal, etc.

By being agile and adapting quickly to change, you will overcome these difficulties. Achieving your goals is your destiny, and you determine it. However, the outside world is very subjective and sometimes inconsistent.

7. Confront Your Fears

Facing your fears is a solution to How to Control Your Destiny. Fear is a fundamental survival instinct, but like our relationships, it sometimes holds us back. If you’re living in dread, you can never truly learn how to manage your future.

To become your greatest self and fulfill your endless potential for development, you must learn how to utilize fear instead of having fear use you. Be vulnerable with your companion. Take measures to establish the company you fantasize about. Sign up for a public speaking lesson. Whatever you are terrified of, do it now.

8. Reset Your Focus

Whatever you continuously ponder about and concentrate upon, you progress toward. Once you’ve constructed your life, you must devote all your attention to obtaining that life. Stop depending on people to make you feel a particular way or wait around for them to get on the same page.

Use potent rituals like priming, visualization, incantations, and exercise to concentrate your intentions on how to influence your fate. Create objectives using a technique like the Rapid Planning Method and keep yourself responsible. You have all the instruments you need — the rest is up to you.

Is it Possible To Change Your Destiny by Changing Karma?

Many people ask themselves this question: If they are part of God and God is part of them, then why do they suffer?

The answer to this question is not that they are not part of God and that God is not part of them; everything is made of universal energy or universal consciousness, which some call God. They also ask if there are truly Ways to Control Your Destiny.

We are a combination of physical and non-physical bodies, which literally means we have a body that has no power and an all-pervasive power that no one has. A ubiquitous global presence gives us the power we need to create change in our lives.

Therefore, it is said that God will not work for us; God will work with us. We only have the opportunity to change our lives when we realize the truth about karma.

Life is not about what we have, but about how we live with what we have. Karma is the cause of all our experiences; it can control them. Simply put, your karma determines your fate, and every person has the opportunity to influence their fate by changing their karma.

To do this, we have to be very clear about what we want to experience in the future.


Q: How can we control destiny if it can’t be seen?

A: It is true that destiny can’t be seen. But there are several Ways to Control Your Destiny by modifying your thoughts, actions, attitudes, & planning.

Q: Are there any books about controlling destiny?

A: There are many books on that topic. Some of them are:

  • Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will by Noel M. Tichy and Stratford Sherman.
  • How to Do Nothing by Jenny Odell.
  • Silence: In the Age of Noise by Erling Kagge.
  • Its My Life: 10 Ways to Take Control of Your Destiny by Harsh S. Bharwani.
  • Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.
  • Aristotle’s Way: How Ancient Wisdom Can Change Your Life by Edith Hall.
  • Control Your Destiny Change Your Life by Robin Sacredfire.
  • The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living by Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler.

Q: Does controlling my destiny mean financial prosperity?

A: By controlling your destiny, you can have a more fulfilled, enriched & meaningful life.

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