8 Tips To Improve Your Sense of Humor

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Tips to Improve your Sense of Humor

In the current era of social media, we often see incidents like someone posting a harmless meme & some people get offended. Then an ugly fight begins. If you are among those easily offended by a simple joke or meme, then you should follow some Tips to Improve your Sense of Humor. It will make your life better.

Figuring out how to be entertaining and working on your sense of humor can make you, as long as you can remember, substantially more charming. Life can be fun & engaging, assuming you know how to allow it to turn out to be such.

To turn out to be cheerful, you should have a humorous side. For a few of us, this falls into place without a hitch & for other people, we need to work a little to open it.

Develop Your Funny Bones

1. Find Out Your Type of Humor

If you don’t know exactly what compels you to snicker, now is the right time to explore. Investigate the comedy segment on Netflix or any OTT. Peruse humor pieces & watch comic cuts. Track down new comics to watch.

It is just through presenting yourself with various styles of humor that you will find what indeed compels you to giggle.

It could be candid camera shows. Or, then again, it could be creatures being senseless. You can track down political comedy. There are many types of humor, slapstick, deadpan, satire, insult, wordplay, awkward, dark & more. Find out which tickles your funny bones.

2. Don’t Take Things Too Seriously

All work & no play makes Jack a dull boy. Giggle at yourself if you mess up or accomplish something a piece silly. Chuckle, disparage yourself. It’s alright. This will show others around you that you have a sense of humor.

You might hold an unimaginable measure of liability or power in your work. However, affableness & laughter is fundamental for systems administration and holding with your staff.

Go forward, embrace that fancy dress party. Make faces at infants & small kids. Pull happy tricks on your partners. Be available to look bad & giggling at yourself.

3. Embrace Things That Make You Laugh

Whenever you have found what compels you to laugh, embrace it. It is one of the best Tips to Improve your Sense of Humor.

It could be a specific comedian—a particular writer. You might like allusion & dark comedy. A specific comic magazine may make them wrinkle themselves. Anything it is, invest energy in it. Appreciate it & unwind.

In particular, set aside a few minutes for it on every day or week-after-week premise. If you are fond of animals acting silly, subscribe to LOLCats; if you find political satire makes you laugh, subscribe & follow some standup comedians famous for cracking such jokes.

Always keep your source of humor open to you.

4. Watch More Comedy Shows & Standup Comedies

To build your funny bone, watch more comedies. You learn more when you drench yourself in a subject (like a language).

Also, you can refine your awareness of what’s funny by drenching yourself in humor. Watch standup comics. Pay attention to podcasts that entertain you. Read comical books. Concentrate on entertaining individuals.

There’s a great deal of interest out there! If you need to know where to begin, search for something you prefer or begin with something well-known. Watching standup & following the jokes can have you carrying out of your seat in the blink of an eye.

The pattern of sound following good will assist you with expanding your funny bone by sifting through jokes, pickup lines & different analogies that make individuals chuckle.

5. Try To See Funny Side of Every Situation

If you truly desire to foster your humor, attempt to take something common & make a joke out of it. It is one of the best Ways to Improve Your Sense of Humor. There is a secret joke behind every single occasion & circumstance you go over.

Looking at circumstances with an alternate point of view is a truly important fundamental ability & will prove helpful while figuring out how to be a goofball. Feel free to attempt it.

Attempt to break down those straightforward items around you. You will begin to realize that nearly everything you find in day-to-day existence has an entertaining side to it.

6. Try To Learn & Crack Simple Jokes

One of the Tips to Improve your Sense of Humor is learning & cracking jokes by yourself. In the beginning, you don’t need to be imaginative. Go out and do some examinations! The web is loaded with incredible assets for jokes, humor, quips, amusing pictures, stand-up, & so on.

Take a stab at looking for stuff that you like and add interesting jokes or satire to the furthest limit of your pursuit. You will track down a huge number of things to make you giggle.

Try to crack some jokes in front of your friend or family. Try simple jokes like ‘Knock knock’ jokes or wordplay. Remember, while telling a joke, presentation is everything.

7. Hang Out With & Observe People with Humor

We have all got a few companions that we see as funny. Feel free to invest some energy with them & realize how they are being funny and the way in which they make it happen. Spending time with other entertaining individuals will doubtlessly come off on you.

One of the ideal ways he immediately worked on your awareness of what’s funny is to be around different jokesters at neighborhood comedy clubs.

One of the best Ways to Improve Your Sense of Humor is to encircle yourself with interesting individuals. Give close consideration, go ahead & contribute.

Each & every chuckle count. Only a couple of certified chuckles a day can assist you with living longer, upgrading your life quality & work on your viewpoint.

8. Don’t Give Up If Someone Doesn’t Laugh

All comics will confront criticism consistently. The thing about jokes & your funny bone you need to comprehend is that everybody will only sometimes get it. As a matter of fact, there will likely be a second where you finish a joke & hear crickets tweet.

Try not to surrender at these minutes and realize everybody faces these minutes. Sometimes you could slip away from the gathering or party and take a load off for several seconds.

Even Chandler (from Friends) had similar moments when people didn’t get his joke or thought that to be lame. But he didn’t give up.

Some Famous Comedy Shows

As described earlier, one of the best Tips to Improve your Sense of Humor is to watch comedy shows. Here are some comedy shows you can watch:

  • The Office: Streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime.
  • Friends: Streaming on Netflix.
  • How I Met Your Mother: Streaming on HotStar, Amazon Prime.
  • The Big Bang Theory: Streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime.
  • Seinfeld: Streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime.
  • Two and a Half Men: Streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime.
  • Rick and Morty: Streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime.
  • 30 Rock: Streaming on Amazon Prime, Hulu.


Q: Things that used to make me laugh earlier, not making me laugh now. Why is that happening?

A: With time, our maturity develops & our taste changes. Things that made you laugh earlier have lost appeal to your new taste.

Q: Everyone has different types of humor; how can I appeal to all of them?

A: As everyone’s choice & level of humor are different, you can’t appeal to all of them. You can only appeal to people who share the same level & choice of humor as you.

Q: Would cracking jokes often portray me in a bad light?

A: No one likes a non-humorous, always serious person. But you should be aware of the situation & condition while you are cracking a joke.

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